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Case Study No. 1306: "The Good Librarian"

The Good Librarian
The Christopher Center Library's first foray into silent films.
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The Christopher Center Library presents ...
The Good Librarian

[scene opens with black-and-white footage of a female student sitting outside and looking through her notebook in frustration]
FEMALE STUDENT: My research paper is due soon! I have no idea where to start!
[she gets up and stops a male student walking by]
FEMALE STUDENT: Can you answer a question about the paper for Professor Hardgrader's class?
[the male student adjusts his glasses, as the female student frantically waves her notes in front of him, until he just puts up his hands and starts walking off]
MALE STUDENT: Sorry dude, I've got my own work to do ...
[cut to a group of students chasing after a male professor, as the female student sees this and yells after him]
FEMALE STUDENT: Professor Hardgrader! I don't know what to do with my topic!
[he stops and turns]
PROFESSOR: Have you started your research yet?
[she shakes her head]
PROFESSOR: Gotten any materials?
[she shakes her head again]
PROFESSOR: Gone to the library?
[she shakes her head again]
PROFESSOR: Start your research and we'll talk more.
[he leaves (as the other students continue chasing after him), then the female student stops another male student wearing a "Google" t-shirt]
FEMALE STUDENT: Finally, you can help me get information on my topic!
[he smiles, then a giant pile of books (including the board game "Fact or Crap") suddenly appears in his hands, as he hands them to the confused student]
GOOGLE: Here are one-point-five trillion answers to your question, and it only took me point-one-three seconds!
[he smiles and walks off (as the student waves dumbly at him), then another male student wearing a "Wikipedia" t-shirt enters the scene]
FEMALE STUDENT: Can you help me get information on my topic?
[before he can answer, another female student (wearing a t-shirt with a "W" on it) runs up from behind and pushes him to the ground]
WIKIPEDIA GIRL 1: Well, I heard--
[a group of other students wearing "W" t-shirts (and the "Wikipedia" student) suddenly surround her and start arguing with one another, then one of them walks up to the female student and wags her finger in her face]
WIKIPEDIA GIRL 2: And that's what I know about that!
[they disperse, as the student hangs her head in confusion]
[cut to a young female librarian (hair pulled back, glasses, white t-shirt) walking up to find the student sitting on the ground again]
LIBRARIAN: Can I help you with something?
[the student smiles, as the librarian reaches out her hand and helps her to her feet]
FEMALE STUDENT: I don't know where to get information for my research paper. I'm so confused!
LIBRARIAN: There are lots of places to get started. I can help you find which is best for your topic!
[the student rubs her eyes in disbelief]
FEMALE STUDENT: You would help me?
LIBRARIAN: Of course, I'm a librarian! Let's go to the library.
[they walk off arm in arm, as the scene fades to black]

The moral of this story?
Don't be left by the wayside, visit the library today!

The Christopher Center Library at Valparaiso University
library dot valpo dot edu

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Professor Gregg (Bagel) Johnson
Professor Jonathan Bull
Lauren Fralinger
Annie Stanchak
Austin Hill
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Alyssa O'Connor

Jasmine Williams


From flagler.edu:

A skit from The Christopher Center Library, Valparaiso University in Indiana about a student who needs to do research for her paper...don't worry it's funnier than it sounds!

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