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Case Study No. 0084: "A Sweet Librarian Is Reading a Thanksgiving Story"

Written by David Zebronex ( this charming story takes place at a local library, the day before Thanksgiving at the noontime Children's Story Hour. A sweet librarian is reading a Thanksgiving story about William the Turkey when an unexpected visitor approaches. Comedy. Music by Lucinda McNary, produced and directed by Lucinda McNary ( using Moviestorm software.
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Written by
David Zebronex

Produced and Directed by
Lucinda McNary

Mark McNary and Lucinda McNary

The Children's Story Hour
A Local Library
Noon - The Day Before Thanksgiving

[a young female librarian is trying to conduct story time ... except that there is only one middle-age man, a certified public accountant from the building next door, listening to her]
LIBRARIAN: Welcome. I'd like to read you a story especially written for Thanksgiving. It's called "William, the Turkey that Cared."
ACCOUNTANT: What does he care about?
LIBRARIAN: The plight of his fellow turkeys ... Aren't you a little old for the children's story hour, sir?
ACCOUNTANT: I forgot to bring my lunch today, so I came in here ...
LIBRARIAN: And decided to help yourself to the free snacks?
ACCOUNTANT: Hey, these graham crackers are pretty good, and this grape Kool-Aid is quite tasty.
LIBRARIAN: Couldn't you have brought a lunch?
ACCOUNTANT: As an expert in financial planning, I'm always looking for new ways to maximize my portfolio.
LIBRARIAN: So you're cheap.
ACCOUNTANT: I call it "strategic utilization of resources."
LIBRARIAN: Okay. Since you're the only one here, do you want to hear my story?
ACCOUNTANT: Please, continue.
LIBRARIAN: [reading from her book] "As Thanksgiving neared, William wondered why everyone would look at him licking their lips and rubbing their tummies."
ACCOUNTANT: He must be a good sized bird?
LIBRARIAN: William was full grown, yes.
ACCOUNTANT: Forty pounder at least?
LIBRARIAN: I guess so ...
ACCOUNTANT: Yup, sounds like one tasty bird.
LIBRARIAN: Sir, you're missing the point of the story.
ACCOUNTANT: I like my turkey with lots of cranberry sauce. Y'know, the jellied kind, not that awful whole-berry stuff.
LIBRARIAN: [continues reading] "William did not want to be eaten and wanted to make sure other turkeys did not suffer a similar fate."
ACCOUNTANT: What?! That sounds downright un-American. Is William some sort of communist turkey?
LIBRARIAN: No, he's enlightened and loves all living creatures.
ACCOUNTANT: Whatever you say, comrade ... What your story needs is Pilgrims and maize.
LIBRARIAN: Grrrrr ... [continues reading] "William became aware of his plight after a beautiful vegetarian liberated him from the turkey farm. Her name was Leslie."
ACCOUNTANT: Ooo, that's a pretty name. Do you have a picture of her?
ACCOUNTANT: I like vegetables, that practically makes me a vegetarian.
LIBRARIAN: That's admirable, sir, considering that five minutes ago you were sizing up William as a potential Thanksgiving dinner.
ACCOUNTANT: I've become enlightened, too. I think Leslie and I would really hit it off. Maybe we could get together for a cup of coffee and a slice of pumpkin pie.
LIBRARIAN: I ... don't think so, sir. She's a character in a story.
ACCOUNTANT: Do you have her phone number?
LIBRARIAN: She's way out of your league, sir.
ACCOUNTANT: Aha! There is a real Leslie!
LIBRARIAN: Dream on, sir ... [looks down at her book] I've lost my place. Where was I in my story?
ACCOUNTANT: The Kremlin had sent the Manchurian Turkey to destroy America by crippling the poultry industry at its most crucial moment.
LIBRARIAN: Grrrrr ... I suppose you could come up with a better story?
ACCOUNTANT: Of course.
LIBRARIAN: Let's hear it.
ACCOUNTANT: Well, it would take place at the first Thanksgiving, and there would be plenty of Pilgrims and maize ...
ACCOUNTANT: An evil supercomputer from the future would send a turkey cyborg back in time ...
LIBRARIAN: "Turkey cyborg"?
ACCOUNTANT: [continues] To stop Thanksgiving. A supersoldier, also from the future - maybe Vin Diesel - would arrive and thwart The Turkinator!
LIBRARIAN: [disgusted] Oh ...
ACCOUNTANT: After it was all over, Santa Claus would make a special guest appearance. Everybody loves Santa!
ACCOUNTANT: Pretty good, huh?
LIBRARIAN: Get out!!
ACCOUNTANT: Okay, okay. I'm out of graham crackers anyway ... If I could ask one last question?
LIBRARIAN: What is it?
ACCOUNTANT: Is Leslie a blonde or a redhead?
ACCOUNTANT: [sits down on the floor]
LIBRARIAN: [to the camera] Happy Thanksgiving!

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