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Case Study No. 1323: Jess the Wonderful Librarian

Strategic Presentation | The Librarian Barbarians.mov
The Librarian Barbarians | Alexandria Middle School | Final Project | Strategic Presentation
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Librarian Barbarians


Jess the wonderful librarian
Meagan a straight A student and frequent library visitor
Jon a misbehaving barbaric student
Matt another misbehaving barbaric student

Attention Alexandria Middle School students!
The Librarian Barbarians have landed on this digital monitor you are watching this on to demonstrate proper library etiquette. Any rebellious actions of the two male students shall not be replicated.
As young padawans, the library is your platform to success and is your greatest available resource for further knowledge.

[scene opens inside of the Alexandria Middle School Library, as the young female librarian is shelving books]
NARRATOR: That's Jess the librarian. If you ever need help, she's the person to go to. Make sure you obey all her rules.
[cut to Jess sitting at a desk, as she turns to the camera and smiles]
NARRATOR: But she's the nicest lady in the world!
[cut to Matt sitting at a desk, loudly chewing his gum]
NARRATOR: For example, chewing gum in the library is prohibited.
[he takes the gum out of his mouth and sticks it under the desk]
NARRATOR: And even if you are chewing gum, don't even think about sticking it under the table ... That's so disgusting!
[the scene freezes and a red circle-backslash symbol appears while a loud siren sound effect goes off, then cut to Meagan carrying a stack of books through the library]
NARRATOR: Another example ... please put all books back in the proper order.
[she begins placing the books on top of other books on the shelf]
NARRATOR: How dare she put them back like that?
[cut to a still image of the books placed right-side up, as a green checkmark appears while an "applause" sound effect goes off]
[cut to Matt sitting at a desk writing in his notebook, when he rips the page out and throws it over his shoulder onto the floor]
NARRATOR: And the library is not a playground ... don't just throw paper all over the place like this student.
[he crumples up another page, then gets up and tries to "slam dunk" it into the nearby wastebasket (except the crumpled ball of paper bounces off the lip and falls to the floor)]
NARRATOR: Oh yeah, and it's not a slam dunk contest, either!
[cut to a still image of Jess placing trash into the wastebasket, as a green checkmark appears]
NARRATOR: Please, please, throw them away properly.
[cut to Matt and Jon talking loudly in the library, as Meagan (sitting behind them) turns and gives them a dirty look]
NARRATOR: Don't you hate it when people around you at the library are not concentrating and studying on their work, and are just socializing?
[Jess walks up and puts a finger to her lips, shushing them]
NARRATOR: Yeah, I do too ... So, as the librarian says, respect the quiet zone.
[cut to a still image of Jess pointing to a "Quiet Zone" sign while giving the camera a thumbs up]
[cut to Jon chasing Matt through the library]
NARRATOR: Lastly, the library's definitely not a place to be running in. If you do run, you might end up like Jon ... This happened to him the other day.
[cut to Jon running through the stacks, when Matt sticks his foot in from off camera and trips him]
[cut to a still image of Jon clutching his knee in pain]
NARRATOR: Well, that's all the Librarian Barbarians have for you today. I hope you apply these rules to your daily library etiquette!
["A Strategic Presentation, Presentation :)" appears on screen, as a group of schoolchildren can be heard singing "I love books, and they love me, I get them free at the library! Read them once, read them twice, library books are oh so nice!"]


From wordpress.com:

Creative Direction
Matthew Yu
November 2, 2011

Creative direction huh? Well, us, The Librarian Barbarians certainly won't disappoint on this final project. While we know that probably more than half the class is targeting the same question, we're going to make sure our creativity is on another level. We've got a nice storyboard down in how to execute and film a video that is humorous, but also, educational to middle school students on library etiquette.

Overall, even though our video might be demonstrating the same rules and behaviors compared to other groups, we plan on putting our own spin on it. We want to be original, something the audience hasn't really seen yet. As a group, we communicate very well together and we all see each other on the same page when it comes to bringing up ideas. I think this direction we are taking is essential, unique and will hopefully make our video stand out amongst the others.

Within our storyboard, we'll pan out each act we'll be filming. Obviously, we've decided to film this in a library setting, so we've also planned what angles to shoot at so it makes the video a lot more aesthetic. We'll illustrate our creativity within our storyboard using some wicked arts/animations/graphics.

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