Friday, November 4, 2011

Case Study No. 0046: Unnamed Female Librarian (Amul Butter)

Amul Butter - Library - Advertisment
Amul Butter - Library - Advertisment
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[scene opens inside an Indian library, where a male patron takes out a tin of Amul Butter and uses it on a piece of toast]
MALE PATRON: [starts eating and makes loud crunching noises that disturb the other patrons]
[the female librarian gets up from the front desk and walks towards the patron]
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: [sternly] This is against the rules!
[she takes the tin and toast away from him, then walks back to her desk]
MALE PATRON: [running after her] Please, please let me have that back! It won't happen again!
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: [putting her finger to her lips] Shh! Rules are rules!
MALE PATRON: Huh, rules ... [dejectedly turns and walks away]
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: [looks around nervously and then speaks to the camera] Rules may be rules ...
[she spins around in her chair and faces away from the patrons]
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: But with Amul Butter, one must make an exception!
[she bites into the toast and makes loud crunching noises, as the "Amul Pasteurized Butter" logo flashes on screen]

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