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Case Study No. 1536: Staff of Wiener Stadt- Und Landesbibliothek

Harry Lucas | Die Bibliothek
Stadtbibliothek Wien. 400.000 Bucher. Ist es moglich, jemanden ein bestimmtes Buch wählen zu lassen?
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[scene opens with Harry Lucas standing outside of the Wiener Stadt- Und Landesbibliothek (Vienna City and Provincial Library)]
HARRY: [in voice over] How free are our decisions really? How predictable is someone when there are hundreds of thousands, if not even millions, of possibilities? We are standing in front of the local library of Vienna and will try to answer this question.
[cut to Harry walking inside the library and approaching a female patron]
HARRY: Hello, I am Harry, and you are?
JASMINE: Jasmine.
HARRY: Jasmine, do you have five minutes time for us?
HARRY: Yes. Super. Because I'd like you to select one book in this giant library.
HARRY: Do you have any special hobbies?
JASMINE: I study.
HARRY: You study.
HARRY: Okay. Look at me for a second ...
[he stares at her]
HARRY: I guess this might work ...
[he pulls out a large notepad]
HARRY: I write down something which I'm not going to show you yet.
HARRY: But I'll show you at home ...
[he writes "Haupt Kette" on the notepad]
HARRY: Ok, Jasmine. I give you this pad and please don't peek.
JASMINE: Mm-hmm.
HARRY: Can you put your book back for a moment?
[she puts the book she was holding back on the shelf]
HARRY: Thank you. I give you this pad ...
[she takes the notepad]
HARRY: Ok. Please come to me. That's right.
[they walk away from the stacks]
HARRY: I am going to ask you several questions, Ok?
JASMINE: Mm-hmm.
HARRY: Ok. Where would you like to go to? Left, backwards, over there, or ... ?
[she points]
JASMINE: Over there.
HARRY: Over there?
HARRY: Ok. Over this one.
[they stop at the bottom of a flight of stairs]
HARRY: Would you like to stay on this level or go upstairs?
JASMINE: Go upstairs.
HARRY: Go upstairs?
HARRY: All right, let's go upstairs then.
[they walk up the stairs]
HARRY: Would you like to stay here, go in that direction or somewhere else?
[she points]
JASMINE: This direction.
HARRY: This direction?
[they walk towards an open reading area]
HARRY: Now we could go over there, over there, or over there.
[she points]
HARRY: Over there. Good.
[they walk over to the stacks section]
HARRY: Natural sciences. Biology. Physics. Chemistry.
[she stops]
HARRY: Ok. Physics or Chemistry?
JASMINE: Chemistry.
HARRY: Chemistry.
HARRY: Ok. I want you to choose one of these books. You can choose one by color, red would be beautiful for instance, or yellow, or you choose one because it's down low, up high, or in the middle. What would you like to do?
JASMINE: Yes, I'll take this one.
[she grabs a book from the shelf]
HARRY: This one?
HARRY: Okay. Free choice.
HARRY: Then give me the pad and I hold it as kind of a table. You can put it on top, the book.
[she places the book on top of the notepad]
HARRY: And I want you to open it now. Flip through it. Perhaps a page will present itself, perhaps you'll find a page to be great, one that appeals to you, one of which you think "Yeah, that's it, I'd like to use that one." I don't want to influence you, it's only your free choice.
[she stops at a page]
JASMINE: Yes I do.
HARRY: Here?
HARRY: Ok. From your point of view, left page or right page?
JASMINE: From my point of view?
JASMINE: The left page.
HARRY: The left page, ok. Then let your gaze wander over the whole page, from top to bottom, and one word on this page will get your attention.
HARRY: Do you have one?
JASMINE: Yes I do.
HARRY: Ok, can you point exactly to it, for the camera to see?
[she points]
JASMINE: It's here.
HARRY: It's here. Right. And what word did you select?
JASMINE: "Hauptkette."
HARRY: "Hauptkette."
HARRY: Open it.
[she opens the notepad]
JASMINE: Ahh! I can't believe it! Super! That is really cool ... Crazy!



Imagine you meet someone who can read your minds. Someone who is seemingly able to influence and predict your decisions. Someone who puts all that into a unique show, where you laugh, are amazed and greatly entertained; where you enjoy extraordinary moments and take them home with you.

Meet Harry Lucas, psychological illusionist and Austrian champion of mental magic. Welcome.


"Magic Mushrooms" on Austrian National TV (ORF)
Tricky Niki, Wolfgang Moser, Philipp Ganglberger and Harry Lucas surprise, astonish and mesmerise people in their magic tv series "Magic Mushrooms".

This unique 25-min format consists of stylish videoclips, performances in front of a live audience on the street, special locations and interactive elements with people watching at home. Of course, without stooges or cameratricks.


"The Library"
400.000 books. Is it possible to make someone choose a certain book?

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