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Case Study No. 1491: Miss De Wak and Daisy Duck

Librarians in Comic Books... Daisy Duck!
From: 7 from Daisy's Diary (1978)
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[the first panel shows Donald Duck walking into the Duckburg Public Library (two signs on the wall read "Shhh! You are crossing the no-sound barrier!" and "Quiet! No noise is good noise"), as Daisy and an elderly female librarian (grey hair in a bun, long black dress with a high collar) are standing behind the front desk]
NARRATOR: Dear diary, Miss De Wak hired me as a librarian because I like books, but I soon found out that being a peacemaker was also part of the job!
DONALD: Hi, Daisy!
DAISY: [whispers] Shhh! You mustn't raise your voice in here, Donald!
DE WAK: [whispers] Shhh! You mustn't say "Shhh" in such a loud whisper, Daisy!
[the second panel shows Donald leaving the library in a huff, as Daisy covers her ears and De Wak gives him a dirty look]
NARRATOR: Miss De Wak was very strict about following the rules! I guess that's how she got to be head librarian!
DONALD: Hmmph! Goodbye!
DE WAK: [whispers] Good riddance! We have an overdue book that needs all our attention now!
[the third panel shows Daisy reaching for the phone]
DE WAK: [whispers] Call Scrooge McDuck and tell him it's going to cost him two cents for being a day late!
DAISY: Uncle Scrooge! Dear me! I can't imagine him letting overdue charges pile up!
[the fourth panel shows Daisy talking into the phone and smiling]
DAISY: Uncle Scrooge, this is Daisy! I hate to bring you bad tidings, but your library book is overdue, and--
[the fifth panel shows a loud "Roar" emanating from the receiver, as Daisy jumps back in fright and De Wak reaching for the phone in a panic]
DAISY: [whispers] Goodness me! What a display of temper!
DE WAK: [whispers] We can't have that here! Hang up the phone, Daisy!
[the sixth panel shows Daisy hanging up the phone]
DAISY: [whispers] Extra expenses often make him roaring mad, but I've never heard him this upset before!
DE WAK: [whispers] There's only one way to handle the stubborn ones!
[the seventh panel shows Daisy rushing out of the library]
DE WAK: [whispers] Go straight over there and bring back the book and the two cents immediately!
DAISY: [whispers] Yes, ma'am!
NARRATOR: Miss De Wak had no idea what a tough assignment she had given me!
[the eighth panel shows Daisy walking up to Scrooge McDuck's "cash box", where a serious-looking guard stands at the entrance to the building]
NARRATOR: Uncle Scrooge being in a nasty mood, would probably order his guards to run me off!
[the ninth panel shows Daisy whispering to the guard, who leans in to try and hear her]
NARRATOR: But luck was with me! From pure force of habit, I spoke in a whisper!
DAISY: [whispers] It's very urgent that I get in to see Uncle Scrooge!
[the tenth panel shows the guard (with a confused look on his face) entering the money bin]
GUARD: Er ... Excuse me, Miss Duck! I'll have to consult my superior!
DAISY: [to herself] Groan! Here's where I get the boot!
[the eleventh panel shows the guard inside, talking to another guard (sitting at a podium labelled "Top Cop")]
TOP COP: A young lady duck, eh? You know Mister McDuck left orders not to be disturbed!
GUARD: But that was yesterday ... and this young lady whispered to me! She must have very hush-hush, top secret business!
[the twelfth panel shows the two guards sweating nervously]
TOP COP: I wonder ... McDuck has been in his money bin overnight, and he wouldn't stay that long unless he had a very hush-hush reason!
GUARD: Then, we'd best let her in! He might blow his top if we don't!
[the thirteenth panel shows the guard bowing to Daisy before opening the door and letting her in]
GUARD: [whispers] All doors are open to you, Miss Duck!
DAISY: Really? ... Er, I mean, thank you!
[the fourteenth panel shows the two guards nervously pointing Daisy down the hall]
NARRATOR: Just like that, I was in!
TOP COP: [whispers] Right this way, Miss Duck!
GUARD: [whispers] Follow me, Miss Duck!
DAISY: [to herself] For goodness sake! Everybody is whispering! Uncle Scrooge must have told the guards that that is the proper way to speak to a librarian!
[the fifteenth panel shows Daisy opening the large metal door which leads to the actual money bin]
NARRATOR: Suddenly, the inner sanctum!
DAISY: [to herself] I'm not afriad to go in now! Uncle Scooge must have been bluffing over the phone!
[the sixteenth panel shows Daisy walking into the money bin, slamming the door behind her]
DAISY: Yoo hoo, Uncle Scrooge! I've come for the library book and the two cents!
[the seventeenth panel shows Uncle Scrooge hiding on top of a large "mountain" of coins, surrounded by money bags serving as a makeshift bunker]
SCROOGE: Wak! Daisy, get up here quick!
DAISY: My my! You're not usually so eager to part with money, Uncle Scrooge!
[the eighteenth panel shows Daisy turning to see a lion emerge from one of the coin piles behind her]
SCROOGE: [from off camera] Who cares about money now? There's a lion loose in here!
[the nineteenth panel shows Daisy running up the "mountain" towards Scrooge]
SCROOGE: [from off camera] Hurry, Daisy! He's right behind you!
DAISY: Eek! Halp! Eek!
[the twentieth panel shows Daisy reaching the "bunker" and hiding behind Scrooge, who holds up a chair and a whip]
SCROOGE: I'll try to make him back down again!
[the twenty first panel shows Scrooge doing his best "lion tamer" impersonation, cracking the whip right in the face of the beast (who doesn't look the least bit impressed)]
SCROOGE: Scat! Shoo! Down, lion, down!
[the twenty second panel shows the lion roaring and knocking off one of the chair's legs with a mighty swing of its paw]
SCROOGE: Yow! There goes the last leg off my chair!
[the twenty third panel shows the lion turning and walking back down the "mountain"]
DAISY: Whew! Lucky for us, he's decided to go back down!
SCROOGE: It's really not luck, Daisy!
[the twenty fourth panel shows Scrooge holding up the library book (entitled "Man vs Lion")]
SCROOGE: I do exactly as this book says, but I can't make that lion obey me!
DAISY: No? ... Say, that's the library book that's overdue!
[the twenty fifth panel shows Scrooge yelling in anger (as the lion roars from off camera), so Daisy puts a finger to her lips and shushes him]
SCROOGE: Overdue! Bah! If that book was any good, I wouldn't be trapped in here, and the book wouldn't be overdue!
DAISY: [whispers] Shh! Your shouting is exciting the lion!
[the twenty sixth panel shows Scrooge sitting on one of the bags of money with a tired look on his face]
NARRATOR: I got Uncle Scrooge to calmly explain everything!
SCROOGE: Movie people pay big money for tame lions, so I thought I'd tame one for a little easy profit!
[the twenty seventh panel shows a flashback of two men bringing a large crate into the money bin, while Scrooge watches them and smiles (holding a whip behind his back)]
SCROOGE: [in voice over] I always keep new ideas top secret! No one knew that the big soundproof box I had delivered yesterday contained a lion straight from Africa!
[the twenty eighth panel shows a flashback of Scrooge being chased by the lion]
SCROOGE: [in voice over] What a fool I was to believe that book, and what a still greater fool to tell my guards that I wasn't to be disturbed!
[the twenty ninth panel shows a flashback of Scrooge hiding in his "bunker" from the lion]
SCROOGE: [in voice over] I was a prisoner in my own money bin! Couldn't even get to the phone!
[the thirtieth panel shows Scrooge back in the present with Daisy, as he has a defeated look on his face]
DAISY: But somebody answered the phone when I called!
SCROOGE: The ringing angered the lion, and he knocked the receiver off and roared at it!
[the thirty first panel shows Scrooge holding the library book and suddenly yelling in anger (causing the lion to roar), as Daisy again shushes him]
SCROOGE: Oh, this no-good lion taming book!
DAISY: [whispers] Shhh! And don't you dare damage the book!
[the thirty second panel shows Daisy deep in thought, as Scrooge rubs his forehead in frustration]
DAISY: [whispers] A chair, a whip, and harsh commands may work on most lions, but this lion seems different!
SCROOGE: Yes! He's absolutely untamable!
[the thirty third panel shows Daisy leaving the safety of the "bunker", as Scrooge looks on in shock]
SCROOGE: Daisy! Don't be a fool!
DAISY: [whispers] Shhh! Don't you be a loudmouth!
[the thirty fourth panel shows Daisy walking up to the lion (who has a confused look on its face)]
DAISY: [whispers] Pretty kitty! Don't be afraid! I like kitty cats ... even big kitty cats!
[the thirty fifth panel shows Daisy tickling the lion under its chin, causing it to smile and purr]
DAISY: [whispers] Kitty cats like to be tickled under the chin! Don't they, kitty?
[the thirty sixth panel shows Scrooge running down the "mountain" towards Daisy, shouting loudly with his arms up in the air]
SCROOGE: You've tamed him! Yahoo!
[the thirty seventh panel shows the lion roaring at the noise, as Daisy covers her ears]
DAISY: Uncle Scrooge! Now you've done it again! Noise is what riles him into being fierce!
[the thirty eighth panel shows Scrooge patting the lion on its head (which again causes it to smile), while Daisy inspects the nearby crate]
SCROOGE: [whispers] I'm completely befuddled!
DAISY: [whispers] Sure enough! Here's a note that came with the lion!
[the thirty ninth panel shows Scrooge and Daisy reading the note ("Dear Mr. McDuck, I was afraid to send you a wild lion! Be kind to this one! He is very tame, except that he hates noise! Regards, Buck Catchem")]
SCROOGE: So that's it!
[the fortieth panel shows Scrooge pouring out a saucer of milk (which the lion happily laps up)]
SCROOGE: Well, thanks for helping me, Daisy! If you hadn't solved the case, I'd have starved up there on my money fort!
DAISY: Oh, don't thank me! The credit goes to my boss, Miss De Wak, the librarian!
[the forty first panel shows a closeup of Daisy]
DAISY: If she hadn't made me so aware of noise, I wouldn't have noticed anything wrong with your rootin' tootin' lion taming methods!
[the forty second panel shows Scrooge and Daisy on the set of a motion picture, as the director makes "gun" gestures with his fingers (which the lion does not seem to like at all)]
NARRATOR: Well, it turned out that Uncle Scrooge couldn't sell his noise-hating lion to the movies!
DIRECTOR: In the next scene the hunters open fire! Bang! Bang! Bang!
SCROOGE: Whoa! Not with this lion on the set! He won't stand for noise!
[the forty third panel shows a silhouette of Scrooge and Daisy walking alongside the lion]
SCROOGE: Oh, me! What am I going to do with this big peace-loving kitty cat?
DAISY: I have an idea, Uncle Scrooge! Rent him to Miss De Wak!
[the forty fourth panel shows the lion sitting on top of the front desk of the library (under a sign reading "Quiet! Or else!"), as several nervous patrons - including Donald - tip toe quietly past him, while Daisy and the librarian smile broadly]
NARRATOR: So now we don't have to worry about folks talking loudly in the library! Our new mascot keeps everybody scared speechless!



Four Color #1055
(November 1959)
Dell, 1942 Series

The Librarian
Daisy Duck's Diary / comic story / 6 pages

Script: Vic Lockman
Pencils: Carl Barks
Inks: Carl Barks
Colors: ? (Western Publishing Production Shop)
Letters: Gare Barks

Content Information
Genre: anthropomorphic-funny animals
Characters: Daisy Duck; Donald Duck; Uncle Scrooge
Synopsis: Daisy goes to Scrooge's money bin to collect two cents due on an overdue book on lion taming and finds Scrooge trapped with a lion he was trying to tame for a quick profit.

* in Walt Disney's Daisy and Donald 7 from Daisy's Diary [Dynabrite Comics] (Western, 1978 series) #11353 (December 1978)
* in The Carl Barks Library (Another Rainbow, 1983 series) #6 (May 1990)

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