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Case Study No. 1513: Staff of Unnamed Library (Haunting of a Library Part II)

Haunting of a Library II: Revenge of the Fallen
An evil librarian unleashes a diabolical plot to destroy the library. Created by the 2009 Albany Public Library's Computer Camp.
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Haunting of a Library Part II:
Revenge of the Fallen

A Production of
Computer Camp 2009
Albany Public Library

[scene opens with a young girl taking a flash drive out of her computer]
BAD LIBRARIAN: My evil plan will soon be complete!
[she cackles to herself, then the phone rings]
[she composes herslef, then answers it]
BAD LIBRARIAN: [into the phone] Hello? Oh, oh yes. No no no no. Not at all, I would love to be the children's librarian. Very well. Yes, alright. Bye.
[she hangs up]
BAD LIBRARIAN: My plans are already in action!
[she cackles again, then cut to the girl entering the Albany Public Library as ominous music plays]
[cut to the girl standing behind the desk, as she takes the barcode scanner and "plugs" the flash drive into it (she actually just shakes the flash drive over the scanning end, like she's pouring a liquid into it)]
[cut to the girl sitting behind the desk and giggling to herself, when a young boy walks up and hands her a book]
PATRON 1: Can I check out this book?
BAD LIBRARIAN: Why, of course!
[she smiles and scans the book]
PATRON 1: Thanks.
[he leaves, and another young boy walks up]
PATRON 2: Can you check this out?
BAD LIBRARIAN: I'd be more than happy to!
[she scans his book, then cut to the girl hiding under her desk and cackling maniacally]
PATRON 3: [from off camera] Um, excuse me ...
[the camera pans up to reveal a young girl waiting at the desk, so she composes herself and stands up]
BAD LIBRARIAN: Oh ... Oh, of course.
PATRON 3: Would you be so kind as to stop laughing for two seconds and check out my book?
[she scans it, then hands the book back to her]
PATRON 3: Thank you.
[cut to the library patrons sitting at a table reading their books, then the librarian walks up and claps her hands]
BAD LIBRARIAN: Drop those books.
[as if hypnotized, they all drop their books on the table, then she claps her hands again]
[they all stand up, then she claps her hands again and walks off camera]
[they follow her, then cut to the patrons (their faces covered in red makeup and moaning like zombies) shambling through the stacks and grabbing books off the shelves before tearing the pages out]
[cut to the library security guard (a boy wearing glasses and a fake beard) nervously sneaking around the stacks with his flashlight]
[cut back to the zombies tearing books apart, then cut back to the security guard and the zombies sneak up behind him and grab him]
[cut to a little girl looking at a pile of books on a shelf]
CAPTURED LIBRARIAN: Who made this mess?
[she starts reshelving them, then two of the zombies sneak up behind her and carry her away]
CAPTURED LIBRARIAN: Please don't take me! Please don't take me! Noooo!
[cut to the evil librarian skipping through the stacks (littered with torn-apart books) and rubbing her hands with glee]
BAD LIBRARIAN: This is perfect!
[cut to another group of patrons walking into the library, when a girl runs up and starts screaming]
GOOD LIBRARIAN: Help! Help! Zombies have taken over the library! I need you to help me get rid of them and turn them back into normal kids!
PATRON 4: Um, okay ... Are you sure you're correct about this?
[cut to one of the zombies sticking his head out of a nearby door and growling at them]
PATRON 4: Never mind, let's go.
[they run to the back of the library, then cut to the patrons sitting at computer terminals as the librarian stands behind them]
GOOD LIBRARIAN: We gotta write new good stories, 'cause all the books have been infected, so they turn people ... people into zombies! We gotta write new good books, now go!
[the patrons begin typing away]
GOOD LIBRARIAN: Write! Type! Whatever, now do it!
[one of the patrons holds up a stack of papers]
PATRON 5: I'm done!
GOOD LIBRARIAN: Great, now we gotta divide this up.
PATRON 5: But how do we do that?
GOOD LIBRARIAN: [pause] I don't know.
[cut to the patrons being chased by the zombies, as they lure them into the Edgar Tompkins Memorial Computer Lab and (after throwing the bad librarian in as well) lock the door]
PATRON 5: Slide mine! Slide mine!
[they slide copies of their printed-out stories under the door, then cut to the "zombies" (now changed back to normal children) quietly sitting in the computer lab and reading them]
PATRON 3: These books are some really great books ...
PATRON 1: [pause] Where are we? The last thing I remember, I was reading some kinda horrible book ... That librarian looked really suspicious.
[cut to the security guard throwing the bad librarian out of the library, as the patrons cheer]
BAD LIBRARIAN: I'll be back!


Bad Librarian

Good Librarian

Security Guard



Captured Librarian

Computer Camp 2009 @
The Albany Public Library

Ms. Jaimee
Mr. Scott

Mr. Scott

Screen Play

Costumes & Makeup
Mrs. Scott

Kevin MacLeod

Production Manager Second Unit

Key Grip
Johny B.

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