Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Case Study No. 1534: Staff of the Half Hollow Hills Community Library

Libraries Are Gonna Make It After All
Karen Cognato
Ellen Druda
Laura Druda
Valerie Ware

...with love.
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[scene opens with a spinning newspaper, with the headline "Libraries to disappear in 2019! The end of libraries is near!"]
[cut to another newspaper, with the headline "Public Libraries Struggle. Can't keep up with the times"]
[cut to another newspaper, with the headline "We're Doomed!!!"]
[cut to a female librarian, who smiles and spins around before entering the Half Hollow Hills Community Library]
[cut to an elevator inside the library opening up, as the librarian (after jauntily tossing back her neckerchief) exits carrying a stack of books]

Who can turn the world 'round with her smile?
Who can take a nothing day and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile?
Well it's you, girl, and you should know it

[cut to the librarian helping a young female patron find a book in the stacks (which she happily takes with a smile on her face)]
[cut to an older female librarian pushing her through the stacks on top of a bookcart, as the librarian points to a sign reading "Download Movies, Music & Books hhhl dot suffolk dot lib dot ny dot us"]
[cut to an older male patron trying to use the computer, as the librarian pushes a button on the keyboard and smiles (as the patron mouths "Thank you")]

With each glance and every little movement you show it
Love is all around, now don't you fake it
You can have the world, why don't you take it?
You're gonna make it after all!

[cut to the librarian spinning in her chair at the front desk, as she throws some index cards into the air and the scene freezes]
[cut to another newspaper, with the headline "They're Gonna Make It After All! Libraries Saved!"]

Starring Valerie Taylor Ware as Mary Tyler Moore

Also featuring:
Edward T. Burke
Michael Cavalluzzo
Karen Cognato
Ellen Druda
Laura Druda
Lisa Garland
Lakshmi Gounder

Written by
Karen Cognato & Ellen Druda

Directed by
Karen Cognato

Filmed by
Laura Druda

Edited by
Laura Druda

Produced by
Laura Druda

Music Composed by
Sonny Curtis

Music Arranged & Performed by
Chris Garland

Filmed at Half Hollow Hills Community Library

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