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Case Study No. 1275: Unnamed Female Librarian (Doritos)

Gary vs. the Librarian - Doritos commercial 2012
Gary, always being busted for trying to nosh Doritos in the library, comes up with a clever scheme to foil the librarian. She becomes his unknowing accomplice in his quest for the ultimate crunch.
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[scene opens with a middle-aged man walking into the public library (as a "No Food in the Library" sign is prominently displayed on the door), as he walks past the information desk where an elderly female librarian (grey hair, glasses, beige sweater) is typing at her computer]
[cut to Gary placing his backpack on a nearby table, as he opens it up and takes out a bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos]
[cut to a closeup of the librarian, as she looks up with an angry look on her face]
[cut to Gary sitting and reading a book, as he's about to open the bag of Doritos, when the librarian grabs it and walks off]
[cut to another shot of Gary sitting at the same desk (except he is wearing headphones and now has a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos), as he reaches over to open the bag but doesn't notice the librarian walk up and take the bag away]
[cut to a closeup of Gary's face, as he's about to put a chip into his mouth, when the librarian reaches in from off camera and flicks it out of his hand]
[cut to Gary walking up to a bookcart marked "Used Books $1.00," as he grabs a book and walks off]
[cut to Gary placing the book (and a dollar bill) at the front desk for the librarian, then cut to Gary's home as he uses an X-Acto Knife to cut out a hole in each page of the book]
[cut to Gary placing the now hollowed-out book in the return slot ("Print Materials Only") of the library]
[cut to the librarian reshelving the book]
[cut to Gary taking the book off the shelf, then opening it to reveal a bag of Nacho Cheese Doritos concealed within]
[the Doritos logo appears, then cut to the librarian sitting in her office with her feet up on the desk (surrounded by confiscated Doritos bags), as she takes a bite of one of the chips, then turns to the camera and smiles]



Did you know that there's no wikipedia entry for Doritos' Crash the Super Bowl contest? Is that weird or what? Everything has a Wikipedia entry. For God's Sake, the Nickelodeon show "Hey Dude" which ran from 1989 to 1991 has a massive Wikipedia page complete with episode guides. (I clicked the "Random Article" button on Wikipedia and the Hey Dude entry was the first one to pop up) Over the last two and half year's I've written dozens of articles about "The Crash" and I've had to spend a lot of time searching the web for information. It would be really helpful if some nerd out there would just compile a bunch of facts about the contest and post them online.

Oh wait....I guess if anyone is nerdy enough to do something like that it's me. It took me a lot of googling but I've found a ton of data about The Crash and I will list it all in this single post. This is going to be just basic stuff like who made the finals, who won, how many entries where received, etc. Please be aware that if you are actually interested in this type of data that pretty much means you are as big of a nerd as I am.

Let's start with the number of entries the contest has received over the years. Most of these numbers come from old articles or press releases that were put out by Fritolay:

2006/2007 Installment: 1,065 Doritos entries.
2007/2008: No commercial contest that season.
2008/2009 Installment: 1961 Doritos Entries.
2009/2010 Installment: 4023 Doritos Entries
2010/2011 Installment: 4,260 Doritos Entries.
2011/2012 Installment: 6,100 Doritos Entries.

Note: In 2010, Pepsi Max was also part of the Crash the Super Bowl contest. Pepsi Max received 1,460 submissions. But the Pepsi Max "Crash" was pretty much a totally different contest run by a different company and a different set of judges. So for the rest of this article I'm just going to focus on the Doritos contest.

Pretty amazing, huh? This contest has just grown like crazy over the years. Bet you're kicking yourself right now for not entering back in 2006. So it looks like the number of submissions doubled after the 2008/2009 Crash the Super Bowl contest. But why? Probably because the winner of the 2009 contest, Free Doritos scored the #1 spot on the USA Today ad meter poll and the guys who made the ad, Joe and Dave Herbert won a million bucks. After people saw that it was possible for an "average joe" to win the million dollar bonus the contest just blew up.

But this raw data doesn't tell the whole story. If you've entered past installments of the CTSB contest you know that every year, Doritos gets HUNDREDS of duplicate entries. I think the rules say that you can submit up to 10 versions of your commercial. And some people just uploaded their video 10 times. Some probably did it because they were unsure if the initial upload worked. But I think others used to do it just because they thought maybe it would improve their chances.

The repeat entries used to be really annoying. It seemed like for every 100 submissions I watched, at least 20 would be repeats. But fortunately, this year Doritos finally took measures to keep the duplicates out of the video gallery. I'd estimate that only 5% of this season's submissions were repeats. So just for the fun of it let's adjust the numbers to account for all the duplicates. I'll deduct 20% from each total except for 2011. For this year's total I'll only deduct 5%.

2006/2007 Installment: 852 Unique Doritos entries.
2008/2009 Installment: 1569 Unique Doritos Entries.
2009/2010 Installment: 3,220 Unique Doritos Entries.
2010/2011 Installment: 3,408 Unique Doritos Entries.
2011/2012 Installment: 5,795 Unique Doritos Entries.

Now let's do a little light math. Each year, Doritos picks 5 finalists. (Except in the 09-10 contest when they picked 6 finalists) So it's easy to calculate a contestant's chance of making the finals.

2006/2007 Installment: 1 in 170.
2008/2009 Installment: 1 in 313.
2009/2010 Installment: 1 in 536.
2010/2011 Installment: 1 in 681.
2011/2012 Installment: 1 in 1,159.

Anyone who has watched a few random CTSB entries knows that most of the submissions Doritos receives every year just aren't that great. But there's no possible way to estimate what a filmmaker's odds are if he makes a GOOD submission. So I won't even try. Let's move on to a list of who has won the contest over the years. I'll include the Pepsi Max Crash the Super Bowl finalists just for the heck of it. You can find all of these commercials on the official Crash the Super Bowl channel on youtube.

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