Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Case Study No. 0038: Green Anything Muppet Librarian

Sesame Street: Grover In The Library
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Grover can't be quiet enough in the library.

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[Grover walks into the library]
GROVER: Hello everybody! This is Grover, yeah! And today, I am going to talk about a very special place, and that is today's library! Yeah, and you see, the library--
[a male Muppet librarian walks into the scene and shushes him]
LIBRARIAN: Shh, not so loud.
GROVER: [quieter] Oh, excuse me ... Yes, the library is a place where people come to read because the library has books. Lots of books! All kinds of books!
LIBRARIAN: Shh! You must speak more softly.
GROVER: [quieter] Okay, okay. Sorry. Uh, and you must be very quiet in the library, because everybody around the library is reading books, and noise bothers all those people who are reading, you see. So you must--
LIBRARIAN: Shh! Quiet, please. Softer. Not so loud.
GROVER: [quieter] I'm sorry, go back. I'll be quiet, okay? Uh, and you will love all the books in the library, that have the pretty pictures in them. And the one--
LIBRARIAN: Shh! You must speak more softly. Quiet, please.
GROVER: Okay, okay ...
LIBRARIAN: Still too loud ...
GROVER: Okay, okay ... Boy, if I was to talk as softly as the librarian wants me to, I would not be making any noise at all. It would be silly, like this ...
[he moves his lips without making any noise]
LIBRARIAN: Oh yes, that's just fine. Very well, good.
GROVER: Sigh ...
[he puts his elbow on the table, accidentally knocking over a stack of books (which make a very loud crashing noise)]


From wikia.com:

Yet another librarian appeared in a sketch with Grover. This Green Anything Muppet Librarian (performed by Jerry Nelson) kept telling Grover, who was trying to explain what goes on in a library, to talk more and more quietly until he could not be heard at all.

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