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Case Study No. 1520: Unnamed Female Librarian (goodsingerkaela3)

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[scene opens with two young girls sitting in a moving car, as they use the "pinch" effect on their webcam to distort their faces]
PATRON: Hello, ma'am!
PATRON: Do you have the book "Willy Wonka's Got a Zit?"
LIBRARIAN: Lemmee check!
[she turns, then immediately turns back]
LIBRARIAN: No, I'm sorry! We don't!
PATRON: I need that book! I need to bring it to school tomorrow!
LIBRARIAN: Well, you're gonna have to take something else!
PATRON: Well, I told my teacher that I would bring it so she could read it to the class!
LIBRARIAN: Well, that's your problem! You'll have to go find a different book at a different school!
PATRON: You're a librarian, you have to have the book "Willy Wonka's Got a Zit!"
LIBRARIAN: Some people don't have those!
PATRON: Well, you should! I'm leaving!
[she turns and "leaves"]
LIBRARIAN: I'm sorry, ma'am!

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