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Case Study No. 0090: Unnamed Male Librarian (City of Angels)

City of Angels - lesson
Library clip from City of Angels, where Nicholas Cage consoles Meg Ryan
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[Maggie enters the public library and approaches a young male librarian sitting at the front desk]
MAGGIE: [hands him a book] Hi. I'm a physician, and I think a patient left that in my office. Is there any way you could tell me who checked it out?
LIBRARIAN: I can't tell you who, but I can tell you when.
LIBRARIAN: [wands in the barcode and begins typing on the computer] Alright, gimmee five minutes.
[he hands her back the book, and she wanders off, as the camera pans up to reveal a lone angel watching from the staircase]
MAGGIE: [browses a bookshelf, when Seth suddenly appears next to her]
SETH: Hello, Maggie. It's nice to see you again.
MAGGIE: It's weird to see you again.
SETH: Weird is nice.
MAGGIE: [nervous laugh]
SETH: [looks at the shelf] You like Hemingway?
MAGGIE: Yeah, yeah ... Uh, yeah, I'm starting to.
SETH: [he takes the book she was holding] May I?
SETH: [begins to read] "As I ate the oysters with their strong taste of the sea and their faint metallic taste, as I drank their cold liquid from each shell and washed it down with the crisp taste of the wine, I lost the empty feeling and began to be happy."
[he puts the book down]
SETH: He never forgets to describe how things taste! I like that ...
MAGGIE: [starts backing away] Uh, do you come here a lot?
SETH: I live here.
MAGGIE: [gives him a confused look] What do you do?
SETH: Read.
MAGGIE: [laughs] No, I mean ... your work.
SETH: Oh, well, I'm a messenger.
MAGGIE: Oh, well, what kind of messenger? Like a bike messenger?
SETH: No ... I'm a messenger of God.
MAGGIE: [smiles] Got a message for me?
SETH: I already gave it to you.
MAGGIE: Well, did you use my pager? 'Cause I usually don't get my messages unless you beep me.
SETH: You've ... definitely been beeped.
[Maggie continues backing away from Seth as he tries to get closer]
SETH: How is Messinger?
MAGGIE: He's good. Yeah, the operation went really well.
SETH: It was a good day.
MAGGIE: It was a good day, yeah. I didn't kill anybody today.
SETH: You're an excellent doctor.
MAGGIE: How do you know?
SETH: I have a feeling.
MAGGIE: That's pretty flimsy evidence.
SETH: Close your eyes ...
MAGGIE: [looks at him strangely]
SETH: It's just for a moment.
[she closes her eyes, so Seth takes her hand and runs his finger along her palm]
SETH: What am I doing?
MAGGIE: You're ... touching me.
SETH: Touch. How do you know?
MAGGIE: Because I feel it ... [she opens her eyes]
SETH: You should trust that. You don't trust it enough.
[he looks around and sees that a large group of angels is watching them]
SETH: Let's go somewhere.
MAGGIE: Where?
SETH: I don't care.
MAGGIE: What do you wanna do?
SETH: Anything.
[they exit the library, as the angels continue watching them]


From byui.edu:

CITY OF ANGELS (1998). Seth (Nicolas Cage) is an angel who falls in love with Maggie (Meg Ryan) and wishes he was mortal. Seth and the other angels hang out at the library (supposed to be L.A. from the other scenery, but really the San Francisco Public Library) reading people's thoughts. At the beginning of the movie we hear a woman's thoughts as she stands at an OPAC terminal: "What happened to the cards? You could touch the cards." Later, Maggie is curious to know who left a copy of Hemingway's "A Moveable Feast" on her nightstand (it was Seth) and she returns it to the library whence it came. Approaching a young, helpful but direct librarian (played by Sid Hillman) at a computer terminal, he tells her, "I can't tell you who checked it out, but I can tell you when." The library is also the location for other important meetings between Seth and Maggie.

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