Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Case Study No. 1294: Unnamed Male Librarian (Reading Workshop Post-its)

Reading Workshop Post-its Animation
iStopmotion animation for Reading Workshoppers. Save the Librarians!
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[scene opens with a male librarian removing post-it notes from books before scanning them, as "Reading Workshop Post-its Invade the Library" appears on screen]
[after sticking all of the post-it notes to the desk in front of them, they suddenly start "moving" towards him, and (as he screams) they begin crawling up his shirt and towards his face]
[he screams again, as they cover his face and he falls over, then cut to a shot of the librarian lying prone on the ground with the post-it notes all over his face]
[cut to a blank wall, as post-it notes appear one by one until they spell out "Please Remove Post Its From Your Library Books. Thank You!"]

Post It Notes
Please leave no postprints
behind. Let each student
interpret a book for him or
herself. Kindly remove your
notes from library books before
returning them to the library.
Yoda will thank you.

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