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Case Study No. 1481: Maegamiel (Wannabe Librarian)

Library of Tham Mirdain: Solo Guardian p1/2
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Malledhrim Gauntlets of the Gloaming - Mirkwood recipe
Stoneheart's Helm - Moria Trainer
Wall of the Resolute Guardian - Grand Stair
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[scene opens inside the Library at Tham Mirdain, as the player witnesses a group of three Ongburz Overmasters forcing a number of Pale Folk to search the ruins for secret Elven tomes]
ONGBURZ OVERMASTER 1: You little wretches better find something before I tear it out of your hides!
ONGBURZ OVERMASTER 2: Oi there, let's keep an eye on these pale-folk slackjaws!
ONGBURZ OVERMASTER 1: Hold your tongue or I'll rip it out of your head!
ONGBURZ OVERMASTER 2: I'm not afraid to shred your hide as well as theirs.
ONGBURZ OVERMASTER 3: Stop your slacking and put your whip to work on these pale folk!
[the player attacks a group of Pale Folk first (without drawing the Overmasters' attention)]
PALE FOLK BLADE 1: Kill them for the masters!
PALE FOLK PILLAGER 1: Stay away from our masters!
PALE FOLK BLADE 2: Fight me! Fight me!
[the Pale Folk are defeated, then the player attacks one of the Overmasters]
ONGBURZ OVERMASTER 1: Get them, you little maggots!
[the Overmaster is defeated, as "Ongburz Overmaster Slain (1/10)" appears on screen, then the player repeats the process until the room is cleared of all enemies]
[the player continues through the ruins, until he reaches an open courtyard with three branching paths, and takes the one on the left (guarded by two Overmasters with their backs to him)]
ONGBURZ OVERMASTER 4: Piztor and Unudhu are worried that Gursh is gonna gut them ...
[the player attacks and defeats them, then climbs the stairs to the second level of the library and finds Commander Unudhu in a room with his back to him]
UNUNDHU: It's about time you bring me my palefolk ...
[he turns and sees the player]
UNUNDHU: Well, well ... intruders. A bit o' sport instead of drudgery! Die!
[the player attacks]
UNUNDHU: Sweeping blades bite deeply!
[the player continues attacking]
UNUNDHU: Oh no you don't! It's not my time to die!
[the player continues attacking]
UNUDHU: How did ...
[the player defeats Unundhu, then returns to the courtyard and takes another path leading to a room with Commander Piztor and a group of Pale Folk]
PIZTOR: These ruins are ours now! Still, I thank you for relieving the boredom ... Get them!
[the player attacks]
PIZTOR: Now you will fall to my blade!
[the player defeats the Pale Folk]
PIZTOR: You little maggots need to toughen up!
[the player continues attacking]
PIZTOR: You're about to learn what true pain really is!
[the player continues attacking]
PIZTOR: I'll swat you all the way back to Angmar!
[the player continues attacking]
PIZTOR: This cannot be ...
[the player defeats Piztor]
CHIEFTAIN GURSH: [from off camera] You maggots were supposed to report in an hour ago!
[the player exits the room]
GURSH: [from off camera] Piztor! Unundhu! You sluggards had best get to the garden ... quickly!
[the player returns to the courtyard, where he finds Chieftain Gursh (the leader of this war effort out of Angmar) waiting]
GURSH: You slaughtered my troops ... Time to pay you three-fold!
[the player attacks]
GURSH: Have a little dirt in the eyes!
[the player continues attacking]
GURSH: Die, you maggots!
[the player defeats Gursh, as "You have defeated Chieftain Gursh" appears on screen]



The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar (commonly abbreviated to LOTRO, LotRO) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) for Microsoft Windows set in a fantasy universe based upon J. R. R. Tolkien's Middle-earth writings. It takes place during the time period of The Lord of the Rings.

The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar was developed by Turbine. It was originally subscription-based only, but has now become free to play with various VIP perks for monthly subscribers. It launched in North America, Australia, Japan and Europe on April 24, 2007.



"The Library at Tham Mirdain once held much of the knowledge of the early Age and withstood the brunt of Sauron's attack against Eregion. Though much of the surviving lore was carried away by Elrond Halfelven, the forces of Angmar now seek the remnants ...."

The Library at Tham Mírdain is an instance found within Mirobel in Eregion. [53.9S, 17.5W]

This instance is designed for a small fellowship (3 players) between the levels 52-54. It can also be set to level 65.

Estimated completion time is between 20-40 minutes.

[51] A Matter of Knowledge
[51] Biting the White Hand
[51] Chieftain Gûrsh
[51] Purging the Overmasters

Known Deeds for this instance include:
* Invaders of Tham Mírdain
* Lore of the Forgotten Library
* Mercenaries of the White-hand
* Soldiers of the Enemy
* Soldiers of the Enemy (Advanced)
* Warriors of the Enemy
* Warriors of the Enemy (Advanced)
* The Pale Followers
* The Pale Followers (Advanced)

The Library at Tham Mirdain Mobs
* Chieftain Gursh
* Commander Piztor
* Commander Unudhu
* Pale-folk Blade
* Pale-folk Pillager

* Commander Piztor - Basic "tank and spank". You walk into the room where you fight a few waves of 3 pale folk and then the boss. Take care to NOT walk out of the room or it will reset. This includes putting Sigils outside the room (ouch!).
* Commander Unudhu - Be prepared to be stunned...a lot. You'll need to make sure the mini is on one side of the room (it's small, may not be possible) or that your tank can take a few hits as the stuns are long and hit often. Once you get past that, it's just a race to burn him down.
* Chieftain Gursh - "Tank and Spank" again. Nothing special about this final boss. However, if you want an easier fight, be sure to clear out all the birds before you kill the second boss or you'll have Gursh AND about 15 birds on you. That may not bode well.

Tips: After you enter pull non-elites first.

Challenge: Birds must be killed during the final fight with Chieftain Gûrsh. Usually one person kites them in a large circle around the room while the other two pick them off. A capable warden can tank them all at once without kiting using AOE leech skills, however. Completing the challenge gives 1 Superior Third Mark.



Here is the old background for the quest:

"The Library at Tham Mirdain has stood long as a repository of the accumulated knowledge of the Noldor in Eregion. When war came to these lands, many of the works of these ancient Elves were lost to theft or destruction. It is possible, however, that some tomes are unmarred from the scars of battle, not yet touched by the stain of time or the destruction wrought upon the land. Even now, the Enemy delves through the rubble and remnants of the great halls of the library for secrets that have lain long dormant."

Objective 1: Collect books of Tham Mirdain (0/12)

The Library of Tham Mirdain is south and a little west of Echad Mirobel.

As you work towards cleansing the Library of Tham Mírdain, Maegamiel has asked that you keep a watchful eye for any tomes which may still be intact ("These books may not contain great knowledge, but they should yet be conserved for the Elf-lands."). These books should be collected and returned to Maegamiel.

Here is the old dialogue when turning in the books to Maegamiel at Echad Mirobel:

"This is an excellent thing, [your name], to recover so many books after so long a time. Though the richness of these lands is gone, we may yet find some of the knowledge of these lands restored, thanks to your efforts."



Find the forgotten volumes of lore within the Library at Tham Mírdain.

* Find the Yellowed Volume (Creature Drop)
* Find the Frayed Volume (Creature Drop)
* Find the Ancient Volume (Picked up off Ground)
* Find the Frail Volume (Picked up off Ground)

* Increased Standing with Elves of Rivendell (700)
* Title: Librarian
* 10 Turbine Points



Lord of the Rings Online: A Matter of Knowledge

Collect books of Tham Mirdain (0/12)
Talk to Maegamiel at Echad Mirobel

"When these lands were held by our brethren, the land flourished in wonder and beauty. The library halls were brilliant and the greenery lush. Many believe that Elves love only nature, and that admiration is indeed strong, but it is not the only beauty we see in the world. Knowledge is beautiful also, and in the library at Tham Mírdain, much knowledge was kept.

"When these lands fell to darkness the library was pillaged, and many tomes within were stolen...or worse: destroyed. Yet, it appears that the Enemy believes there may still be knowledge within the walls of Tham Mírdain. If this is true, we must do our part to reclaim the books for light, honour, and the memory of the Elves.

"If you are undertaking the challenge of scouring the library for lost lore, I would ask that you seek to recover as many books as you can from within the ruins."

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