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Case Study No. 1540: Carla Tortelli (Wannabe Librarian)

Cheers LCCN
makes librarians laugh
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[scene opens with Norm reading from a book of sports trivia, while Carla nonchalantly rattles off the answers]
NORM: Alright ... uh, 1955 AL MVP?
CARLA: Yogi Berra.
NORM: Alright, uh ... height of the left-field wall at Fenway?
CARLA: The Green Monster is thirty seven feet high.
NORM: [laughs] I toldja ... Alright, here we go. Ike Delock's lifetime ERA.
CARLA: Four point zero three ... Had enough?
TIM: Give it up, Norm. The woman's a lean, mean trivia machine!
NORM: Unbelievable ... You're the best!
CARLA: I know, I know.
WOODY: Ask me something.
CARLA: Forget it, Zeke ... There aren't any questions about wheat in there!
WOODY: Oh, and I suppose you know everything that's in this book?
CARLA: If it's in there, I know it!
WOODY: Oh yeah?
CARLA: Yeah!
[Woody takes the book and starts flipping through the pages]
WOODY: Okay ... What's the Library of Congress card catalog number?
[he laughs, but Carla maintains her composure]
CARLA: Seven eight oh three four seven six.
WOODY: That's not even close!
CARLA: Waddaya mean? Look there ...
[she calmly picks up the book, as Woody leans in to take a closer look]
WOODY: Where?
[Carla closes the book on Woody's nose and squeezes]
WOODY: Oh, that's it exactly ...



Cheers (Season 4, Episode 11)
"Don Juan Is Hell" (12 Dec. 1985)

Diane uses Sam as a case study for a paper in her Human Sexuality class, but she paints an unflattering picture of him. Meanwhile, Woody challenges Carla to a sports trivia contest, and Cliff grows a unique squash.

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