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Case Study No. 1521: Staff of the Skool House Library

American McGee's Alice Ep.3 - Library's are Scary.
This whole series is live, I'm just tired of putting it in the title.
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"American McGee's Alice" is a third-person action game with psychological horror elements released for PC on October 6, 2000. The game, developed by Rogue Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts, is an unauthorised sequel to Lewis Carroll's Alice novels. It was designed by American McGee and features music composed by Chris Vrenna.



Level 6: Skool Daze

The new Wonderland is composed of nine provinces. When Alice falls down the rabbit hole, she finds herself in the Village of the Doomed, the home of the Torch Gnomes. The Village of the Doomed is composed of a network of tunnels and caves, patrolled by the Queen of Hearts' card guards. Beyond the subterranean village is the Fortress of Doors, where the main attraction is a school of insane but harmless children. Within the school lies an ancient book of recipes for magic potions, as well as the ingredients for one concoction in particular which will be useful to Alice.

Jump from the wall to the open door in the Skool House. Go through the doors, ignoring any Insane Children you come across. Clear the entryway of enemies, then grab the Croquet Mallet. Once done, go through the double doors to the left of the fireplace and meet with the Troll Elder again. He'll explain that you need to retrieve the Book of Bizarre Things from the library so that he can look up the recipe for making you small.

Once done talking to him, clear out the Card Guards's, then proceed to the library, which on the second level of the entryway. The trick here is to find the four glowing blue books and touch them. Each one you touch will fly away and form a segment of a bridge leading to the Book of Bizarre Things. Find all the blue books, then reach the magical tome at the top of the library. You will have to fight many foes along the way.

Once you get the book, go back to the library floor to get the recipe and exit the level.



[ALICE enters the auditorium]
[ALICE descends the steps to the front of the auditorium, where the ELDER is waiting]
[two paintings of waterfalls hang over the stage]
[two trapdoors open on the stage and 2 weeping/laughing insane children rise into view]
ALICE: There's a bit more to do than you suggested, don't you think?
ELDER: No need for sarcasm. I admit, my memory's not what it was. But I'm here now. I'll try to amend its deficiencies.
[on the stage, another trap door opens and a third insane child appears]
ELDER: The library contains a recipe for the potion. Consult the Book of Bizarre Things. Oh, no... Run...
[camera shows Card Guards running into the auditorium]
[the ELDER disappears in a whirl of sparkles]

[when ALICE exits the auditorium]
[camera shows the ELDER materialize in the library]
[the ELDER walks to a shelf, gestures, and the shelf slides backwards, opening up a new passageway]

[after ALICE rides rotating platform to the second floor]
[camera zooms in on CHESHIRE Cat as it appears near a bookcase]
CHESHIRE: Steps to enlightment brighten the way; but the steps are steep. Take them one at a time.
[CHESHIRE Cat knocks over the bookcase, forming a ramp to the third floor]

[as ALICE is searching for the 4 glowing books]
CHESHIRE: Countless generations of termites would only digest a mere fraction of the volumes here; and they wouldn't be one wit wiser.

[as ALICE continues to search through the stacks for the glowing books]
CHESHIRE: Every picture tells a story. Sometimes we don't like the ending. Sometimes we don't understand it.

[after ALICE touches the 4th glowing book]
[camera shows the 4 floating books forming a path to a book in a niche]

[when ALICE climbs on the platform behind the book]
[ALICE stands behind the book and looks up at CHESHIRE Cat]
ALICE: There's no lock, but it won't open. It's stuck.
CHESHIRE: Treat it like a Chinese box or a stubborn lid. A tap in the right spot might do the trick.
[ALICE looks thoughtfully at the book, then pushes it to the very edge of the niche>]
[as the book rocks back and forth, ALICE gives the book a final kick so it falls to the floor far below and springs opens]
CHESHIRE(vo): You call that a tap? Fortunate I didn't suggest force. You might have pulverized it.
[the pages of the book turn to show a blurry picture of a mushroom]

[when ALICE approaches the open book on the floor]
ALICE: Mushrooms, poppies, sugar and spice. All those things are very nice. When combined the proper mixture makes a getting-small elixir. Hmm, I don't really like sweets.

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