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Case Study No. 1492: Staff of the Parkside Springs Public Library

5 Things You Should Never Do In a Library (Sims 2)
I made this for our local Library's Tech Week contest. The results are yet to be announced. This is my 2nd sims vid. It's kinda random... =]
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MMFilms Presents

5 Things You Should Never Do In a Library

[scene opens with characters from "The Sims 2" video game walking around a public library]
["Lesson 1: Never order pizza" appears on screen, then cut to a young female patron using her cell phone]
PIZZA DELIVERY MAN: [over the phone] Domino's Pizza. How can we help you?
FEMALE PATRON 1: I want a pizza.
[cut to the pizza delivery man pulling up outside the library, as the patron appears and takes the pizza]
[she walks back into the library, then sits down and starts eating ... until the young female librarian appears and starts yelling at her]
LIBRARIAN 1: You ordered pizza?!?! What is wrong with you?
[she folds her arms in front of her]
LIBRARIAN: You couldn't order some for the librarian?
["Lesson 2: Don't hack the computers" appears on screen, then cut to a young male patron sitting with his laptop and giggling to himself]
[cut to another male patron sitting at the computer, looking at the Parkside Springs Public Library online catalog and doing a keyword search for "Harry Potter"]
[he presses "Enter", then cut to a closeup of the screen which reads "We have found no relative results in this database. Did you mean 'Larry the Otter'? Or how about 'Prairie Spotter'? Or maybe 'Cherry Totter'? Or this one: 'Scary Yachter'? Or could it be 'Fairy Rotter'?"]
["Lesson 3: Leave your shopping for the mall" appears on screen, then cut to a young female patron talking to a red-headed librarian sitting behind the front desk]
FEMALE PATRON 2: I want to buy a book.
LIBRARIAN 2: We don't sell books!
FEMALE PATRON: But I want a book!
[they both get more and more agitated with each other]
FEMALE PATRON 2: I want to buy a book right now!
LIBRARIAN 2: We do not sell books!
FEMALE PATRON 2: You give me a book right now!
[the librarian screams and puts her head in her hands]
["Lesson 4: Never pull pranks" appears on screen, then cut to a young male patron holding a whoopie cushion, as he watches several other patrons sit down (followed quickly by a farting sound effect and various looks of embarrasment/anger)]
["Lesson 5: Never take over the PA system" appears on screen, then cut to a young female librarian leaving the front desk, as a young male patron sneaks up to the microphone on her desk and speaks into the PA system]
MALE PATRON: Hello everyone. Welcome to The Library of String Cheese. My name is Mortimer. I will be your librarian for this evening ... Now you will experience my mad rapping skills!
[he starts singing into the microphone]
MALE PATRON: Yes friends, I am very gifted. But now I must return to my home of cheese cubes. Especially before our friend comes back.
[at this point, the librarian returns and catches him]
LIBRARIAN 3: What's going on?! You! Out! Now!
["Now let's review: 1) Never order a pizza. 2) Don't hack the computer system. 3) Shopping belongs at the mall. 4) Pranks are very, very bad. 5) And the Library is not made of cheese nor is a place to rap." appears on screen]

The End!

Written, Directed, Produced, & Filmed by

The Sims 2

... and all of your favorite Sims!

Music Credits
Kevin MacLeod & Sounddogs dot com

Copyright MMFilms 2008



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