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Case Study No. 0041: Master Librarian

Castelvania SOTN storyline and major battles pt. 6
Alucard meets Master Librarian.
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[Alucard enters the Long Library and sees the Master Librarian sitting at his desk]
ALUCARD: It's been a long time, old one...
MASTER LIBRARIAN: Oh, it's you, Master Alucard. What do you need?
ALUCARD: I need your help.
MASTER LIBRARIAN: Young master, I cannot aid one who opposes the Master.
ALUCARD: You won't go unrewarded...
MASTER LIBRARIAN: Really? In that case, just tell me what you need.



Master Librarian
Japanese Name: Toshokan no Aruji
Role: Librarian, Merchant
Appearances: 1797 ("Castlevania: Symphony of the Night" and "Castlevania Puzzle: Encore of the Night")
Official Background: He is keeper of the library in Dracula's castle. He has accumulated wealth of knowledge over the centuries, and some special items as well, which he will part with-for a price.
Theme Music: Master Librarian (Song)
Japanese Seiyuu(s): Masaharu Sato

One of Alucard's allies in his quest to find the reason for the Castle's resurrection and his own awakening. For a price, he'll supply Alucard with weaponry, accessories, maps, and other useful articles. He is found in the library in Castlevania: Symphony of the night. Though he seems to fear Dracula, he is not entirely loyal to him - perhaps since Dracula is not yet awake, he has fewer consequences to consider and is thus more willing to aid the Count's estranged son.

His appearance is very similar to that of Leonardo da Vinci, a famous artist and scientist from the Renaissance.

The items that the Librarian will sell you depend on the version of the game you are playing and the progress you've made in the game. The original North American PSX (PSX NA) version and later ports based on it include many items not available in the Japanese versions or the version found in the Dracula X Chronicles. The most expensive item in any version is the Duplicator, which allows you to use any use item or weapon as many times as you want without decreasing the number you have of it. It is only available after beating the game and getting the good ending and is 500,000 G.

The master Librarian will not buy regular items, but will buy valuable jewels from Alucard. These are as follows:

* Zircon - 150 G
* Aquamarine - 800 G
* Turquoise - 1500 G
* Onyx - 3000 G
* Garnet - 5000 G
* Opal - 8000 G
* Diamond - 20000 G

The Librarian is more than just a merchant. He has access to information that aids Alucard. An "Enemy List" gives the statistics for all the enemies in the game, including how much hit points the can take, experience slaying them gives, types of attacks they are strong, weak, immune, or absorb, and what they drop (if you already earned that item from them). Later games would incorporate this enemy information into a Bestiary available the normal playing menu, sometimes when a relic was found, so that you can access this information at any time.



The Master Librarian is an eternal servant of Dracula and the keeper the Long Library in his castle. He has accumulated wealth of knowledge over the centuries, but is consumed by his own greed.

The Master Librarian has been a longtime ally of Count Dracula. Throughout the ages, he resided in the castle's library, collecting and maintaining forbidden knowledge.

He was surprised when he met up again with his master's son, Alucard, as several hundred years had passes since they last saw each other. Though the Master Librarian was a devoted follower of Dracula, he couldn't suppress his craving for wealth and fortune. Thus, he accepted to lend Alucard his services, and provided him with goods after he was promised payment.



This is a level in the game "Castlevania: Symphony of the Night", where the Master Librarian resides. Enchanted spell books attack visitors, bookcases, packed with books, line the walls, and shady spots for reading to be done are off to the side.

The Long Library is the fifth stage of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night that you need to go to in order to progress in the game. It leads to the Master Librarian, who will sell you the Jewel of Open, which you require in order to gain access to other areas of the Castle. You will then have a choice to go to the Underground Waterway from the Marble Gallery or the Royal Chapel from the Alchemy Laboratory. The corresponding stage in the Inverted Castle is the Forbidden Library.

A player can teleport instantly to the Long Library from anywhere in the game if they use the "Library Card" item (called the "Magical Ticket" in the original Japanese). It can be bought from the Master Librarian for $500, or can be found in the following locations:

* Black Marble Gallery
* Catacombs
* Colosseum
* Floating Catacombs
* Forbidden Library
* Marble Gallery
* Reverse Keep

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