Thursday, August 14, 2014

Case Study No. 1509: "Librarian Who?"

The Librarian Poem
An Ode to Librarians guarding knowledge throughout Time and Space! Poem inspired by Dr. Who Poem set to Doctor Who theme music.
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Beyond the void, the mind's eye
The countless echoes of space and time
I keep what others cannot find
Seeking infinite truths in bind and spine
Eternal wisdom my guide
I am Librarian

Bring us your under-educated
That the current administration left behind
Preserving treasures of ancient mind
Existing for information of mankind
And the world outside
No mortal man am I
I am Librarian

Voyage through the course of time
Who knows what you will find
But late returns cost precious dime
Search deep to find beacon light
That glows in dark of night
Toward that point I guide your flight

As fingers move across mouse pad
Knowledge transcends techno-fad
With words of truth I turn to fight
The powers of urbane blight
Is your fate before your mind?
Nothing forgotten, nothing left behind
Librarian, am I!

"Librarian Who?"
Noel L. Tavano & Walton D. Stowell

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