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Case Study No. 1297: Kate Spencer

Haunted by her past, Lindsay ap Rhys ap Gruffud just wants a quiet life. What she gets is Queen Elizabeth the First appearing in her back garden.Lindsay and her best mate, Meg, must find a way to send Elizabeth back before a sixteenth century conspiracy succeeds in removing her from the throne of England.
When feisty librarian, Kate Spencer joins the quest, Lindsay struggles to avoid the one thing she dreads most - falling in love again. As they embark on a journey that takes them from one end of the country to the other, time is running out - for Queen Elizabeth and Lindsay ap Rhys ap Gruffud.
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Lindsay wanted a quiet life.

What she got was a journey of a lifetime.

Discover the story that brings Queen Elizabeth I to the 21st century ...

An adventure that travels from modern day Australia to 16th Century England

Can they return the Queen in time?

Find out in "Out of Time"
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Out of time
By Lesley Dimmock

Life is about to get really complicated for Lindsay ap Rhys ap Gruffud as Queen Elizabeth the First lands in her garden. Not only does Lindsay have to try and find a way to get Elizabeth back to her own time, but she also needs to avoid the thing she dreads most - falling in love - as Lindsay's best mate, Meg, enlists librarian Kate Spencer on the quest to send Elizabeth home.

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