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Case Study No. 1329: Jesse Reeves

First Lestat and Jesse meet
Queen of the Damned
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[Jesse Reeves enters a vampire club and sits down at the bar, surrounded by three vampires]
VAMPIRE 1: Come here often?
JESSE: All the time.
[he pulls down her collar and looks at her neck]
VAMPIRE 1: I don't see any marks.
JESSE: Well, you haven't seen the rest of my body ...
VAMPIRE 2: Is that an invitation?
JESSE: Sorry, I'm taken.
VAMPIRE 3: And ... where is your host?
JESSE: Oh, he's here somewhere.
VAMPIRE 2: This host ... what's his name?
JESSE: [nervously] Marius.
[Lestat suddenly appears in the shadows, unseen by the others]
VAMPIRE 1: Sorry ... don't know the guy.
JESSE: Well, of course you wouldn't, he's an ancient.
VAMPIRE 2: There aren't any ancients left.
VAMPIRE 3: They all turned to dust.
VAMPIRE 1: So unless you've got him in a bottle somewhere ...
[they all laugh]
JESSE: You know, you're brave joking like that. I wish you could meet him.
VAMPIRE 1: And why is that?
JESSE: Because you might learn something.
[she suddenly looks around at these vampires around her, nervous due to her brashness]
JESSE: Excuse me ... [she quickly exits]
[cut to outside the club, as Jesse tries to run away but the vampires fly in and surround her]
JESSE: [screams]
VAMPIRE 1: Going somewhere? Now, this'll only hurt a little bit ... In fact, you might even enjoy it.
[he grabs her and attempts to bite her neck, but Lestat flies in and pulls him away before disappearing ... Caught off-guard, the vampires rush off down the alleyway in an attempt to catch their attacker, leaving Jesse alone]
LESTAT: [from off camera] Boo.
[Jesse turns to find Lestat standing behind her]
LESTAT: That was quite a performance. You should be more careful.
JESSE: [quietly] Thanks.
LESTAT: For what?
JESSE: Well, you saved me.
LESTAT: [begins circling her] How presumptuous ... So, you know Marius.
JESSE: Well, I know a lotta things.
LESTAT: Not how to stay alive, apparently.
JESSE: Oh, I guess we have that in common ... although I think I'm a little ahead of the race here.
LESTAT: Well, I can fix that ...
[he starts approaching her]
JESSE: Your song Redeemer, it's about the girl with the violin ... isn't it?
[he stops]
JESSE: Yeah.
LESTAT: Is it? And what else do you think you know?
JESSE: I, uh ...
[he starts walking towards her again, as she backs away]
LESTAT: You're uh, shaking.
JESSE: Cold.
LESTAT: Still cold?
JESSE: [shakes her head] Uh-uh.
LESTAT: So, go on. Tell me more about me.
[he backs her up against a brick wall, then takes her hand]
JESSE: [nervously] Uh you, you want--
LESTAT: What do I want?
JESSE: You yearn--
LESTAT: What do I yearn?
[he scratches her hand so that a little blood comes out]
LESTAT: For what do I yearn?
[he sucks the blood off her finger]
JESSE: To walk with the living ... Out of the cold, dark wasteland of eternity.
[he stops and stares at her]
LESTAT: Well, that makes you a very clever librarian ... Talamascan. I knew I left that journal somewhere. So, is it a good read?
JESSE: It touched me.
LESTAT: Did it now?
JESSE: [slowly nods]
LESTAT: Don't worry Jesse, your kind never satisfies my thirst.
[he walks away]
JESSE: [yelling after him] Lestat, I know something that's not in your journal!
[he stops and turns]
JESSE: You still have the violin, don't you?
LESTAT: [says nothing]
JESSE: No, I understand. After all, it's only human ...
[he suddenly flies off, knocking her to the ground]



THE QUEEN OF THE DAMNED (2002). Lestat, the star vampire, is astonished by the intellect of a researcher at a London institute for vampire study. As she leaves the room, he mutters (with some measure of respect) "Well, that makes you a very clever librarian!"



Queen of the Damned is a 2002 film adaptation of the third novel of Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles series, The Queen of the Damned, although the film contains many plot elements from the latter novel's predecessor, The Vampire Lestat. It stars Aaliyah as the vampire queen Akasha, and Stuart Townsend as the vampire Lestat. Queen of the Damned was released six months after Aaliyah's death and is dedicated to her memory.

Vampire Lestat (Stuart Townsend) is awakened from decades of slumber by the sound of a rock band, which he proceeds to take over as lead singer. Achieving international success and planning a massive live concert, Lestat is approached by Marius (Vincent Perez), and warned that the vampires of the world will not tolerate his flamboyant public profile.

Jesse Reeves (Marguerite Moreau), a researcher for the paranormal studies group Talamasca, is intrigued by Lestat's lyrics and tells the rest of the group her theory that he really is a vampire. Her mentor takes her aside and tells her they know he is and that a vampire called Marius made him. He also shows her Lestat's journal that he recovered and is now in the Talamasca library. In a flashback to his origins, Lestat recalls how he awoke Akasha (Aaliyah), the first vampire, with his music. Jesse tracks him down to a London vampire club where he confronts her, and she follows him to Los Angeles for the concert, where she gives him his journal. Shortly after they leave London. Akasha, awakened by Lestat's new music, arrives and torches the club, and all the vampires inside, who want Lestat dead.

At the concert in Death Valley, a mob of vampires attack Lestat and Marius. Akasha bursts through the stage and takes Lestat with her as her new King. Empowered by Akasha's blood, Lestat and the Queen confront the Ancient Vampires at the home of Maharet (Lena Olin), Jesse's aunt, who is an Ancient Vampire herself. The Ancient Vampires were planning to kill Akasha, to save the human world from demise. Akasha then commands Lestat to kill Jesse. Lestat ostensibly obeys but then turns and begins to drain Akasha's blood with the help of the Ancients. Mael (Christian Manon) and Pandora (Claudia Black) are killed by Akasha's power, and Armand (Matthew Newton) is almost killed, but is saved as her powers diminish. Maharet is the last to drink Akasha's blood, and thereby ends up becoming a marble 'statue'. Lestat then turns and walks to where Jesse is lying lifeless, and cradling her in his arms, gives her his blood, turning her into a vampire. Jesse, now a vampire, and Lestat then return the journal to the Talamasca, and walk away, among mortals, into the night. As they exit, Marius enters the Talamasca.

The film closes with a scene of David (Paul McGann) reading the journal as Marius's voice catches his attention, cheerfully saying, "Hello David."



After what seems like a century of family fantasy flicks, at last arises Queen of the Damned, a vampire film that horror fans beyond the tenth grade can sink their fangs into. Adapted from author Anne Rice's best-selling "Vampire Chronicles," the movie stars the tempting, talented and tragically ill-fated pop princess Aaliyah (Romeo Must Die) as Queen Akasha. Her Hip-Hop Highness is a 4,000 year-old vampire awakened from her ancient catnap by the Goth-metal band, Vampire Lestat. The group is fronted by Lestat de Lioncourt (Stuart Townsend), an undead upstart no longer content to live out his ravishing, yet wretched existence in the shadows of the night.

In rock-star Lestat, Akasha sees a new king to walk God-like beside her as they bleed the mortal world dry of human blood. And, in return, Queen Akasha's high-octane vital juices allow Lestat to grow so powerful he can walk in daylight and vanquish all other vampires. But what seems like the most devilish team since Mick Jagger met Keith Richards quickly shatters when Lestat realizes that Akasha has no appreciation for the fragile beauty of mortal life and that she would prefer to rule over a kingdom of corpses. Is it too late to stop the Queen's boundless bloodlust or will her prophetic dream of hell on earth finally come to pass? Don't ask me, you fool! Get thee to a multiplex and see with thy own bloodshot eyes!

Somewhat deceptive in its title, Queen of the Damned is largely Lestat's legend, told in present day with flashbacks of his being "made" by Marius (Vincent Perez), an ancient vampire and close decedent of the Queen herself. Lestat longs for a comely companion with whom to stalk the endless night. But, alas, he cannot bring himself to turn any female he truly desires into a dashing, but diabolical monster such as himself. One prospective lady of the eternal evening is Jesse (Marguerite Moreau), the "clever librarian" who seeks out Lestat to become as he. And she all but throws her conservative, but creamy cleavage onto his fine, hollow-pointed dental work. But despite his worldwide success as a rock star, it's lonely at the top of the food chain for Lestat until the rumblings of his band's wall of Marshall amps awaken Queen Akasha and all heck at last breaks loose.

Though Aaliyah's screen time is minimal, she makes the most of every blood-dripping moment as she embodies Queen Akasha with both sinister and smoldering sexuality. While the rest of Queen of the Damned's cast members hit their marks and deliver their lines with polish and panache, so strong and focused is her performance that she can even get away with the faux Egyptian accent she developed for the part. Imagine an Eartha Kitt's Catwoman and you've got it "purr-fectly." As such, it's truly a pity that Aaliyah's promise and presence will not be seen again. So, although it's not for the squeamish or those who consider Anne Rice's "Vampire Chronicles" to be sacred text, Queen of the Damned is good gory fun and an eerie reminder of how short a time even the brightest star has to shine.

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