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Case Study No. 0083: Staff of Santiago Severin Library

GHI - Holy Ghosts [2 of 3]
The GHI go to two locations in Chile: at the first, they try to contact the ghost of a priest, and then later, visit a library said to be haunted by one of its former librarians.

Aired: 12th August 2009

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Case No. 2
Valparaiso, Chile
Santiago Severin Library
Thursday, 6:50 PM

[the Ghost Hunters International team is communicating via walkie talkie while driving towards their destination]
ROBB DEMAREST: Hey everyone, welcome to Valparaiso, Chile. I also want to thank Paul for coming out with us, and Brandy was telling us we have a really good case here, and she's gonna give us the details.
BRANDY GREEN: Hey guys, we're headed to Santiago Severin Library, and it was the second library built in the country of Chile. Now, we've been contacted by the staff of the library, because they say that they've been experiencing some really crazy stuff there. They've seen full-bodied apparitions, and for the most part, they believe they know who these individuals are. They think that they're seeing one of the old directors and his wife, and she's been seen walking through the bookcases and just disappearing. People feel very uncomfortable, and they just really would like some answers.
ROBB DEMAREST: All right. Well, sounds like a great case, a lot of visual stuff going on ... So this is it right up here. Let's get in there and get to work.

The Investigation
Valparaiso, Chile
Santiago Severin Library
Thursday, 8:18 PM

[the team enters the library and speaks with local historian Gerry Woodhams]
ROBB DEMAREST: Good to see you.
GERRY WOODHAMS: Welcome to the Santiago Severin Library.
[cut to Gerry speaking directly to the camera]
GERRY WOODHAMS: The library here plays a very important part in the community, and I've heard many stories about ghosts in the library, and I think it's very important that GHI investigate these occurrences and come up with some answers.
[cut back to the library]
ROBB DEMAREST: Well, we're very excited to be here. Could you tell us some of the history about the place?
GERRY WOODHAMS: Yeah, a very wealthy philanthropist called Santiago Severin decided to build a library. The building was built between 1912 and 1919, and it has about 180,000 books at this moment. There are also a few strange happenings that this library has.
ROBB DEMAREST: Yeah, we're really looking forward to it. If you wouldn't mind showing us where the hot spots are and exactly what's going on.
GERRY WOODHAMS: Okay. Well, let's start off through here, shall we?
[cut to the team entering a small room filled with old furniture]
GERRY WOODHAMS: The living quarters of the second director of the library. He used to live here with his wife.
[he stops and points to a door]
GERRY WOODHAMS: A person who's been working here for fifteen years says that on lots of occasions, she's been in here, and this handle has rattled.
[cut to Monica Moraga, one of the librarians, speaking in Spanish directly to the camera]
MONICA MORAGA: [translated] The doorknob was moving like it was trying to open. I watched the lock jiggle up and down like someone was trying to get in. But there was no one there.
[cut back to the director's living quarters]
GERRY WOODHAMS: And some people believe that it was probably caused by the wife of the director, who used to go through this door every day to church.
DUSTIN PARI: Do we know if the gentleman and his wife who lived here, did they pass away on the premises?
GERRY WOODHAMS: They did, yes.
ROBB DEMAREST: Alright, we'll follow you.
GERRY WOODHAMS: Okay. Walk this way.
[cut to the team entering the library's basement, filled with several bookcases]
GERRY WOODHAMS: Okay guys, this is the basement, and every day they had to bring the daily deposits down the stairs and into the safe.
[he points to the staircase]
GERRY WOODHAMS: Um, when they got to this platform here, they felt extremely cold. It was a very strange cold. They would often feel on the back of their necks as though somebody was blowing on them, and they just didn't want to come down here on their own.
[cut to the team entering the old stacks section of the basement, where shelves upon shelves of old books can be seen]
GERRY WOODHAMS: Okay guys, another member of staff has actually seen an apparition here which everyone calls the Black Lady.
[cut to another librarian, Susana Araya Leon, speaking in Spanish directly to the camera]
SUSANA ARAYA LEON: [translated] Many times, I've seen a woman in a black dress. I looked down, and she had no feet. She was just floating along the basement floor.
[cut to the team entering the repair room in the basement]
GERRY WOODHAMS: Okay guys, one day one of the workers came down to talk to the repairman, and as he was talking, over his shoulder was seen an apparition through there. They said "That's Juanito!" He was a sort of janitor. Juanito died in 1996.
[cut to Edmundo Guerra, the library coordinator, speaking in Spanish directly to the camera]
EDMUNDO GUERRA: [translated] As I approached the repair room door, I could see my reflection on the glass. Suddenly, I saw Juanito standing right behind me. I ran back upstairs, and decided never to go down to the basement by myself again.
[cut Gerry leading the team back to the main entrance]
GERRY WOODHAMS: Okay guys, that's the end of the tour.
ROBB DEMAREST: Then it's time for us to get to work, and see if we can't find some answers for you.
[they shake hands]
ROBB DEMAREST: We'll see you soon.
GERRY WOODHAMS: Okay. Well, good luck!
ROBB DEMAREST: Alright ...
[cut to Robb speaking directly to the camera, as footage of the team setting up their equipment is shown]
ROBB DEMAREST: The people that work here, many of them are afraid, even though they recognize the spirits of the people they think they know. So I think that GHI can come in here and do one of two things. Either we can help to identify the potential spirit activity and who this might be, or we can disprove some of the stories about paranormal activity and help them feel comfortable here.


The Investigation
Valparaiso, Chile
Santiago Severin Library
Thursday, 10:21 PM

[Robb and Paul are investigating the library's theatre]
ROBB DEMAREST: Es Juanito aqui? Por favor, ven aqui.
PAUL BRADFORD: Okay, I just heard a whisper.
[cut to Robb speaking directly to the camera]
ROBB DEMAREST: During the investigation of the theater, at two different times, Paul and I both thought we heard disembodied voices, small whispers.
[cut back to the theatre]
PAUL BRADFORD: It sounded like it came from that side. Do you see where the ... the curtain maybe? Around there somewhere.
[cut back to Robb speaking directly to the camera]
ROBB DEMAREST: We thought it was coming from the back of the stage. We investigated back there.
[cut to Paul and Robb checking the stage area]
PAUL BRADFORD: Is there anybody actually in here with us?
ROBB DEMAREST: I mean, there's no one back here.
[cut back to Robb speaking directly to the camera]
ROBB DEMAREST: We're looking for water pipes or a radiator. Nothing.
[cut to Paul and Robb shining there flashlights around the stage area]
ROBB DEMAREST: Es Juanito aqui?
PAUL BRADFORD: [reacting as if he heard something] Again ...
ROBB DEMAREST: Juanito, ven aqui, por favor.
[a slight noise can be heard, as Paul motions in that direction]
ROBB DEMAREST: [waving towards the apparent source of the noise] Come, come come come. Ven ven ven ven. Rapido, por favor. Es su amigos.
[Paul and Robb move onto the stage area itself]
ROBB DEMAREST: Make a noise somewhere here.
PAUL BRADFORD: Move a chair.
[a noise can be heard coming from offstage]
ROBB DEMAREST: Dude. Did you hear that?
PAUL BRADFORD: You heard it too, yeah?
PAUL BRADFORD: [shining his flaghlight into the audience section] Sounded like someone just sat down.
[cut to Paul speaking directly to the camera]
PAUL BRADFORD: Robb and I were at the front of the stage, asking for someone to come forward, and I decided, "You know what? If you're in the audience, siddown. Move a chair for us." Within seconds, we heard the shuffling of a chair, like someone was either getting themselves comfortable or they were just, you know, preparing to sit down."
[cut back to Paul and Robb standing on the stage]
ROBB DEMAREST: I've never heard the "Can you move a chair?" and it actually--
PAUL BRADFORD: [laughs] It moved the chair!
ROBB DEMAREST: It moved the chair!


The Reveal
Valparaiso, Chile
Santiago Severin Library
Sunday, 6:34 PM

[the team meets again with Gerry to discuss their findings]
GERRY WOODHAMS: Well, hello guys!
ROBB DEMAREST: Good to see you, Gerry.
GERRY WOODHAMS: Nice to see you back. I'm really interested to know what happened or what news you've got to report.
ROBB DEMAREST: Well, we definitely are going to tell you some interesting things, I think.
DUSTIN PARI: At one point in the night, down in the basement level, I was there myself with Barry and following up on the claims that people say they feel a cold breeze or a breath on their neck. And in that particular area, there was a temperature fluctuation that both of us kind of felt. Uh, we also have a piece of equipment that's called the data logger.
ROBB DEMAREST: This thing takes a reading of temperature, humidity, and dew point every two seconds, up to 16,000 readings. We then put it on the computer and it can show us a graph.
ROBB DEMAREST: So if we saw something where suddenly the temperature dropped several degrees, we could say, "Okay, maybe there's something paranormal here" ... There was no significant change.
ROBB DEMAREST: So that is going to have to be kind of left a mystery at this point.
DUSTIN PARI: I did spend some time with Paul looking at the doorknob in the old living quarters of the director and his wife.
DUSTIN PARI: And as you said, you know, there is that door on the outside, obviously, and there's a gate on the other side of it. Um, so we know that no one was coming through and actually manipulating the doorknob themselves.
GERRY WOODHAMS: Right, uh huh.
DUSTIN PARI: We did wanna see, though, if there could have been a draft coming through there or anything, and what we found is there is a slight opening between the doors, but that only actually would shake the door back and forth. It doesn't affect the handle in any way.
DUSTIN PARI: So that's another claim where it was just ... That would have to have been manipulated by some sort of energy, but throughout our investigation, the door handle obviously didn't move or do anything.
ROBB DEMAREST: We had the theater room with the piano. We did find something interesting that we want to play for you.
ROBB DEMAREST: Myself and Paul were standing up on the stage. There was no one in the audience ...
ROBB DEMAREST: And we were asking the spirit to do something.
ROBB DEMAREST: So we'll play that for you now.
[Dustin uses his laptop to play the audio recording of Paul asking the "ghost" to move a chair and the subsequent "thump" that they heard]
GERRY WOODHAMS: That was a bump at the end, no?
ROBB DEMAREST: You can hear that sound, but we were both standing on the stage ...
ROBB DEMAREST: And the sound came, or so we thought, from one of the seats in the audience ... Which is certainly interesting, given that he had just said, "Can you sit in one of the seats?"
[the "thump" sound is played again]
ROBB DEMAREST: Now, we had no further sound from anywhere in that area. So for us to say, you know, this was a spirit responding to the question--
ROBB DEMAREST: Given that the open layout of the library and the way that the sound moves throughout, uh, we couldn't make that step.
ROBB DEMAREST: So, during our time here, no evidence of the paranormal was captured.
GERRY WOODHAMS: No Black Ladies? No Juanitos?
ROBB DEMAREST: Right, nothing.
[they shake hands]
ROBB DEMAREST: Alright, Gerry. Well, thank you for everything, sir.
GERRY WOODHAMS: Well, thank you. You did a fantastic job.
DUSTIN PARI: Alright, thank you Gerry.
ROBB DEMAREST: I appreciate that.
GERRY WOODHAMS: Yeah, let's go.
[cut to Gerry speaking directly to the camera]
GERRY WOODHAMS: The people here that have been seeing these apparitions will be a little bit disappointed that you weren't able to find them. But, um, I think GHI have done an extremely thorough job, and if there was anything around, I'm sure they would have found it.
[cut to Robb and Dustin driving away]
ROBB DEMAREST: I think Gerry, he understood that we were bringing in more equipment than ever before.
ROBB DEMAREST: Paul did a great job, and it'll be interesting to see where the technology that's coming out here takes us.
DUSTIN PARI: Yeah, we got a lot of new pieces of equipment. We got a lot of things that are working together towards the same goal.
ROBB DEMAREST: Y'know, certainly from everything that we received there, there doesn't seem to be paranormal activity any longer.
DUSTIN PARI: Nope. Nice place, just a lack of ghosts.
ROBB DEMAREST: [laughs] Alright, well, let's keep it moving.
DUSTIN PARI: Alright, man.



Ghost Hunters International Season 2, Ep. 6 "Holy Ghosts"

The GHI team is bound for South America and arrive in Chile for two investigations. First stop - the famed El Bosque City Hall, which was once a retirement home for Catholic priests and doubled as a house of detention for the secret police during the reign of Augusto Pinochet. The team will also investigate the Santiago Severin Library, where the librarians are hearing noises they can't "shush" away.



Season 2 - Episode 206
Holy Ghosts

Our second case this week takes GHI to Valparaiso, Chile, to the Santiago Severin Library. Built in the early part of the 20th century, the library houses some 180,000 books and is a central landmark in Valparaiso. According to liaison and local historian Gerry Woodhams, it has also been the site of numerous sightings and experiences, some involving a former director of the library and his wife, as well as a former janitor named Juanito.

The investigation gets underway, with the team excited to see if Paul's new data logger will help them detect any temperature shifts. It's put to the test when Dustin and Barry feel a draft in the basement, but reveals only that there was only a one-degree variation. The investigation's key moments come in the library's theater, where Robb and Paul hear disembodied voices coming from the stage. They look into it, but get an even bigger surprise when Paul's request for a chair to move is answered with creaking from the audience area.

Unfortunately, the analysis of the evidence doesn't bear much fruit. Joe thinks he's found something in thermal imaging, but Barry quickly points out that it's only glass reflecting Dustin's body heat. Neither EVP nor Paul's data logger turn up any new information, and Dustin and Robb relate to their host that no concrete evidence was found. They're a little disappointed at the lack of findings, but drive off excited at what Paul's technological contributions can mean for GHI's future paranormal investigations.

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