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Case Study No. 0055: Highland State College librarian

Let's Play Beavis and Butthead Do U part 1 - Pissing off the Librarian
This was a game that I recently downloaded (just today, actually) and I thought it seemed pretty awesome. Give me your feedback so I know if you want to see more or if you just want me to shut my face hole. Or both, for that matter.
Tags: let's play beavis and butthead do you part pissing off the librarian this was game that recently downloaded just today actually thought it seemed pretty awesome give me your feedback so know if want to see more or shut my face hole both for matter hey guys here we go once again with random sentences in tags it's much fun can not stop doing ok bye klepanic63 comedy games gaming commentary walkthrough blah lemons
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[Beavis and Butthead are on the campus of Highland State College]
BUTTHEAD: Hey Beavis, let's use this map to find some naked chicks!
BEAVIS: Yeah, yeah! This is gonna be cool!
[they look at their map of the campus]
BEAVIS: Hey Butthead, let's go check out the library!
BUTTHEAD: Uh, what?
[they enter the college library]
BEAVIS: [looking at the card catalog] Uh, I don't get it ...
BUTTHEAD: [rings the bell at the front desk]
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: [from inside the "Employees Only" room] Just a minute ...
[they walk around the stacks an find an empty bookcart]
BUTTHEAD: Check it out ...
BEAVIS: Yeah, cool! You push, and I'll drive!
BUTTHEAD: Yeah ... That's like, what I say to chicks sometimes.
BEAVIS: [makes driving noises and then climbs on top of the bookcart]
[Butthead pushes him down the aisle and they crash into the front desk]
BUTTHEAD: That sucked!
BEAVIS: Yeah ...
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: What in tarnation is all that? [she enters] My heavens! What in the world have you done?
BUTTHEAD: Uh, we crashed.
BEAVIS: Yeah ... can you write on our paper now?
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: Who's gonna clean up this mess? I daresay you give an inch and they take a mile!
BUTTHEAD: ... Give an inch, huh huh huh.
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: Okay, okay! Just pick up the books, if you pick up the books, I'll sign the sheet!
BUTTHEAD: Cool ...
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: Now go on, get outta here! Scat!
[they push the bookcart over to the computer section, where they find their classmate Stewart typing away at one of the terminals]
BUTTHEAD: Uh, hey Stewart!
BEAVIS: He's reading ...
BUTTHEAD: You're working ...
STEWART: Yeah, guys. It's an extra credit astronomy report for my science class.
BEAVIS: Science is cool!
BUTTHEAD: [opens a nearby window, blowing Stewart's homework papers off the desk]
[Stewart runs off to collect the papers, and while he's gone, Beavis steals his library card from off the desk]
STEWART: [sits back down and continues typing]
BEAVIS: [reaches over and turns off the computer]
STEWART: Beavis! Stop that, okay? Please ... Beavis, have you seen my library card?
BEAVIS: I dunno.
STEWART: Oh no! I can't turn the computer on without it!
BUTTHEAD: Uh, what're you doing?
STEWART: I'm in big trouble! I was working on my astronomy report, but I lost my library card.
[Butthead remembers the librarian saying "If you pick up the books, I'll sign the sheet!"]
BUTTHEAD: Hey Stewart, wanna take a ride on this cart thing?
STEWART: Well, I guess I can't work on my report anymore ... Alright, this'll be fun! I can hang out with you guys!
BUTTHEAD: Uh, yeah ...
[Butthead pushes Stewart down the aisle, and they again crash into the front desk]
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: Oh no! Now what? [she enters] My goodness, you've scattered the cart again! This is just not to be believed!
BUTTHEAD: Uh, it's like, we put the books away and then Stewart messed 'em all up again!
STEWART: But, but I ...
BEAVIS: Shut up, bunghole!
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: Okay, well then ... Stewart, is it? If you knocked them over, then it will be you who puts them away!
STEWART: But I didn't! I, uh ...
BEAVIS: Could you like, write on our paper now?
FEMALE LIBRARIAN: Well, now that you are no longer responsible for the books, I suppose.
[the librarian signs off on their map]
BUTTHEAD: Stewart did it! He has to put the books away!
BEAVIS: Make it snappy!
STEWART: But guys, this isn't fair, and you know it! That was a real dirty trick!
BUTTHEAD: Hey Beavis, we got someone to write on the paper!
BEAVIS: Cool! I'm gonna score! It's really gonna happen! Yeah!
BUTTHEAD: Not yet, dumbass! There's like, still some more ...
[they exit the library]



"Beavis and Butthead Do U" (PC)

Your objective is to get eight sign-offs in order to go to a party where Beavis and Butthead hope to get with some college sluts.

The first mark is very easy, just head to the library once you look at your map. Walk to the left exit in the library and B&B will automatically ride the book cart and crash into the front desk, making the librarian exit the office and talk to you. She'll give you a mark if you place the books back, but that's not what B&B want to do. Go to the left again and you'll see Stewart on the computer. Open the window in the back of the room to send Stewart's papers flying everywhere, and while he's collecting them take his library card and turn off the computer. Stewart can't continue his research without the card, so try and have him take a ride on the cart. Butthead will say that Stewart made the mess with the books so the librarian will sign your sheet and have him clean up the books.

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