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Case Study No. 1537: Khurite Librarian of Bakti

Librarian gets pulled under
Bug in bakti
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This is a creature in the city of Bakti (a small settlement of the nomatic Khurites in the world of Nave).

This creature can attack with various abilities. Those abilities are listed below as well as the damage they can do and level ranges they can be used at. The damage appears to scale with level.

* Light Punch (Dmg Type = Slashing, Dmg Min = 15, Dmg Max = 30, Lvl Min = 0, Lvl Max = 200)

This creature will mitigate certain types of attacks by various amounts. What is mitigated by how much is listed in the table below.

* Bashing = 10%
* Slashing = 10%
* Piercing = 25%
* Magic = 10%

This creature is known to say things. Observed sayings are listed below

* I need help!
* Please god let me be!
* I'm just a simple servant!
* They are stealing our books!

This creature drops loot when killed. The following is a list of what it drops and at what rate. These amounts appear to scale with the level of the creature.

* Human Carcass = 100%
* Cuprum Coin = 100%
* Book = 20%

This creature will sell items to players. The default items they will sell and related costs are listed below.

Aabam Lore (0.10.00)
Active Regeneration (2.50.00)
Advanced Cooking Tools (0.50.00)
Advanced Cooking (2.50.00)
Advanced Engineering (2.50.00)
Advanced Metals (2.50.00)
Aggressive Stance (2.50.00)
Agrostology (0.50.00)
Alchemical Dissolvents (0.50.00)
Alchemical Mineralogy (0.50.00)
Alchemy Contraptions (2.50.00)
Alchemy (2.50.00)
Amarantum Lore (2.50.00)
Anatomy Encyclopedia (2.50.00)
Animal Materials (0.10.00)
Animal Stable Construction (10.00.00)
Archery (0.10.00)
Armor Crafting: Laminated Armors (0.50.00)
Armor Crafting: Plate Armors (10.00.00)
Armor Crafting: Soft Armors (0.50.00)
Armor Crafting (0.10.00)
Armor Training (0.50.00)
Armor Workshop Construction (10.00).00)
Arthropod Carapace Lore (0.50.00)
Arthropod Produce Lore (0.50.00)
Athletics (0.10.00)
Attractor Operation (0.50.00)
Baking Pot (0.50.00)
Baking Stone (0.10.00)
Basic Engineering (0.50.00)
Basic Metals (0.10.00)
Beef Lore (0.10.00)
Beeswax Lore (2.50.00)
Blast Furnace Operation (10.00.00)
Bleck Lore (0.10.00)
Bleckblende Lore (0.50.00)
Blocking (0.10.00)
Blood Ore Lore (0.50.00)
Boiled Leather Lore (0.50.00)
Bone Tissue Lore (0.10.00)
Bor Lore (0.10.00)
Botany Appliances (0.50.00)
Botany (0.50.00)
Bow Crafting: Bowyery (0.10.00)
Bow Crafting: Composite Bows (0.50.00)
Bow Crafting: Decurve Bows (0.10.00)
Bow Crafting: Flat Bows (0.10.00)
Bow Crafting: Long Bows (0.50.00)
Bow Crafting: Self Bows (0.10.00)
Bow Crafting: Short Bows (0.10.00)
Bow Workshop Construction (10.00.00)
Brained Leather Lore (0.50.00)
Breathing Technique (2.50.00)
Bron Lore (0.10.00)
Butcher Workbench (0.10.00)
Butchery Appliances (0.10.00)
Butchery Construction (10.00.00)
Calamine Lore (0.50.00)
Calspar Lore (0.10.00)
Calx Lore (0.10.00)
Carapace Lore (0.10.00)
Carnivora Meat Lore (2.50.00)
Carpology (0.50.00)
Cinnabar Lore (5.00.00)
Clubs (0.10.00)
Coal Lore (0.10.00)
Coke Lore (0.10.00)
Combat Balance (2.50.00)
Combat Manouvering (0.10.00)
Combat Movement (0.50.00)
Combat Techniques (0.50.00)
Comminutor Construction (10.00.00)
Comminutors (0.10.00)
Concentration (0.10.00)
Cooking Pot (0.10.00)
Cooking Tools (0.10.00)
Cooking (0.10.00)
Cotton Lore (0.10.00)
Crafting 1H Blade Hilts (0.10.00)
Crafting 1H Shaft Handles (0.10.00)
Crafting 2H Blade Hilts (0.50.00)
Crafting 2H Shaft Handles (0.50.00)
Crafting Advanced Blades (2.50.00)
Crafting Appliances (0.10.00)
Crafting Axe Heads (0.50.00)
Crafting Axes (0.50.00)
Crafting Basic Blades (0.50.00)
Crafting Blunt Heads (0.10.00)
Crafting Blunt Weapons (0.10.00)
Crafting Dagger Heads (0.50.00)
Crafting Handles (0.10.00)
Crafting Short Blade Heads (2.50.00)
Crafting Sideblades (2.50.00)
Crafting Spear Heads (2.50.00)
Crafting Spiked Heads (0.50.00)
Crafting Weapons (0.10.00)
Creature Control I (2.50.00)
Crepite Lore (0.50.00)
Crusher Operation (0.10.00)
Crustacean Carapace Lore (0.50.00)
Cuprum Lore (0.10.00)
Cuprum-based Alloys (0.10.00)
Daggers (0.10.00)
Damage Assessment (10.00).00)
Dapplewood Lore (0.50.00)
Defensive Stance (2.50.00)
Dendrology (0.10.00)
Dental Lore (0.10.00)
Diary Products Lore (0.10.00)
Domestication (0.10.00)
Ecumenical Spells (0.10.00)
Electrum Lore (2.50.00)
Emalj Lore (0.10.00)
Endoskeleton Lore (0.10.00)
Endurance (0.10.00)
Exoskeleton Lore (0.50.00)
Extraction Advanced (2.50.00)
Extraction Basic (0.10.00)
Extraction Intermediate (0.50.00)
Extraction (0.10.00)
Fabricula Construction (10.00.00)
Fabricula Expertise (10.00.00)
Fat and Tallow Lore (0.10.00)
Fermentation Jar (2.50.00)
Firmwood Lore (0.10.00)
Fish Meat Lore (0.10.00)
Fishing (0.10.00)
Flakestone Lore (0.50.00)
Flesh Lore (0.10.00)
Footspeed (0.50.00)
Fowl Meat Lore (0.10.00)
Fullgrain Leather Lore (0.10.00)
Fuming Salt Lore (10.00.00)
Fur Lore (0.10.00)
Furnace Construction (10.00.00)
Furnace Operation (2.50.00)
Gabore Lore (0.50.00)
Galbinum Lore (0.50.00)
Ganoid Scales Lore (0.50.00)
Gathering (0.10.00)
Glires Meat Lore (0.10.00)
Gold Lore (2.50.00)
Grain Steel Lore (2.50.00)
Granum Lore (0.10.00)
Greatblade Crafting (10.00.00)
Greater Natorus Operation (10.00.00)
Greywood Lore (0.50.00)
Grinder Operation (0.10.00)
Grizzly Operation (0.10.00)
Ground Fur Lore (2.50.00)
Hearth Expertise (0.10.00)
Heavy Robe (0.10.00)
Herbalism (0.50.00)
Herbologium Expertise (0.50.00)
Herbology (2.50.00)
Honey Lore (2.50.00)
Horn Lore (0.10.00)
Horned Scales Lore (0.50.00)
House Construction (2.50.00)
House Expansion Construction (2.50.00)
How to wield an axe: Axes (0.50.00)
Hydraulic Appliances (0.50.00)
Ichor Lore (2.50.00)
Igneous Rock (0.10.00)
Infinite Being (2.50.00)
Iron-based Alloys (0.10.00)
Ironwool Lore (0.50.00)
Jumping (0.10.00)
Kallardian Lamellar Armor (2.50.00)
Kallardian Padded Armor (0.50.00)
Keeled Scales Lore (0.10.00)
Keratin Lore (0.10.00)
Kiln Operation (0.50.00)
Knockback Resistance (0.50.00)
Knockdown Resistance (2.50.00)
Lances (2.00).00)
Landing Technique (2.50.00)
Leather Lore (0.10.00)
Malachite Lore (0.10.00)
Mammal Skin Lore (0.10.00)
Material Lore (0.10.00)
Mechanical Appliances (0.10.00)
Mental Offense (0.50.00)
Mental Training (0.10.00)
Messing Lore (0.10.00)
Metallurgy (0.10.00)
Milling (0.10.00)
Minerology (0.10.00)
Mining (0.10.00)
Molarium Lore (0.50.00)
Momentum (2.50.00)
Mounted Charge (10.00.00)
Mounted Combat (2.50.00)
Muscles and Blocking (0.50.00)
Mycology (2.50.00)
Natorus Operation (2.50.00)
Nitre Lore (0.50.00)
Nyx Lore (0.50.00)
Ore Extraction Appliances (0.10.00)
Petrology (0.10.00)
Pig Iron Lore (0.50.00)
Pork Lore (0.10.00)
Potion Making Advanced (5.00.00)
Potion Making (1.00.00)
Precious Metals (0.50.00)
Press Operation (0.10.00)
Pyrite Lore (0.50.00)
Pyroxene Lore (2.50.00)
Quality Leather Lore (2.50.00)
Ranged Combat (0.10.00)
Reading (0.10.00)
Red Bleckblende Lore (0.50.00)
Refining (0.50.00)
Reptile Carapace Lore (0.50.00)
Riding (0.50.00)
Rock Oil Lore (2.50.00)
Saburra Lore (0.10.00)
Salt Lore (0.10.00)
Scales Lore (0.10.00)
Seafood Lore (0.50.00)
Sedimentary Rock (0.10.00)
Shield Crafting: Kite Shield (0.10.00)
Shield Crafting: Round Shield (0.10.00)
Shield Crafting (0.10.00)
Shield Workshop Construction (10.00).00)
Shop Construction (10.00.00)
Silk Lore (0.50.00)
Silver Lore (2.50.00)
Skeleton Lore (0.10.00)
Skin Lore (0.50.00)
Skinning (0.10.00)
Smoke Box (0.50.00)
Spears (0.50.00)
Spit (0.10.00)
Spongewood Lore (0.10.00)
Sprinting (0.50.00)
Sulfur Lore (0.50.00)
Survival (0.10.00)
Swimming (0.50.00)
Swords (0.50.00)
Taming (2.50.00)
Taste Identification (0.50.00)
Tephra Lore (2.50.00)
Textile Lore (0.10.00)
The Great Balance (0.10.00)
The Magic Schools (0.10.00)
Thermal Appliances (0.10.00)
Tindremic Scale Armor (2.50.00)
Unarmed Blocking (0.50.00)
Unarmed Technique II (25.00.00)
Unarmed Technique (2.50.00)
Vegetology (0.50.00)
Venison Lore (0.50.00)
Vitalism (0.50.00)
Volcanic Ash Lore (0.50.00)
Weapon Workshop Construction (10.00.00)
Whitewood Lore (0.10.00)
Woodcutting (0.10.00)
Wool Lore (0.10.00)
Workshop Construction (50.00).00)



"Mortal Online" is a First Person, Open World, PvP/PvE Sandbox MMORPG developed and published by the Swedish independent video game company Star Vault. Mortal Online was released on June 9, 2010.

Mortal Online does not have a traditional level/class system, but rather a skill and attribute system similar to the Elder Scrolls series. There are ten different races for the player to choose from, including an orc-human hybrid, five human races, two elf-like races, and two dwarf-like races. In order to experience multiple possible playstyles, players can have three characters per account.



What are books?

Books are used in Mortal Online as a passive leveling feature as well as a skill learning feature. When you read a book, you learn the skill taught in the book if you do not already know it, and that skill begins leveling up to level 70 no matter what your character is doing, even while logged out. You must have the prereqs of a skill to read the book of that skill.

How do I buy a book?

All towns in Nave have Librarians, except for Jungle Camp and Cave Camp. Librarians have many books, and the majority of the books you'll need as a new player. There are other library NPCs in towns that have certain books. For example, the "Hermit" in the mountains behind Mohki sells a few books that are only sold at that NPC. When speaking to a library NPC you can search for books and use a filter to find the books you need. Click the name of the book you need in the list and click Buy Book on the bottom right. Librarians only accept silver as currency.

How do I use a book?

To use a book, right-click it. If it tells you that you do not have the required skill to read it, that means you do not have the required parent skills, or they are not high enough. If it tells you it is too simple for you, it means that it cannot teach you anything more than you already know and you just wasted money. To quit reading a book, or to see how much time is left before your character finishes reading it, click the book icon under your hotbar. When you finish reading a book, you do not get it back. If you tell your character to stop reading, you also lose the book. Books are a one-time use.

How long does it take to read a book?

The time it takes to read a book depends on the book itself, your reading skill, and your skimming skill. Some books only take an hour or two while others can take days, even with 100 reading. If your character is new and you have plenty of skill points, you should probably let your Reading skill max out to 100 to speed up your character building process. Just set the skill to negative when you need that last 100 points. The Skimming skill can also speed up reading, but to my knowledge the book that teaches it is no longer sold by any vendor in the game and can only be bought by players who still have it. It was temporarily available through the Tindremic Herald in Fabernum.



Librarians are used like all vendors. After opening up the library window you will see a list of books. You can search for books and filter them. To buy a book, click the name and then hit "Buy Book" at the bottom right side of the window. Librarians only take silver. They will not accept gold or cuprum. Librarians do not buy anything, even the books they sell, so be careful when purchasing books. Books have no vendor value, but some may fetch a decent price from other players.



When I ran in to buy some books from the librarian in Bakti, the librarian fell into a hole in the ground just as I walked into the building.

Currently it does it every time.

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