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Case Study No. 1539: Staff of Unnamed Library (All the Queen's Men)

Careful, Joey-In-Drag, or the Nazi Librerians are gonna getcha!
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[scene opens with a young female librarian (brown hair, white blouse, black skirt) walking through the lobby of a German library, as she overhears her assistant in the phone booth calling the Gestapo to report the presence of Allied fighters (she drops her books on the floor and bends down to avoid his line of sight)]
ASSISTANT LIBRARIAN: [translated] Gestapo? I need to make a report! There are suspects in the library. Saboteurs, maybe agents! Maybe they are spies! There is something funny about them ...
[she picks up her books and tries to hurry back to the main reading room in order to warn two of the Allies (disguised in drag), but is stopped by a Nazi officer running up behind her]
OFFICER: Fraulein Romy!
[she turns and puts on a fake smile]
ROMY: Hauptsturmfuehrer!
[she tries to act casual]
ROMY: [translated] Finished your books already?
OFFICER: [translated] You're turning me into a real bookworm ...
[she turns to place her books on the front desk, but the officer continues to follow her]
OFFICER: [translated] I'm looking for a book on librarians playing hard to get.
[she points off camera]
ROMY: [translated] Right next to the books on officers who won't take "no" for an answer ...
[cut to the two Allied soldiers trying to hide behind a nearby bookshelf]
O'ROURKE: [whispers] What the hell is going on?
TONY: [whispers] I don't know.
[cut back to the librarian (who's still being followed by the lecherous officer), as she walks up to another Allied soldier (also in drag) sitting at a nearby table and nonchalantly arranges some books in front of him]
[cut to a closeup of the books, then back to the librarian as she looks at the "woman" with a nervous smile]
ROMY: [translated] The books you were looking for.
[she walks away (with the officer following closely behind), as the other Allied fighters gather around the table while the "woman" reads off the titles of the books]
JOHNNO: "The Gestapo Is Coming" ... "The Escape."
[he points at the picture on the third book]
JOHNNO: I've seen that ... The picture.
[he turns and sees that the same picture is hanging over a doorway]
JOHNNO: The door ... We've gotta go. That way. Quickly!
[cut to the assistant librarian standing outside, waving a large contingent of Gestapo officers into the library]
[cut to the officer (now alone) looking around the main reading room]
OFFICER: Fraulein Romy?
[cut to a shot of the Gestapo officers running up the stairs towards the main reading room, then to the librarian leading the Allied fighters through the inner section of the library]
ROMY: Come on, hurry up! This way!
[cut back to the Gestapo entering the main reading room, where the officer salutes them ... then turns and notices a little girl trying to open the door that Romy and her friends had escaped through]
[cut back to the librarian as she opens a door]
ROMY: Okay, go back to the top. You'll be safe there.
[they rush through the door, but she stops O'Rourke]
ROMY: Wait ... Hit me.
ROMY: Blood, it has to look real.
[he backhands her, then runs off to join the others]
[cut to the Gestapo officers breaking down the door, then back to the librarian as she rips open her blouse and starts screaming in German]
[the sounds of the Gestapo officers rushing towards her can be heard, so she lies on the ground as the first man approaches (gun drawn) and gives a weak salute]
ROMY: Heil Hitler ...
[cut to the Allied fighters spying on Romy from the roof, as she is being interrogated by the Gestapo (with Tony reading her lips and translating)]
TONY: [whispers] She's saying we overpowered her, forced her to show us a way out ...




Ruzowitzky, Stefan (Director). All the Queen's Men. United States: Warner Bros., 2001.

Starring: Nicolette Krebitz (Romy, Head Librarian); Heinrich Herki (Assistant Librarian); Matt LeBlanc (Capt. O'Rouke)

Along the same lines as Evie Carnahan in The Mummy, the head librarian (Romy) of this World War II German library is strong, fearless and intelligent (not to mention slender and pretty). Book-learning, however, is not as important as how clever and quick-thinking Romy is in her role as resistance fighter. What is interesting is that the undercover Allied forces, in attempting to make contact with the "head librarian," immediately address the male behind the counter, who turns out to be Romy's assistant, and who immediately telephones the Gestapo. Of note is how Romy uses book titles to warn the good guys that they are in danger, and to show them an escape route.



During World War II, the British army is attempting to retrieve an Enigma machine from Germany. Having failed in previous attempts they decide to send four men undercover to the factory that makes the devices, deep in Berlin. Unfortunately the factory is populated entirely by women, and they only have men to send; American O'Rourke (Matt LeBlanc) leads his team to infiltrate the factory dressed as women.

Dropped in the wrong area, the team must first try to find their bearings. They accomplish this with the help of Romy (Nicolette Krebitz), the head librarian of the local library, who is a sympathiser to their cause.

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