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Case Study No. 1531: Linda Bove

Sesame Street - At Your Library
This has already been posted but this copy is in better quallity and sound.
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[scene opens in the Sesame Street Library, where a young female librarian (short dark hair, white blouse, blue skirt) is shelving books, then cut to Oscar the Grouch looking around one of the shelves]
OSCAR: Hmm, I wonder if they have any books in this library that might be interesting to a Grouch.
[Gilbert and Sullivan suddenly pop up on either side of him]
GILBERT: Books, interesting to a Grouch?
SULLIVAN: You want to know if there might be books interesting to a Grouch?
OSCAR: Oh no, not you two guys again!
GILBERT: I'm Gilbert, and I know all about Grouches.
SULLIVAN: And I'm Sullivan, and I know all about what's in a library.
OSCAR: Yeah, but you guys always tell me too much about everything! All I said was--
GILBERT: Shh! We'll tell you all about it.
OSCAR: Oh, good grief, here they go again!
[the two start to sing]
GILBERT AND SULLIVAN: There's books for him! And books for her! And books for you and me! You'll find good books for everyone, at your library!
[a man dressed as a swashbuckler walks into the scene and starts singing]
SWASHBUCKLER: I love a good adventure book! With swordsmen, knights and duels!
[cut to Telly Monster with the librarian, petting a rabbit]
TELLY: And I love books of animals! Like bunnies, cows, and mules!
[cut back to Oscar, who begs them to stop singing ... by singing himself]
OSCAR: Please spare me all your action books! Or kangaroos with pouches! What I am really looking for, are books designed for grouches!
[cut to a princess holding a book and singing]
PRINCESS: There are love stories, sweet stories, tales of romance! There are books about music and books about dance!
[a belly dancer suddenly materializes in the middle of the library, as she too starts singing]
BELLY DANCER: And how about a travel book, far away lands! Full of jungles and mountains, and hot desert sands!
[cut to a female spy is standing outside of the library, hiding a book underneath her trenchcoat]
SPY: And how about a mystery book! Detectives, cops, and spies!
[a cook walks up and opens the door for her]
COOK: Well, I prefer a cooking book! With salads, cakes and pies!
[cut back to Oscar (still singing about wanting people to stop singing)]
OSCAR: I do not care for travel books! Or books on cooking hash! If you don't mind, please point me to the books that deal with trash!
[a sailor pops up behind him and dances onto the scene]
SAILOR: Sing yo-ho-ho for a song about the sea! For a sailor on the ocean is the thing I wanna be!
ALL: What?
SAILOR: I said ... Sing yo-ho-ho for a song about the sea! For a sailor on the ocean is the thing I wanna be!
[everyone applauds, as the sailor takes a bow, then a man bursts through a nearby door (wearing football pads and scuba fins while carrying a baseball bat and a football)]
SPORTS GUY: A book on baseball, football, and lots of other games! All the scores and all the players, both their numbers and their names!
[cut back to Oscar]
OSCAR: I don't care about the ocean! Or the hundred meter dash! Please won't someone find for me, the books that deal with trash!
[cut to the librarian at the front desk, as the spy brings a book for her to stamp (while still singing)]
SPY: There are books about buses and books about cars!
[she leaves, then the swashbuckler puts a book down for the librarian to stamp]
SWASHBUCKLER: There are books about planets and books about stars!
[he leaves, then the princess puts a book down for the librarian to stamp]
PRINCESS: There are books about fishing for tuna and bass!
[she leaves, then the cook puts a book down for the librarian to stamp]
COOK: And how to plant flowers instead of just grass!
[he leaves, then the sports enthusiast puts a book down for the librarian to stamp]
SPORTS GUY: There are books about people like statesmen and kings!
[he leaves (without taking his book with him like the others), as the librarian puts the ruined (?) book aside while giving him a dirty look, then the belly dancer puts a book down for the librarian to stamp]
BELLY DANCER: And how 'bout inventors who think up new things!
[she leaves, then the sailor puts a book down for the librarian to stamp]
SAILOR: There's books about sewing and science and art! There's so much I sometimes don't know where to start!
[cut back to Oscar]
GILBERT AND SULLIVAN: There are books about treasures that long ago sunk!
OSCAR: But you still haven't shown me the books about junk!
[he puts his head down in frustration, but the other two continue singing]
GILBERT AND SULLIVAN: Don't yell, don't scream! Don't start to steam! Don't make an angry face-o! If you want trash--
SULLIVAN: Don't shout!
GILBERT: There's trash!
GILBERT AND SULLIVAN: You only have to say so!
[the two turn towards the right]
GILBERT AND SULLIVAN: If you will face in this direction ... There's our special Grouches' section!
[Oscar turns to see a very dirty and disheveled bookshelf marked "Grouch Section"]
OSCAR: Wow, I'm in heaven!
[cut back to Gilbert and Sullivan, who look at each other]
GILBERT AND SULLIVAN: As we said before ...
[they start singing again]
GILBERT AND SULLIVAN: A library's a place where if you take your eyes and look! You'll find whatever you're seeking in a magazine or book! There's books for him! And books for her! And books for you and me! You'll find good books for everyone, at your library!
[the camera pans out, as all the various characters gather around (holding their books)]
ALL: The la-la-la-la-la, the la-la-la-la-la, the la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-lalala! The la-la-la-la-la, the la-la-la-la-la, The la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-lalala!
[cut back to Oscar, who looks up from reading a copy of "House Unbearable" and starts yelling]
OSCAR: Hey! Will you people please pipe down?! I'm trying to read! This is a library!
[cut back to the characters (who all put a finger to their lips), as they continue singing at a quieter volume]
ALL: You'll find good books for everyone, at your li-bra-ry!


From wikia.com:

Music by: Joe Raposo
Lyrics by: Emily Kingsley
Date: 1983
Publisher: Jonico Music, Inc. / Sesame Street, Inc.
EKA: Episode 2342

"At Your Library" is a Sesame Street song that Gilbert and Sullivan sing to Oscar the Grouch about the various types of books there are to read. However, Oscar just wants to find some books about trash.

This song also features appearances by various members of the cast singing about the types of books they like best. Luis, in a swashbuckling outfit, favors adventure books, Telly Monster is into books about animals, and Olivia, dressed as a princess, loves books about romance. Maria is fascinated by travel guides. Susan, dressed as a spy, is fond of mysteries, while Gordon, who wears a chef uniform, likes cookbooks. Bob likes living his dream of being a sailor on the ocean, and David enjoys books about sports. Linda the Librarian checks their books out for them. Finally, Gilbert and Sullivan point Oscar to a section in the library created especially for grouches.


From duckduckgo.com:

The Sesame Street Library is a common point of interest on Sesame Street. It was originally located next to Hooper's Store, in the spot that has since housed the Fix-It Shop and Mail It Shop. Known as the Lending Library, there were books both indoors and outdoors, and there was also a large children's section. All the residents of Sesame Street would come to borrow books. Maria worked there as a part-time job when she was still in school, while Grover would often come and help out.

Later, when the Fix It Shop came along, the library shifted to other locations in New York City, such as the one in which Linda worked, and libraries that were some distance from the street and required a certain amount of traveling, as seen in several books.

In Season 38, the library is located eight paces from the front of the Fix It Shop.

In 2004, the Sesame Street Library was immortalized in board game form as the replacement for States Avenue in a Sesame Street edition of Monopoly.


From sesamestreet.org:

Linda's role as Sesame Street's deaf librarian was the longest-running role of any physically challenged person in a television series, providing a positive role model for hearing and non-hearing children alike.

Linda uses sign language to communicate with her friends, and occasionally speaks. Her dog, Barkley, understands some sign language commands.


From wordpress.com:

When the National Theater for the Deaf was asked to do some work for Sesame Street, Linda Bove was excited to join them, and when Sesame Street decided they wanted to create a position for her, she was thrilled. Linda became "Linda the Librarian" to millions of children around the United States. She was able to show hearing people a positive portrayal of a proud Deaf woman who was capable of anything. She also taught American Sign Language to children through the show, and published several books designed for teaching ASL to kids. Her role as Linda the Librarian lasted from 1971 – 2003, and brought Linda the distinction of holding the longest roll of any Deaf person in the entertainment industry.

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