Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Case Study No. 1488: Squirt and the Staff of the Orlando Public Library

Citricon: Library Defender (Trailer)
Aliens have stolen the Library's books, DVDs, and CDs, and we need your help! Play "Citricon: Library Defender," a new Flash game exclusively at http://www.oc ls.info/ citricon
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[scene opens with a black and white shot of a pair of robotic legs]
["In a world" appears on screen, then cut back to the robot as the camera pans up to reveal more of its body]
["Where chaos reigns" appears on screen, then cut back to the robot as the camera continues panning up (revealing its arm cannons)]
["Our only hope" appears on screen, then cut back to the robot as the camera slowly continues panning up]
["Is an orange" appears on screen, as the camera finally reveals that the pilot of the suit of mech armor is an anthropomorphic orange (wearing glasses)]
[cut to footage from the game, then "Citricon: Library Defender" appears on screen]


From ocls.info:

Orlando Public Library 1:30 PM

A UFO flies overhead and teleports the library's resources away.

"Our materials! Where are they going?", pleads a librarian.

"Look, the Aliens are stealing them!", cries one of the patrons.

"Hurry, Squirt! Save our stuff!"

The roof of the library suddenly opens, sending Squirt in a rocket ship to the Aliens' home world.


From blogspot.com:

From the other OC in Orlando, Florida comes Citricon: Library Defender. This is a video game that you can play online at the Orange County (Orlando) Library System.

The game is simple. Space Aliens have absconded with items from the library. Your job? Get them back without getting yourself whacked in the process. All you need is a keyboard and some time to waste, preferable on the job (library employers please disregard that last sentence).

Oh and perhaps an updated copy of Flash installed on your browser. Ready to save the printed word?

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