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Case Study No. 1517: Volteel Biblio

Let's play Megaman Zero 3 [Part 5] i better give volteel biblio my overdue book
yep my book is overdue and voteel biblio is pissed well his stage takes place in some sort of data library. i actully edited this video in camtasia studio editor and i can also record with it but i don't know how to record audio from the speakers with it.

Volteel Biblio: he will go off the screen and pop up in 1 of 4 holes shooting an electric ball and that all i know i usually kill him fast, he probably has another attack if you are S rank.

Tretista kelverian: this boss is huge and back in 2009 when i first played this game i had so much trouble with this boss because i didn't know how to upgrade my HP but anyways he throws a crate and dashes into it and throws an L shaped pipe, well i think it looks like an L and maybe that L could stand for Loser. and he shoots out purple power balls that land on the floor and move along and he releases 2 dogs that are attatched to him.

Cubit foxtar: he becomes flames and all the flames will spin around the area and it hard to avoid (goodluck Perfect run users) and he generates flames on him and they will cycle around the area or he will shoot off one by one and he will flip around. Part 5 enjoy!

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[scene opens with Zero inside the Command Room of the Resistance Base]
ROUGE: Your orders, please.
[the player selects "Select mission"]
ROUGE: Displaying the available missions ...
[the player selects "Area: Sunken Library"]
JAUNE: The ruins of an ancient library have been found. It's completely soaked inside, but there may still be some data around. We'd like you to search for data on Weil or Omega.
ROUGE: Do you accept?
[the player selects "Yes"]
JAUNE: Mission assigned ... All personnel, prepare to transfer.
[Zero steps onto the transportation platform]
JAUNE: Preparations for transfer complete. Transfer!
[Zero teleports]
CIEL: Don't do anything dangerous, Zero ...
[cut to the interior of the Sunken Library]
ROUGE: [over intercom] First, please go to the Data Room. That room has the highest probability of containing information about Weil and Omega.
["Mission Start" appears on screen, and Zero (after defeating several enemies) makes his way to the Data Room]
ROUGE: [over intercom] This is the Data Room. Please search for information on Weil at that console. After searching, the data's location will be displayed. Please go to that area, and recover the data.
[Zero walks up to the computer in the middle of the room, as "Push Up on Control Pad" appears on screen]
ZERO: Four matches ... Weil, Omega, Dark Elf, Elf Wars.
["Specify search data" appears on screen, and the player selects "Dr. Weil"]
COMPUTER: Area with Weil's data found. To search for more information, use the console again.
["Specify search data" appears on screen, and the player selects "Omega"]
COMPUTER: Area with Omega's data found. To search for more information, use the console again.
["Specify search data" appears on screen, and the player selects "Dark Elf"]
COMPUTER: Area with Dark Elf's data found. To search for more information, use the console again.
["Specify search data" appears on screen, and the player selects "Elf Wars"]
COMPUTER: Area with data concerning the Elf Wars found. To search for more information, use the console again.
[Zero leaves the room and (after defeating more enemies) finds a room with a data disk]
NARRATOR: You got the Elf Wars data!
ZERO: File #945388 (Elf Wars) ... end of the ... Wars ... Cyber-elves ... used ... from this ... Elf Wars ... the us ... "Dark Elf," and copies ... amplify the power ... while ... at will ... the worst ... in ... the war ... end ... Approximately 90 percent ... wiped ...
CIEL: [over intercom] Zero? It looks like that data is corrupt. I think we may be able to repair it at the base. Thank you ... Zero.
[Zero leaves, then enters another room and finds another data disk]
NARRATOR: You got Omega's data!
ZERO: File #815156 (Omega) ... The ultimate Reploid, created by Doctor Weil. Possesses incredible power when combined with the Dark Elf. Banished to outer space to avoid another Elf War.
[Zero finishes reading the file]
ZERO: If we can analyze this data, we might be able to find some new information about Omega.
[Zero leaves, then enters another room and finds another data disk]
NARRATOR: You got Weil's data!
ZERO: File #650326 (Dr. Weil) ... From Neo Arcadia ... Creator of Omega ... Altered the Mother Elf, sparking the Elf Wars ... Banished from Neo Arcadia after the Elf Wars.
[Zero finishes reading the file]
ZERO: If we can analyze this data, we might be able to find some new information about Weil.
[Zero leaves, then enters another room and finds another data disk]
NARRATOR: You got the Dark Elf data!
ZERO: File #351848 (Dark Elf) ... Officially known as the "Mother Elf." Creator unknown. This Cyber-elf was originally created for the purpose of restoring Maverick Programs to their original state. But the Mother Elf was altered by Doctor Weil so she could be used to manipulate Reploids, by freely rewriting programs. Although the organized fighting of the Reploids manipulated by the altered Mother Elf did end the wars, this terrible power was sealed off to prevent misuse.
[Zero finishes reading the file]
ZERO: So, the Dark Elf ... What's going on? If we can analyze this data, we might be able to find something new about her.
[suddenly, Volteel Biblio (in his humanoid form) teleports into the room]
VOLTEEL BIBLIO: Who dares intrude upon my territory?
[he notices Zero in the room]
VOLTEEL BIBLIO: Ze-Zero! Heheh! So, it's you! Heheh!
[he morphs into his battle form (a giant eel-like robot)]
VOLTEEL BIBLIO: I am Volteel Biblio, of Weil's Numbers. What is it you've got there? Give that data back! Nooowww!
["Warning" appears on screen, as the two battle, until Zero emerges victorious]
VOLTEEL BIBLIO: What's up with you! You're opposing Lord Weil?! Aren't you afraid of him?! You ... you're crazy! Aaaaaarrrggghhh!!!
[he explodes as Zero teleports away, then cut back to the Resistance Base]
ROUGE: Transferring ... Two ... One ...
[Zero materializes in the room]
JAUNE: Transfer complete.
CIEL: Zero ... Thank you. I'm analyzing all of the data you recovered for us. We may be able to figure out what Weil is attempting to do, by analyzing past data. I'll do my best.


From gamefaqs.com:

DESCRIPTION: "The ruins of an ancient library have been found. It's
completely soaked inside, but there may still be some
data around.
We'd like you yo search for data on Weil or Omega."

Secret Disks:
-010 -016 -017 -018 -033
-043 -051 -094 -096 -125

-You will need to speak to the computer at the middle of the level
to find out the correct doors in the upcoming maze. Each incorrect
door you enter will deduct many points from your final score for
the stage. Keep in mind that the correct doors will always be in
the middle rows, since the computer always shows nine doors on the
screen at the same time (which means you have less doors to risk).
-Mysterious BGM... Sounds like out of a Resident Evil spinoff... =p
-The first half of the stage is set in a somewhat "wet" environment,
which gets periodically electrified. This can hurt you quite a bit,
so make sure you get to a safe place before the water reaches its

At the very beginning, destroy the spider and look for the
first turtle. Hit its head to make it turn over, then use your
buster to hit the next one and make it turn over too. Pogo jump
(or double dash jump) to a ledge overhead containing a big
Energy Refill and a Secret Disk (C125), then go back down and
continue. When you reach the next safe spot, wait until the
water lowers, turn the turtle over, (optionally) destroy the
oyster and pick up another Secret Disk (C051). Get out of the
small alchove (quick, the water may rise at any moment), turn
the next turtle over and make your way towards the next safe
spot. You'll soon see what the hell's going on with the water:
some loose ends of electricity cables are making the water a
giant conductor. Deal with the spider before continuing on, and
then keep charging your weapon between safe spots (there will
be a spider at each one). In the last bit of this section, kick
open the box for a Secret Disk (C043). Continue and grab the
Secret Disk out in the open (C033), then hit the turtle and
ride its backuntil the water's safe again. Quickly jump off and
continue; destroy the box for another Secret Disk (C094), then
dodge the oyster and jump to safety. At the peak of the area,
though, jump onto the ledge to grab yet another Secret Disk out
in the open (C096). Enter the miniboss doors to reach the
computer that indicates the middle of the stage.

Talk to the computer and choose in sequence each of the four
options it offers you. Take careful note of the door colors you
see on each screen (it's random, so I can't really help here).
Make sure you take note of every single detail in the doors you
are shown, since each wrong door deducts lots of points from
your final Stage Mission score (it helps having paper and pen
around, and writing down the colors of all nine doors shown
when you select each option). There are four door colors: red,
blue, green and yellow. After you're sure you got everything
written down to the last detail, exit the room and destroy the
little wide cannon enemies, then go underwater. Kill the first
piranha you see, and enter the exact doors pointed out by the
computer earlier. In each you will find a Secret Disk; don't
pick them up just yet. Figure out which room is which. These 4
rooms are as follows:
-One is a perfect square room with spikes on the ceiling.
Contains Secret Disk C017.
-One is a perfect square but has a small hole on the ground
(somewhat shaped after a T). Contains Secret Disk C018.
-One is shaped after a P, with a right side higher than the
left. Contains Secret Disk C016.
-One is a perfect square room with nothing special whatsoever
(this is the one you're looking for!). Contains the final
Secret Disk, C010.

Try your hardest to make the last one I mentioned also the last
one you enter, since that will significantly decrease the
difficulty level of the upcoming boss fight against Volteel
Biblio. After you collect all four Secret Disks, Volteel Biblio
shows his ugly face.

-Invisible Swim: He'll swim in and out of the
holes in the walls, ceiling and
floor. You can't damage him, but he
can't damage you either.
-Pop Out: He'll pop his head out of one of
the holes, and from another one,
his hads will pop out and throw a
(slow) electricity ball at you.
-Electricity Charge: He'll stand somewhere in
the room, grab the floor with his
long limbs, and charge the complete
building with electricity. Either
jump and manage to stay in the air,
or prepare to get pwned (well, not
really =p).
-Double Shot: He'll rise his long limbs and
shoot two shots out of each in a
diagonal pattern up and down. Jump
in the middle to avoid. This is his
EX Tech, in case you care. ;)
-Thunder Grab: He'll try to grab you and give
you an electricity shock. Move out
of the way to avoid damage.
I can't stand this guy. Why, you might ask.
Well, his laugh easily is the most annoying
and infurating thing I have ever heard in a
videogame. EVER. Oh well, at least I can kick
his ass to feel better. ^_^

Make sure you have your Ice chip equipped,
and ram him with all kinds of Ice attacks. EX
Techs work really well here too. Due to his
high vulnerability to Ice attakcs, his life
meter will decrease really fast if you keep
continuously punishing him with cool blows
(pun fully intended =p). He'll do his pop out
attack the most throughout the fight, so if
you can keep hitting him whenever he shows up
you'll have him beaten in no time.

Taking this guy's plugs out of the sockets earns you the
Shadow Dash Boot Chip: Equip it to dash right through enemies
without taking damage, it also makes Zero take the color of his
trails, maybe to indicate his status. If you also made him pay
the electricity bill with style, you'll also net the V-Shot EX
Technique: Equip the Thunder Chip to fire your buster in two
directions simultaneously (also applies to charged blasts).


From wikia.com:

Volteel Biblio is one of the bosses in "Mega Man Zero 3" for the Game Boy Advance. Volteel is a Reploid based on electric eels, and is one of the Eight Gentle Judges being brainwashed by Dr. Weil as one of "Weil's Numbers". Volteel's personality is somewhat eccentric, as to maintain his compressed form, he removed the protection of his power generator. The electromagnetic waves emitted by the generator caused damage to his brain, and he needs regular maintenance to avoid defects. When Zero goes to the ruins of an ancient library to search for Secret Disks about Weil, Omega, Dark Elf, and the Elf Wars (which was found corrupted) Volteel appears and fights against him to protect the data.

Nickname: Skilled Eel Lightning God (Nouman Raijin)
EX Skill: V Laser
Volteel Biblo repeatedly sends out two electric beams from his tails, angled like a V.

Mission: Retrieve Data File
Zero's EX Skill: V-Shot

Weakness: Ice
Main Stage: Sunken Library

Volteel attacks by releasing electric spheres from his tail, while hiding in holes. He will sometimes exit the holes to charge the entire room with electricity/attack with his tail and will also stretch out his two tails to attack. If the player has rank A or S, Volteel will use V Laser, in which he shoots two electric spheres from his tail. Defeating him gives Zero the "Shadow Dash" Foot Chip and, if at A or S rank, the V-Shot ability.

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