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Case Study No. 1510: Staff of Radcliffe Library

Love Story (1970) - Clip 1/10
Harvard Law student Oliver Barrett IV and music student Jennifer Cavilleri share a chemistry they cannot deny - and a love they cannot ignore. Despite their opposite backgrounds, the young couple put their hearts on the line for each other. When they marry, Oliver's wealthy father threatens to disown him. Jenny tries to reconcile the Barrett men, but to no avail. Oliver and Jenny continue to build their life together. Relying only on each other, they believe love can fix anything. But fate has other plans. Soon, what began as a brutally honest friendship becomes the love story of their lives.
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[scene opens with an overhead shot of the reference desk at Radcliffe Library, as the camera pans down towards two female student library workers talking to each other]
LIBRARY ASSISTANT: Hey Jenny, what number is Levin Shakespeare?
JENNY: Catalog one-twenty three in section eight.
[a male student approaches the desk]
JENNY: Yeah?
OLIVER: Do you have "The Waning of the Middle Ages?"
[she barely looks at him, instead giving a curt response]
JENNY: You have your own library, preppie!
OLIVER: Would you answer my question, please?
JENNY: Would you answer mine first?
OLIVER: Uh look, we're allowed to use the Radcliffe Library!
JENNY: I am not talking legality, preppie, I'm talking ethics! I mean, Harvard's got five million books and Radcliffe's got a few lousy thousand.
OLIVER: All I want is one! I've got an hour exam tomorrow, dammit!
[she does not look up at him, as she continues to place "due date" cards in the backs of the books on the table]
JENNY: Please watch your profanity, preppie.
[he sighs]
OLIVER: Hey, what makes you so sure I went to prep school?
JENNY: You look stupid and rich.
OLIVER: Actually, I'm smart and poor.
JENNY: Uh uh, I'm smart and poor.
OLIVER: What makes you so smart?
JENNY: I wouldn't go for coffee with you.
OLIVER: Yeah, well I wouldn't ask you.
JENNY: Well, that's what makes you stupid ...




Hiller, Arthur (Director). Love Story. United States: Paramount Pictures, 1970.

Starring: Ali McGraw (Jennifer Cavilleri, library worker); Ryan O'Neal (Oliver Barrett IV)

Based on the Novel: Segal, Erich. Love Story. New York: Harper & Row, 1970.

For people who adore sappy love stories (both of you), this film is considered a classic. The doomed Jennifer Cavilleri and the angry Oliver Barrett IV meet at the Radcliffe Library reference desk when he asks for her help finding a book. She recognizes him as a Harvard student. "You have your own library, preppie." "Would you answer my question, please?" "Would you answer mine first?" "Look, we're allowed to use the Radcliffe Library." "I am not talking legality, preppie, I'm talking ethics. I mean, Harvard's got five million books and Radcliffe's got a few lousy thousand." She wears huge black-framed glasses which, with her trade-mark furry eyebrows, make her appear like a menacing caterpillar. In the book, Oliver (as narrator) refers to her as Minnie Four-Eyes. But they disappear soon enough (the glasses, not the eyes). Jenny is a lapsed Catholic from Rhode Island, daughter of a humble Italian baker. A "snotty Radcliffe bitch," she swears like a sailor and every utterance is an insult. Apparently Oliver (son of wealth and high expectations who hates his father) finds this charming, and the rest is predictable. The setting at the beginning of the film is all there is library-wise, and Jenny soon moves on to another job (music teacher). This screenplay-to-novel-to-film project, because it was tightly timed, shows little difference between the book and the film. Love it or hate it, Love Story made a big impact in its day. "Love means never having to say you're sorry" was as pervasive as the brain-worm music. Innocent times. (Note: The listing for this film at the Internet Movie Database shows the spelling as Cavalleri, but as the name is never shown in the movie credits, I think this is an IMDB error.)



A sentimental tear-jerker starring Ryan O'Neal as Harvard University student Oliver Barrett IV and Ali MacGraw as Radcliffe College student Jenny Cavalleri. Oliver, in a constant struggle with his father, desires to make it on his own without the family name and wealth; Jenny, without family wealth, works at the Radcliffe library. The romantic attraction between the two is obvious during the opening minutes of the film. Jenny, behind a library desk, gives Oliver an extremely difficult time when he asks for a book. She calls him "preppie," maintaining that he looks "stupid and rich." Oliver rejects her assumption, stating that he is "smart and poor," which begins the following brief conversation:

JENNY: I'm smart and poor.
OLIVER: What makes you so smart?
JENNY: I wouldn't go for coffee with you.
OLIVER: Yeah, I wouldn't ask you.
JENNY: Well, that's what makes you stupid.

This verbal interplay in the library is representative of the sharp and smart repartee between the two throughout the film. Jenny is capable of holding her own with Oliver, if not besting him in many of the barbs they exchange.

Jenny appears in the library only in this opening scene. A young, vibrant, and attractive brunette (center part, straight shoulder blade length), she wears a black turtleneck sweater, red tartan scarf, and large black plastic frame eyeglasses. The glasses are donned in the library, for playing the piano, and while directing a youth choir rehearsal; Jenny does not require or need them for reading, driving, or any other activity.

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