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Case Study No. 1331: "Why are librarians so merciless?"

why are Librarians so merciless?
sorry for m croaky voice and bad quality audio, times are tough.
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[scene opens with a screenshot from the Yahoo! Answers web site ("Why are librarians so mean??? they are seriously rude...?")]
BLACKANDNOSUGAR: [in voice over] Lemmee tell you a little story about my recent encounter with the school librarian.
[he pauses]
BLACKANDNOSUGAR: [in voice over] So, I was at school ... obviously, and I had this drama homework to do.
[he pauses]
BLACKANDNOSUGAR: [in voice over] Me and my friend, we went to the library, and we were going to print it out. And our drama teacher is one of those teachers who ... you don't bring their homework, they will make your life miserable. So, this homework was in dire need.
[he pauses]
BLACKANDNOSUGAR: [in voice over] Um, we would print out the homework in the library, and we have those school printers that take ages to log you in, it takes ages to print, and it takes ages to log back out.
[he pauses]
BLACKANDNOSUGAR: [in voice over] And we had at least two or three people ahead of us, so we thought we weren't gonna make it before the end of break.
[he pauses]
BLACKANDNOSUGAR: [in voice over] So, it finally came up to my friend. He was logging in, y'know? Um, and then at that moment, the bell rang.
[he pauses]
BLACKANDNOSUGAR: [in voice over] And some of the librarians, we have three librarians in school, some of the librarians started to walk around saying, "Time for your next lesson, everyone get out. Everyone get out."
[he pauses]
BLACKANDNOSUGAR: [in voice over] And there was this one librarian, she came over to the printer, and she said, "Oh, it's time for lesson, get out, get out."
[he pauses]
BLACKANDNOSUGAR: [in voice over] My friend was like, "Oh miss, I just need to print this out because I have next lesson and I need this homework."
[he pauses]
BLACKANDNOSUGAR: [in voice over] She, heartlessly, just took out the plug ... right? She literally yanked out the plug and said, "Oh, time for your next lesson, off you go."
[he pauses]
BLACKANDNOSUGAR: [in voice over] We walked away.
[he pauses]
BLACKANDNOSUGAR: [in voice over] One week after, the same situation. We had to go into the library, drama homework, we had to print it out ... She pulls the plug.
[he pauses]
BLACKANDNOSUGAR: [in voice over] No heart in it at all, okay? And it makes you wonder why librarians are so mean! Why are librarians so mean? It is just wrong. They're supposed to be the kindest people, they're with books!
[he pauses]
BLACKANDNOSUGAR: [in voice over] It doesn't make any sense, and you're probably won-ding ... "Won-ding?" Wondering. As you can see, I'm still stuttering.
[he pauses]
BLACKANDNOSUGAR: [in voice over] You're probably wondering, "Oh, how did that happen to you twice? Wouldn't you have learned your lesson? Wouldn't you have at least decided to instead do your homework at home?"
[he pauses]
BLACKANDNOSUGAR: [in voice over] One word ... procrastination. Bye.



Resolved Question
Why are librarians so mean??? they are seriously rude...?
I love the library because there are so many books and things to learn. However, the librarians alway ruin it for me. I only ask for help when I seriously can not find the book I need. I do know how to use the search engine and I do know how use the net.. I am not stupid.. just help me out!!!

Best Answer - SomeGirl
The librarians are rude in my town, too, and have been for as long as I can remember. I have interacted with some who were nice there and other places, so I wouldn't generalize that they are all mean, but they sure can be if you get on their bad side!
I'm guessing it's because they're trained in library sciences, with not so much emphasis on public relations, and little, if any, on education. They're really not there to teach. A lot of them probably regard patrons as an annoyance, just like people in other jobs that have to deal with the public. They're there because they like books, not people.
Don't let them ruin your love of libraries!

Asker's Rating: 4 out of 5
they are just so rude. i try not to generalize but i moved to a new city and they are mean here too. the way they talk to people and how they are so slow.. it angers me.
i [heart] library... not librarians!!!
like adam corolla.. the place where they hide all the books.

Other Answers (8)

Why don't you explain that you love the library but that you don't know how to use it as well as you would like?
If they don't help you at that point, then they are being mean.
But having a friend who is a librarian who gets questions like "do you have any books I can read?" makes you understand that librarians need you to help them to help you.
One other reason some librarians are mean or rude is that getting people to be quiet, to not ruin the books and materials, and to not literally smear feces on the walls has worn them down.

I just cant stand rude people. Rude librarians are even more annoying. it makes you wonder how the hell they got a job!
You could tear out pages of the magazine they were reading (when they relucatantly went to find your book) or you could write a complaint to the local council (I'd recommend several letters in different fonts over a period of time) so that they can be dealt with. Unless theyre related to people in council.
usually the case.

grey smily
I'm sorry.
The last librarian I came across was hot. At first she was stiff, I cracked a couple of one liners on her, took her out that night. Damn good time. I was the one telling her to shh! later that evening, I know you dit'n need that info. Still together today, she is still rude-but hot. She is my Rachel Weisz from The Mummy! Hot, Hot, Hot!!!!!

Mel W
I'm sorry to hear the librarians at you r library are rude.
I absolutely love my librarian. She is SO helpful.
Is there another library near you. Maybe the librarian(s) there won't be so difficult.

It is not only Librarians. Most bureaucrats have similar complex problems.
Unfortunately nothing much you could do about it.

Get a Life
I don't know where you live. But in California the librarians are just as rude as where ever you are.

Giggle Bear
maybe they are just having a bad day or they dont like their job, or it could be anything! maybe their dog died and they are mad! who knows!

Lack of social life, sense of humor and compassion.

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