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Case Study No. 1526: Staff of the "Silent Library"

Silent Library Episode w/ K-1 Kickboxer Ernesto Hoost
A funny Japanese game show.
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A segment from the popular Japanese variety show "Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!!"

In "Silent Library," the cast members are playing a card game in a staged library setting, whereby one of them has to undergo a punishment upon choosing the card with the skull and crossbones on it (similar to Russian roulette). Although the game requires that they remain silent during the entire segment, the members repeatedly let out bursts of muffled laughter that is loud enough for the occupants of the library to hear. Former K-1 champion Ernesto Hoost once made a special appearance, as well as comedian Koki Mitani.



This clip is from the game show called Silent Library. The premise of this show is that 6 people are placed in a library where they are not allowed to make noise. Every few minutes, they reveal a clue such as "Wasabi Roll" and "Bad Smell Air" that hints at a juvenile punishment that one person in the group has to endure. They then deal one card each face down, and the loser is the one that has the "death" card. Watch as the loser ends up having to:

(1) get a nosehair pulled out ("Outwitted")
(2) eat an entire California roll full of wasabi ("Wasabi Roll")
(3) breathe in a bag full of foul-smelling air ("Bad Smell Air")
(4) get repeated slapped by a slapping mechanical arm ("Slapping Machine")
(5) have a balloon inflated underneath his shirt until it explodes ("Huge Balloon")
(6) get whacked across the backside by a Japanese baseball player ("Hitted Hip")
(7) get chewed on by an old man without his dentures ("Old Man Bites Tenderly")

... all while the other players try to suppress their laughter.

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