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Case Study No. 1333: The Librarian Savitabhabhi

XXX Apartments: Episode 12 - The Librarian Savitabhabhi
XXX Apartments: Episode 12 - The Librarian Savitabhabhi
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[the first panel shows two male college students talking]
ANKIT: Hey bro, did you hear the news? I heard that old Misses Upadhyay retired yesterday and the college has hired a sexy new librarian in place of her.
AMAN: I know that look. You want to go there and check her out, don't you?
[the second panel shows one of the students getting up to leave]
ANKIT: Come on, bro. Be my wingman. We have a free period coming up, let's go and check her out.
AMAN: Nah dude, I'd much rather make out with Neha in an empty classroom. You'll have to go alone.
[the third panel shows one of the male students approaching the entrance to the school library (where two other male students are spying through the door), with the caption "Soon ... "]
ANKIT: [to himself] Damn that Aman! Not only has he got Komalbhabhi at home, he's got a chick to bang during the college hours as well!
[the fourth panel shows the male student approaching the two others at the doorway]
ANKIT: Yo Karan, what are you doing outside the library? Hehe ... Did you lose your way?
KARAN: Sshhh ... We're checking out the new librarian. She could give our reigning beauty Miss Monica a run for her money.
[the fifth panel shows the three students staring into the library]
ANKIT: My god! She is so hot!
[the sixth panel shows an attractive young female librarian (long brown hair, glasses, light blue blouse, light blue short skirt) looking at a book]
ANKIT: [to himself] Wow, her big tits look like they are about to tear open that tight blouse any second!
[the seventh panel shows the librarian bending down to pick up the book she's dropped]
LIBRARIAN: Ooop, I'm so clumsy.
ANKIT: [to himself] That sexy ass is just begging to be fucked!
[the eighth panel shows the male student entering the library]
KARAN: What are you doing?
ANKIT: I'm going to talk to her, hehe ... She'll be fawning all over me once I turn on the Ankit charm.
[the ninth panel show the male student speaking to the librarian as she types at her computer]
ANKIT: Hello there, do I know you? Coz you look like my next girlfriend.
LIBRARIAN: That's the worst pick-up line I've heard all day, and believe me, I've heard a lot of them today.
[the tenth panel shows the librarian giving the male student a disgusted look]
ANKIT: No really, I really meant that. What do you think about going out for coffee?
LIBRARIAN: I'll have to ask you to please leave and maintain the decorum of the library.
[the eleventh panel shows the male student walking away, scratching his head]
ANKIT: [to himself] She must be pretty uptight because it's her first day on the job. Maybe I should drop by again after college and ask her again.
[the twelfth panel shows the other two students teasing him as he walks away]
KARAN: Buck up dude, at least you tried.
STUDENT: Yeah, join the club. She told me and Karan here to bugger off too. That's why we're peeping at her from out here.
[the thirteenth panel shows the male student waiting outside in the parking lot, with the caption "Later that evening ... "]
ANKIT: [to himself] I'll just wait here until she comes out and apologize for my behavior ... But where is she? It is already five-forty-five and the library is supposed to close at five PM.
[the fourteenth panel shows the librarian at her computer with her blouse open (exposing her black bra), with the caption "Meanwhile ... "]
LIBRARIAN: [to herself] Oh god, I shouldn't be doing this on my first day at the job ... but mmmm, "Big-Tit_Lover" just added this new sex story yesterday.
[the fifteenth panel show a closeup of the libarian's face, as she closes her eyes and licks her lips]
LIBRARIAN: [to herself] Mmm ... I wish I was the heroine of one of his sexy stories. I'd love doing these naughty things with him.
[the sixteenth panel shows a dream sequence where a man is running his hands across the front of the librarian's shirt]
BHAIYA: Memsaab, I need to ... uhhh, feel these up to take the proper measurement.
LIBRARIAN: Do whatever you want, Bhaiya ... I want a sexy blouse to arouse my workaholic husband.
[the seventeenth panel shows the man with his hands on her exposed breasts]
LIBRARIAN: It's been so long since a man has touched these. So please be gentle while you ... Mmmmm, measure these.
BHAIYA: Of course, Memsaab ... You satisfaction is my duty.
[the eighteenth panel shows the man continue to "take her measurements" ... with his tongue]
LIBRARIAN: Yes, that feels so good Bhaiyaji ... I just love your new measurement method!
[the nineteenth panel shows the librarian back in the library (her eyes closed as she touches herself) while the male student is walking in]
LIBRARIAN: Ahhh ... Your tongue feels so good, Tailorji!
ANKIT: So this is what librarians do after the library is empty.
[the twentieth panel shows the librarian (now realizing that she is no longer alone) quickly closing up her blouse]
LIBRARIAN: Wha ... You again! Library ... er, library is closed! Get out now!



XXX Apartments: Episode 12 - The Librarian
Episode Started 22nd of May 2013

Story: Rahul
Art: Nestor
Colors: Choo

A young, beautiful and charming girl who's just joined Satnam college as the new librarian. She's an avid bibliophile and likes nothing more than spending time surrounded by good books. Besides reading books her hobbies include chatting with friends on the internet and playing internet card games. But there's more to her than meets the eye. Behind the innocent impression that she gives to everyone she has a naughty side to her as well.



Kirtu is a word that, by association, has become synonymous with sexually explicit comics or animation originating in India that depict modern Indian sexuality. The common noun is derived from the domain name of the popular pornographic cartoon website (kir, although as a proprietary eponym it is often used to refer to Indian cartoon pornography in general, much like hentai is used to denote sexually explicit or pornographic comics and animation from Japan, particularly anime, manga and computer games.

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