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Case Study No. 1516: Unnamed Female Librarian (Changing Channels)

Jazz Librarian
A beatnik's spoken word about his love of a lady librarian.
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[scene opens with a beatnik (played by Jason Summers) smoking a cigarette as he walks up to a microphone while jazz music plays in the background]
BEATNIK: After four long weeks with my lady golfer friend, I was ready for a new release. I now know the meaning of love, her name is Librarian.
[a spotlight illuminates a young female librarian (played by Valerie Watkins) in the background, who looks up from her book and puts a finger to her lips]
BEATNIK: Ame on you! You know the rules! Librarians like it quiet!
[the librarian (hair in a bun, glasses, white blouse, brown skirt) walks up to him]
LIBRARIAN: There is no smoking in the library, sir.
BEATNIK: Okay ...
[she walks back into the background, and he takes one last drag of his cigarette before the scene fades to black]
[cut back to the microphone, as the beatnik again enters the scene (still smoking his cigarette)]
BEATNIK: I don't know if it was her thigh-high leggings, or the way she alphabetized, but I could tell our life story was about to come out in hardback ...
[the spotlight again illuminates the librarian in the background, as she again shushes him]
BEATNIK: Aka Khan! Let me rock you, Chaka Khan! Let me rock you 'cause I feel for you ...
[she walks up to him again]
BEATNIK: Can you tell me where I can find some magazines?
LIBRARIAN: Periodicals are minor league ... Look me up when you get to the pros!
[the scene again fades to black, then cut to the beatnik once more taking his place in front of the microphone]
BEATNIK: I've paid enough late fees in my life to realize this librarian was way overdue!
[the spotlight again illuminates the librarian, as she walks up to him and gets real close]
BEATNIK: Can you tell me where to find the section on love?
LIBRARIAN: You are standing in it!
[she walks off, beckoning him to follow]
BEATNIK: We spent the next two hours in the microfichs room, learning the ins and outs of what she called the "Do-Me Decimal System" ... She was hot!
[he takes another long drag on his cigarette]
BEATNIK: She was a librarian!
[he walks off in her direction, as the scene fades to black]


From google.com:

Changing Channels Goes for the American Dream
By John Stanton
Jun 15, 2001

The last time Changing Channels performed "The Big Show," the popular Wilmington comedy troupe nearly sold out Thalian Hall.

Now, nearly two years later, Changing Channels - which does a weekly comedy sketch show at downtown's City Stage - is pulling out all the stops again with "The Bigger Show: The American Dream."

"We left ourselves room for 'The Biggest Show,'" quips troupe member Jason Summers, shuffling through costumes and props in Changing Channels' new office downstairs from City Stage. Fellow Channels Chris Hendricks, Dean James, Opus Miller and Sam Robinson are here, as is the troupe's "receptionist," a blow-up doll named Miss Thing, who sits propped at a desk awaiting potential visitors.

The other three members of Changing Channels - Sandy Summers (Jason's wife), Val Watkins and Jef Pollack - aren't here for the interview, but they'll be at Thalian Thursday with bells on. (Or, in Mr. Pollack's case, with tighty-whiteys on; the long-haired comedian reveals his preference for briefs nearly every show.)

"It's gonna be a THING," states Chris Hendricks emphatically. "Not just another Thursday night."

Not only will Changing Channels be performing all-new and freshly rewritten material, but they'll also be employing the help of technicians from Studio FX to give the show added firepower. You can still expect to see audience favorites like Todd the Gay Vampire, Third Grade Drug Dealer and The Supermodel Family.

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