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Case Study No. 1508: The Libroarian

FFCC (Wii) ~ Echoes of Time ~ Walkthrough Pt. 21
Walkthrough Part 21: Library 2 Boss -
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The Libroarian is a boss from "Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time." It is fought in the Library upon the Hero's second visit there.

It resembles a bookcase, except that it has large white teeth and purple arms. It moves by dragging its body across the floor using its arms, and its small black head is covered by a white mask covered in red spots.

The weak spot of the Libroarian is the face (covered by the mask). He has powerful magic spell attacks, but his ring is relatively slow and easy to get away from. He also has a quick slash attack, a ram attack and a long-radius ram attack, as well as a heavy jump to knock you away (and off his head). He may also throw the magic books found in the library.

There are three ways to stun him. The most easiest is to use a Holy spell (stack a Cure and a Raise). However he will recover quicker from Holy spells than over methods of stunning. The second way is to wait near a wall, and try and lure him to use the long-radius ram attack. He will hit the wall and be knocked out. It is harder to get to his head this way, due to his front facing the wall and being unreachable. The last method is to use a magic book. He may throw these at you, so try and lure him to do so by waiting out of his reach. If you do not get hit by the book, you can pick it up and throw it on the tome. The magic will self-target Libroarian. If you do get hit by the book, you will be stunned and the book will disappear. If Libroarian casts magic, you can double-jump onto his head and snatch the book, but this is rather unreliable, as you may not always get the book. This is the only way in the battle to get a white book (ones that cast magic that follows you or your magic ring.)

Items Dropped
Normal: Bookcase Splinter, Pink Book, Gold, Gold Shard, Magic Stone, Red Stone, Blue Stone, Red Fay Dust, Shelf Guard, Sei Gem, Ki Gem

Hard Mode: Yew Branch, Black Silver, Mythril, Mythril Shard, Silver, Ko, Ran, Kurenai, Haku



The Library is a dungeon in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time. It is one of the main attractions within the Town and can only be accessed via the town's main plaza. The Library has three different parts to it, each of which is visited at different times in the game.

When the player enters the Library during the third part or after defeating every enemy in the lobby, a portal will appear. This portal leads to a room where many bosses from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates can be fought.


The Hero is directed to the Library by several townspeople, who say that an old man inside can brew the cure for crystal sickness that is needed for Eryll. The protagonists enter and meet Larkeicus, the elderly gentlemen in question. When asked for help, Larkeicus commands the Hero to retrieve a Buffasur Horn from the Aqueducts in order to concoct the cure, and then complete some archeological research on Ice Mountain and Fire Mountain as payment.

After the ruins atop Fire Mountain are restored, Larkeicus thanks the Hero warmly and sends the party back to the Village.


Larkeicus is an elderly Clavat who is the main antagonist of Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time. He is voiced by Rokuro Naya in Japanese version. In the English version, Larkeicus has an accent that causes him to pronounce his "w"s as "v"s.

Larkeicus is an immortal Clavat who gained his power 2000 years ago when he was hunting Crystals. He was once a respected scientist and had a Yuke named Veriaulde as his apprentice, creating machines that were powered by crystals. The power and efficiency of his machines led to a great civilization being built based on his inventions. This civilization allowed people to live with untold wealth and comfort, and as Veriaulde put it, Larkeicus was "worshiped like a god". However, one day, the crystals began vanishing for unknown reasons, sending the civilization into panic. Without the crystals, the civilization began to crumble, and its citizens collectively blamed what was happening on Larkecius.

2,000 years later, the civilization he built having devolved into a simple curiosity for archeologists and treasure hunters, Larkeicus hunts in the Library for further research on the Crystal' disappearance. The hero first meets Larkeicus there while looking for the crystal sickness cure for Eryll. The townspeople hold him in high esteem, referring to the Clavat as a "respected archeologist". Larkeicus agrees to brew this panacea if a Buffasaur horn is brought to him. After the horn is retrieved from the Aqueducts, the old man finishes the cure and gives it to the hero, with the stipulation that some work must be done for him as payment.

The medicine is brought back to the Forest, and Eryll is saved. The hero returns to Town in order to pay back Larkeicus, who reveals the location of Ice Mountain and asks the hero to repair the ruins found there, along with those at Fire Mountain. As each ruin is fixed, it rises higher into the air atop a majestic pillar. The hero returns to the Library after the Fire Mountain pillar arises, and is thanked and dismissed back to the Forest by Larkeicus.

That same night, the archeologist ascends to the top of Ice Mountain and triggers a field of energy around the ruins at its zenith. The ruins atop both peaks fire a blinding beam of light at each other, meeting in midair and causing the Tower to materialize beyond the Gate. The hero is sleeping and is unaware of the old man's schemes; however, the crystal in the Forest begins to shatter. Sherlotta, who had been staying in the same hut as the hero, reacts adversely to the crystal's breaking, and as it splinters, she shifts her conscience into the cat.

The next morning, the hero awakens, unaware of the calamity that has just occurred. The black cat appears and runs off into the forest, with the hero in pursuit. At the placid pond, the crystal lies rent into tiny pieces, with only a faint bead of light at its nucleus. Eryll is there and asks the hero to gather the shards of the Crystal Core in order to restore the crystal and the village residents, who have all mysteriously vanished except for the hero and Norsy.

Following a suggestion from Norsy that an archeologist might know what's going on. The Hero returns to the library and meets Larkecius again, Larkecius describes the history of the ancient civilization, and how it was destroyed because the crystals disappeared. Larkecius notes the irony of this, because if it weren't for the crystals what he was trying to do couldn't be done, following this, he summons several minions and attempts to kill the Hero, but is instead killed himself. However, being immortal, the fact that he "died" was of little meaning, and when exposed to the Hero's fragment of the Crystal Core he is revived, and proceeds to taunt the Hero over the fact that the Hero wasn't familiar with immortality. This did not go on for long, however, as the crystal that revived him begins to harm him, alarmed, he throws the crystal away from him, and warns the Hero that if the Hero was the one who causes the shockwave from the future, then the Hero would die the next time they met, saying this, Larkecius warps out of the library.


The Libroarian is fought in the Library upon the Hero's second visit there.

Multiple magic books are scattered around the floor during the battle with the Libroarian, and can be thrown onto the book dias to summon magic to attack the boss. This is one way to stun the Libroarian and set it up for reliable further damage; the other is to wait for the boss to charge and lure it into smashing against a wall. When unstunned, the Libroarian will attack rapidly with the charging attack, a quick claw swipe, and by summoning a book to create a damaging magic field. Its weak point is its face.


A portal will transport you to different places with monsters from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates.

* Scorpion
* Behemoth
* Garuda
* Carniflower
* Dragon
* Death Lich
* Cu Chaspel
* Galdes
* Elemental Red
* Elemental Blue
* Elemental Dark
* Elemental Yellow
* Spikes
* Golem
* Chimera
* Magic Pot



Head out to the world map and enter the library at the back of the town. You'll meet Larkeicus, who'll propose to help you by making a deal with him. Now you'll need to get him a Buffasaur Horn. He'll also teach you how to use magic. Leave the library after the tutorial and speak with the two townsfolk by the fountain to unlock the next stage.


Things have changed for the worse inside the library. Monsters now roam around and there are many puzzles to solve. Head through the left door at the back. Pick up the book at the end of the hall and place it on the book holder to unlock the door. In the next room, just move the bookshelf at the back and push it aside to reveal a passageway.

Pull the ladder in the following area against the wall, then climb it up and pick up the book above. Place it on the book holder and go stand next to the white sphere. A circle of white magic will follow you to the sphere and open the path ahead. Now drop down on the left and defeat the two enemies below. A book will then appear above. Climb back up the ladder and carry the book to the book holder on the left. The white sphere is unreachable this time, so cast any of your magic spells and lead it to the sphere on the other side of the bookshelves to the left. The magic from the book will follow your spell circle and open the path when it reaches the sphere. Proceed to the next room.

Here, defeat the enemies first, then hit the switch in the center and spheres will come down. Now you must pick up one of the white books lying around and place it on any book holder and then run to a sphere to make the circle follow you to it. You'll have to do this three times for all three spheres, but be quick or the spheres will go back up after a time. Remember: you have to use the white books, not the grey ones, or it won't work. Once all three spheres have been hit by the magic the door will open.

In the hallway ahead, defeat the enemies to clear the path, then hit the pillar switch at the end to move the bookcase and reveal a book holder. Now go back to the beginning of the room and pick up the book lying on the ground. Bring it to the book holder to unlock the door.

In the next room, push the empty bookshelf so it fall on the floor below, then drop down and pull the bookshelf over the switch right next to it. Head back up using the ladder on the left and pick up the white book lying near the entrance of the room. While carrying the book, cross to the other side using the bookshelf. Defeat the enemies, then place the white book (not the grey one) on the book holder on the left. Now quickly go stand on the switch at the right and cast any magic. Lead your spell circle over to the book holder and guide it across the bookshelf to reach the sphere, while the white magic circle follows your spell to it. The door next to you will open.

In the following area, hit the switch at the back of the room to reveal a ladder behind a bookcase. Pull the ladder out and move it all the way left to where you can see a little shadow on the floor (there should be a white sphere floating right above). Place it right next to the shadow, then climb up and pick up the book. Put it on the book holder, then go stand on the sphere. Since you placed the ladder between the bookshelves and the sphere, the magic circle will be able to follow you to the sphere.

After hitting the sphere, defeat the mimic in the corner (the fake chest) to obtain a rune ring, then drop down on the floor below and defeat the two enemies to make a key appear. Grab the key, then the last bookshelf will lower to reveal a book. Pick up that book and drop it on the stone platform on the right. Now climb up the ladder and step on the switch there to make the platform come up with the book on it. Pick up the book and go right. Place it on the book holder at the end to open the door.

You'll find yourself back in the first room. Drop down and return to the third room from the beginning. Unlock the gate in this room with the key to access the boss. For this boss, just attack him with normal attacks and charge attacks. First get rid of the minions by making them explode next to the boss so he gets hit too. Then avoid his spells and attack him. Heal yourself with Cure as often as needed, since the minions will drop potions when they die, and they will keep on re-appearing. After the fight and cutscene, pick back up your crystal and leave.


Now return to your village and find the little girl in at the end of the forest, where the crystal is. Talk to her three time to give her all the crystal shards and view some scenes. Afterwards, leave the forest and speak to the Yuke at the top of the village (the teacher) to receive the key to the library. Go back to town with that and re-enter the library for another round.

This time around, take the right door in the entrance room. Defeat the enemy in the next hall, then hit the pole switch. Quickly pick up the book on the floor and place it on the book holder, then using any magic, lead your spell circle to the white sphere on the other side of the bookcase. The magic circle will follow and hit the sphere, opening the way. Defeat the two enemies ahead, then pull the bookcase at the back to get it out of the way and reveal the exit.

In the next room, use the ladder to climb up to the top floor and hit the switch on the left. Drop down and pick up the book. Carry it to the platform on the right, which should now be moving up and down. Throw the book on the platform and leave it there for now. Go back to where you picked up the book and pull the empty bookcase out of the wall. Push it all the way to the moving platform and place it right next to it. This should also be next to a shadow on the ground, as there's a sphere above, and we're trying to create a path from the top ledge to it, with the bookcase.

Now climb back up using the ladder and hit the switch from previously again so the platform stops moving, but time it so it stops when the platform is at the top of the floor so you can pick back up the book and thus form a path with the bookcase, leading to the white sphere floating above. Now place the book on the book holder nearby and go stand on the platform. Use any magic and lead the circle to the sphere, across the bookcase, so the magic from the book follows it there and hit the sphere. Then drop down and defeat the enemies to obtain another book. Put the book on the book holder near the exit to access the next room.

Defeat all the enemies in this room, including the lion on the other side of the bookshelves. To hit him, use the grey book lying on the floor and place it on a book holder. The magic will hit him. Don't use the white books, only the grey one. Repeat the process with the book when it re-appears until the enemy is defeated. Pick up the key on the other side afterwards and proceed to the next area.

Here, pull the ladder on the lowered bookcase on the right, then while standing on it, hit the switch to raise the bookcase and carry the ladder up. Pull the ladder all the way to the other side and push it down on the floor below. Then push it over the switch to lower a book holder. Defeat the enemies on the left to make a book appear above, then climb up the ladder and pick up the book. Jump back down and place the book on the book holder to open the next door.

Head over to the right in the new room and pick up the white book on the ground. Place it on the book holder, then quickly grab the handle on the left to lower the white sphere which will be hit by the book's magic. At the rightmost end of the room, you will find some chests including a Mimic. Then return to the leftmost side of the room and pull the empty bookcase all the way to the moving bookcase on the right. Push it on the lowered bookcase that isn't moving on the left of the moving one, then use the moving one to go up to the floor above. Hit the switch there to raise the other bookcase and pull the one you put on top. Start pushing it all the way to the right and drop it off the edge. Jump down and place it in the middle, then go back up and use it to cross over to the other side.

Taking the exit will return you to the entrance room. Drop down and head over to the right back to the second room where the boss gate is. Unlock the door and go through. The boss isn't too difficult, just use thunder or blizzard spells on it to freeze and paralyse it, while you attack. Try to attack by behind so it can't hit you and run around to avoid the magic. With a second party member using the spells while you attack, the fight is pretty easy. Grab the crystal shard after the battle and leave town.


Return to town and enter the library once more.

This time you'll be able to enter a new area through the middle passage. Defeat all enemies in the second room to open the way to the third room. Defeat all the enemies in this room as well, then head through the door on the left which will be unlocked. Do the same with the next room to open the way to the fifth room which finally holds a puzzle. Grab the white book on the ground and toss it on the book holder on the right, then go stand on the moving platform with the white sphere and wait for the magic to hit. Now head up the bookcase and defeat the enemies above.

Either bring the white book from down below to the upper area or get the other white book over to the right and bring it to the left; either way make sure you have two white books at hand ready to use. Place the first one on the book holder and run to the white sphere nearby to hit it, then quickly pick up the second white book and put it on the book holder and lead the circle to the other white sphere on the other side of the bookshelves with a magic spell of yours.

Once both spheres are hit the way will open. In the next room defeat all enemies, then place the white book on the book holder and lead the magic circle to the white sphere. Defeat the next wave of enemies, then place the brown book on the holder to unlock the door. Defeat all enemies in the last room, then examine the purple book in the bookcase to find the way into the mines.

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