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Case Study No. 1519: Louise

The Killing Kind (1973) Trailer
John Savage stars as a homicidal young man who has an oedipal relationship with his clingy mother (Ann Sothern) in this low-budget shocker from cult director Curtis Harrington.

The film is available on DVD from Dark Sky Films:
http://beta.darksky Store/ Detail.asp? ProdID=10070
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"The Killing Kind"

Paroled from prison, sex offender Terry (John Savage of THE DEER HUNTER) returns to the Hollywood boarding house of his mother Thelma (screen legend Ann Sothern), a former dancer with unwholesome ideas about tender loving care.

Escaping Thelma's suffocating attentions by peeping on pretty tenant Lori (future LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY star Cindy Williams), Terry is unaware that he is being spied on by a neighbor (DEMENTIA 13's Luana Anders) who keeps a place in her own fantasies for someone of Terry's special talents.

Meanwhile, terrible things are happening to anyone who has ever done Terry wrong, from the judge who sentenced him (Ruth Roman, from STRANGERS ON A TRAIN), to the girl whose testimony put him behind bars (Sue Bernard, of FASTER, PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL!).

This seldom seen sickie (Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film) is the work of the late Curtis Harrington, director of such horror classics as NIGHT TIDE, GAMES, THE DEAD DON T DIE! and RUBY.

Long unavailable in any format with only a brief theatrical release, THE KILLING KIND makes its DVD debut in an uncut, uncensored collector's edition from Dark Sky Films.



The film is about is about a psychopathic young man, Terry Lambert (John Savage), who served two years in prison for his participation in a gang rape. Upon release, he returns to live with his mother, Thelma (Ann Sothern), in her boardinghouse.

Terry, lounging by the swimming pool one evening, is approached by next-door neighbor Louise (Luana Anders), an inebriated, sexually repressed, single librarian who has been watching him from her second story bedroom window. She begins talking, revealing how bored she is with her life: "I am surrounded by boredom. I work in a library, and I hate it!" She speaks of her "hallucinations, they're so real, about burning all the books." They laugh, and she leaps into the patio swing next to him, takes off her eyeglasses, and remarks "It must be wonderful."

Terry is unable to put the remark into any context until she adds, "Being raped!" She moves her glasses up and down his inner thigh, uttering, "I wouldn't have told on you."

He bounces off the swing and stands by the edge of the pool. She immediately follows him, challenging him to guess her age. He blurts out, "35," which is correct. She looks at him, responds in a hopeless voice, "Too old?" and runs away.

Louise returns to poolside the next day to apologize for her "childish" behavior. "I was drunk. I hope you don't think I was actually intending to se-, se-, seduce you." Louise's difficulty in saying "seduce" is indicative of her sexual problems.

Terry rebukes the apology, "The next time you're stoned lady ... and you don't actually know that you're horny ... why don't you just hop into a goddamn cold shower." Louise's anger is visibly apparent as he rebuffs her; as soon as Terry quiets down, she turns and leaves but immediately comes back to further frustrate him.

She thoroughly enjoys tormenting the young man; she speaks softly in a seductive bedroom voice. He attempts to ignore her until she remarks, "That thing [guitar] that you hold so close to you, like a woman. You can't even play it." Terry jumps to his feet and raises the guitar as if he is going to strike her. Fear engulfs her face, but he bashes the guitar on the edge of the pool and runs into the house. Louise's face of fear is slowly replaced by a self-satisfying smile, and in only seconds, her face beams with smugness, indicating that she enjoyed every moment of torment that she inflicted upon Terry.

Louise, an attractive mature blonde (full bang; bun at nape) appears in other scenes, always maintaining her image as a librarian. She professes to be a librarian and exhibits the visual characteristics throughout the film. Louise dresses colorfully but conservatively and wears eyeglasses in every scene.

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