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Case Study No. 1480: "The Day the Librarian Disappeared"

The Day the Librarian Disappeared
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[scene opens with a disheveled-looking male student (long hair, goattee, black "Megadeath" t-shirt) handing a stack of books to the young female librarian (glasses on a chain, black hair in a bun, striped sweater) standing at the front desk]
STUDENT: Do you have any, uh, books on the Civil War?
LIBRARIAN: Oh, yes sir. My husband fought in that war. They're over in that section.
[she points off camera, as a "canned laughtrack" plays]
STUDENT: Yeah, whatever ... Okay.
[he walks off, then cut to the librarian sorting some books on the desk, when the student runs back and loudly drops a book in front of her]
STUDENT: Lady, I need like ... five copies of this one page in, like, a minute!
[he jabs his finger repeatedly at the open page of the book]
STUDENT: No, I need 'em now! And then I need, like, twenty laminations ... like, today! Like, twenty minutes from now! Okay?
[cut to the librarian (now alone) picking her purse up from the desk, then she turns directly to the camera and smiles]
LIBRARIAN: I don't think I'll come back.
[she heads out the door, then cut to the student alone in the library, as he looks around while ominous music plays (and the sounds of crickets chirping can be heard in the background)]
[cut to a closeup of the student's eyes as he nervously looks around (as the sound of his heartbeat can be heard in the background)]
[the camera switches to the student's POV, as he wanders around aimlessly through the empty library]
[the screen goes black, as "Books, books everywhere ... but not a page to read" appears on screen]
[cut back to the student's POV, as he wanders into the librarian's empty office (while the sound of a dripping faucet can be heard in the background)]
[cut to the student sitting down at one of the library's computer terminals (which is turned off), furiously shaking the mouse and tapping the screen with his finger in confusion, as the camera zooms in on the power button]
[cut to the student pulling a large book off one of the shelves]
STUDENT: I've been wanting to check this book out forever!
[the screen goes black, as "Cannot check out books ... there are no librarians" appears on screen]
[cut back to the student, as he puts the book back on the shelf in frustration]
[the screen goes black, as "Grades will fall ... no research can be done" appears on screen]
[cut back to the student, who is holding a paper with a large "F" written on it, as he bangs his head against the wall in frustration]
[cut to a "Sorry, We're Closed" sign on the door of the librarian's office, as ominous music plays]
[the screen goes black, as "If our libraries close ... so do our minds" appears on screen]
["Fin." appears on screen]

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