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Case Study No. 1533: Father Vincent Dorin

Castlevania Lords of Shadow Chapter 5-5 Abbey Tower
Item Locations: 3:21 - Brotherhood Knight Scroll, 3:40 - Life Gem (green),
4:07 - Brotherhood Knight Scroll,
5:34 - Life Gem (green),

Tips: Use Circular Chain to destroy the surrounding objects. Do not take the time to fight the monsters. Use Holy Water to destroy them quickly. Here's my other vid for this Trial - http://www.you tube.com/ watch?v=3fAC1rC-Ah4

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow playthrough in Paladin Mode starting fresh from a finished game in Knight mode difficulty that was done without buying any upgrades or acquiring any items except of course what the game freely gave you after finishing the game once.

Check out Chapter 1-1 from this playlist if you want to see proof of that:
http://www.you tube.com/ watch?v=UTW671Lx8e8

I pick up every Gem, Scroll, Brotherhood Ark, & do the Trials at the same time, now in this playthrough.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow in Paladin Difficulty Mode
by Konami & MercurySteam (c) 2010
Sony PS3 U.S. NTSC
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[Gabriel swings through the window at the top of the Abbey Tower, where he finds his companion Zobek waiting for him]
GABRIEL: Where's the abbot?
[Zobek motions towards a closed door]
ZOBEK: Inside.
[cut to inside the room, where Dorin (an elderly monk whose eyes are milky-white from blindness) is kneeling in front of a statue of the Virgin Mary and babbling in Latin ... his prayers are interrupted as Gabriel kicks down the door]
DORIN: No, no! Get away from me!
[he tries to crawl away from them, then (once he finds the statue at his back) he grows more defiant]
DORIN: I know who you are ... The Devil has sent you! You are demons who serve him!
[Gabriel kneels in front of him]
DORIN: He told me you'd come! He does it torment me ...
GABRIEL: Your people perished while you hid behind the one thing that could have saved them. You don't deserve to call yourself a man of God ...
ZOBEK: Gabriel.
[he gets up, and takes the Holy Water Flask that is sitting in the statue's hands]
DORIN: No, it's mine! You can't take it ...
[he tries to go after Gabriel, but Zobek simply pushes him back to the ground]
GABRIEL: There is a need far greater than yours.
[the two men leave, as the monk grovels on the floor]
DORIN: You cannot take it! You are not worthy!
[he suddenly gets up and runs to the door, whimpering and yelling out for them]
DORIN: Don't leave me here, you dogs!
[he looks around, then slowly backs away towards the statue]
DORIN: Curse you! Damn you to hell!
[he begins praying in Latin again, then turns to find a group of winged vampires surrounding him ... he kneels and continues to pray, as they surround him and attack]
DORIN: Ahhhh!


From wikipedia.org:

"Castlevania: Lords of Shadow" is a video game in the Castlevania series, released in 2010 as a reboot of the franchise. It is an action-adventure game in a horror/fantasy setting in Southern Europe during the Middle Ages. The game was developed by MercurySteam and Kojima Productions and published by Konami.

The setting of Lords of Shadow is during "the end of days" in the year of 1047. The Earth's alliance with the Heavens has been threatened by a malevolent force known as the Lords of Shadow. A dark spell has stopped the souls of the deceased from leaving, while evil creatures inhabit the dying land and attack living people.

The main character, Gabriel Belmont (voiced by Robert Carlyle), is a member of the Brotherhood of Light, an elite group of holy knights who protect and defend innocent people against the supernatural creatures. Gabriel's wife Marie (Natascha McElhone) was brutally murdered by one of them, and her soul cannot leave as it is trapped in limbo. Because she is now neither alive nor dead, she realizes what is at stake and guides Gabriel to his destiny to save the world as he investigates the dark spell. He travels the destroyed land, meeting other characters, such as the oldest living member of his order, Zobek (Sir Patrick Stewart, who additionally narrates the game). Two masks referred to as the God and Devil Masks lie at the centre of the plot, with the God Mask having powers to resurrect the dead. Gabriel intends to defeat the three factions of the Lords of Shadow in order to obtain the pieces of the God Mask and bring back his deceased wife.


From gamefaqs.com:

Part III: Abbey Catacombs (LoS 5-3)
"We delve deep below the Abbey ready to face the evil confronting us. The abbot, Vincent Dorin was once a good and kindly man who helped the people of Wygol, but now he has become a devious coward who had holed himself up in the Abbey and rigged it with traps of cunning. The people, unprotected, have paid a heavy price for his treachery. Night has fallen outside and we will be open to Vampire attack at any time. We must be on our guard. We must work together, if we are to succeed in acquiring the relic that the abbot guards. This will help us greatly in defeating the vampiric horde later."

With Zobek still by our side, move along the path. Soon you'll see a scene where a poor monk falls limp at your feet. Vampires! Well, we finally get to fight some vampires.

Zobek will help you here, so lay down some direct hits and and some guillotine upgrades to help take them out. When you kill one you can read about them in the bestiary. Kill the three vampire warriors here with Zobek to get a little scene showing the lever to the turnstyle nearby. You won't be able to do much right away though, as three more vampires show up. Dispense them and use the lever to open up the door. Have Zobek hold it while you go through to the other side.

In here, punch the statue down to the door you just entered, and then put on some shadow magic and punch it again to break the door. Now go help out Zobek for bloody sake! Grab the lever and go into the next room. You'll learn that you need two keys to get out of her. Put the lever in the right switch and go through with Zobek for a scene.

In this section, just press the button on the screen until you can hit the triangle, which will let Zobek move to the next slab. You need to keep doing this until you are both safe. You'll find a key nearby, so grab it and head back to the main room. Now open up the western path. Take the lever with you when you finish, trust me.

In here, Zobek will point out the second key. Use the lever on the device to the north and have Zobek hold it, then quickly jump on the platform to get across. Here you can get a ::[LIFE GEM]:: from a knight, who's on the path south of you, towards the screen. Now grab the gem and open the doors, heading up the stairs and into the abbey's courtyard to view a quick scene.

You'll see a strange seal on the ground as well as a portal, which takes you to the seal if you step through it. You can find two knights lying around as well, one who talks about Gandolfi and another who offers you the answer to this puzzle. Pfft, you don't need him when you got me! One of the eastern walls is dusty, so bust through it. Here grab the lever and take it out to the courtyard. With this lever you can change where you zone in at when you move through the portal.

But before you use it, kill the vampire warriors and ghouls. Once you do, you have a limited time to use the device, and when you get it to where you want it you can press triangle to have Zobek hold it for you.

Ok, to solve the puzzle you want to aim the device south, but before you do that, aim it north to get to the knight beyond the grate with a ::[LIGHT MAGIC GEM]::. Use the ledges nearby to escape. You can also aim it east to get to a knight with a scroll and a health font, if you wish. Now aim it south and go through the portal to solve the puzzle. Continue onwards to finish this section.

Part IV: Abbey Library (LoS 5-4)
"The traps laid by the abbot have proved tricky and yet we have managed to break into the inner cloisters and the library is close at hand, if memory serves. My friend looks weary and troubled. The weight of the world on his shoulders. I can see he is holding a terrible secret deep within. He is trying to bury it and in its place the anger is taking over. We must not delay. We must find Dorin and take what we need before we are dragged down with the guilt. The need of the many outweighs those of the few now. We can shed no tears for those lost, we must be strong and we must destroy the Lords of Shadow at any cost."

Head into the building, heading north at the intersection to find a knight with a ::[LIGHT MAGIC GEM]::. Go back and head into the library proper for a scene.

Of course, the two of you become separated while two gigantic suits of armor come towards you. You will have to hold them back while Zobek looks for an exit.

These armor's aren't too difficult, they have standard swipe attacks and can do a ground pound. Just attack them, being careful of the upcoming ground pounds and use a guillotine when it comes. The books are in the way here, so get rid of them as well. Don't bother with fairies, as the armor's are immune to them. Once you hurt them a bit, you can take away their shields. Keep hitting them and soon you will be able to grab them and tear open the armor, killing the spirit inside.

Once you kill both of them, Zobek will open the way for you to escape. Search the nearby knight who will tell you how to solve this room's puzzle. This first room is easy enough, just punch the mirror forward and turn it to hit the door. In this next room, you can find two knights lying around (lazy knights) with a scroll and a ::[LIGHT MAGIC GEM]::. Here, punch the mirror by the light magic gem knight and then the one by the sunlight. Turn the sunlight mirror to angle the light towards the other mirror and it will open the way.

In this third room, kill the gremlins that come out and punch the nearby mirror into position. Go down the stairs by the mirror and hit the books away to find another knight with a ::[SHADOW MAGIC GEM]::. Now this room is a little harder. First I recommend you go around and explore a little bit, and each mirror you come across you may as well punch it into place. You'll soon head across the room via the stairs in the middle of the area, where you will find a dusty wall to your left. Break through it to find a new area that also has an armor inside. Kill the armor and punch the mirror into place. Over here you'll see the door to the exit, so line up these two mirrors to angle light to that door. Now go back to the main light source and send it east. Move the mirror to your left to send the light across the room, and if those mirrors are good, you will have this puzzle solved. If you don't, check your mirrors again and make sure they are lined up right.

For the third room, the first mirror sends the light east. All the other mirrors send the light north.

Go through the door to end this section.

Part V: Abbey Tower (LoS 5-5)
"The tower at the Abbey of Wygol was once a place where men of God sought knowledge and protected the people with Christ's love. Now it is the refuge of a man driven insane by fear. Dorin has abandoned his people to death or worse. A powerful relic keeps the vampires at bay, and we must take it if we stand any chance against the Dark Lord's minions. I know of a secret way that will take me to the top of the tower by a different path. Gabriel will have to find his own way for now."

Head out into the air and you can find a dead knight and a scroll to your left. As you move right, several ghouls and some gremlins will come after you. Deal with them as you see fit, and then move down and into the walkway. Move towards the screen to find a knight with a ::[LIFE GEM]:: on him, then keep going forward to a new area where more gremlins and ghouls will attack. Kill them and inspect the knight to the north for another scroll.

Now jump across the gap to your left and use your cross to make the bridge come down. Go across it to be ambushed by a bunch of gremlins. Take them out and use the lever nearby to open the gate. Follow the path around the rubble to start to climb the tower.

The climbing is pretty self-explanatory, but there's a section where you need to move quick, as dilly-dallying will make the ledges fall, so move quickly around the building and grapple as soon as you can. Pull yourself up to some more ledges and grapple again before the fall. Swing right and pull yourself up onto the ground. Here you'll have to jump to another ledge, but it's a bit far away, so get a running start first! Follow this ledge to the left and drop down on the ledge below for a ::[LIFE GEM]:: courtesy of the knight. The gap to the left is too big, so head right instead and use the first tower's rubble to jump up higher and then back to the main tower. Shimmy right and jump the gap.

You need to be fast again right here, as these ledges will fall. Move right around the building and one space up to use the grapple. Move up the grapple a bit and you'll see a shimmer to your upper left. Build up some momentum and jump to the left to grapple that hook. Use this one to reach a ledge further up and another hook. Kick in the window to start yet another kick ass cut scene and end this section.


From wikia.com:

Father Vincent Dorin is the presiding abbot over the Wygol Village abbey.

An accomplished scholar of the ancient texts and prophetic scrolls found in the abbey's vast library, he eventually shut himself off from the rest of the world, going half-blind and insane from his studies. When the Vampires came upon Wygol, he found a holy relic with which he could keep the creatures at bay. In his insanity, he banished the monks away and sealed himself and as many holy texts he could gather in a room in the highest tower of the abbey.

In order to defeat the Dark Lord of the Vampires, Gabriel and Zobek brave the traps that the mad abbot installed to keep invaders out. Upon finally reaching the highest tower, they find him chanting feverishly in front of a statue holding the relic he so coveted. As Gabriel takes the relic, Dorin curses the both of them as servants of Satan. After Gabriel and Zobek leave for the village, Dorin starts to chant again, even more feverishly than before. But it is in vain, as he is subsequently attacked and killed by Vampire Warriors.

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