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Case Study No. 1328: The Librarian (Daymare Town)

FREAKING LIBRARIAN - Let's play Daymare Town (Part 3)
Play Daymare Town yoself bro!: http://www.pastel

We get stuck and pray to the gods of guidance but unfortunately it takes a toll on my mic... I'm really sorry it won't happen again, bear with it ok? I'm like Finn now with my computer voice xD... AND WE FIND A FREAKING LIBRARIAN

Part 2: http://you
Part 4 (last): http://you
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Daymare Town is a series of point-and-click games developed by Mateusz Skutnik, who is known for Submachine and Covert Front, as a part of Pastel Games. The prominent feature that sets it apart from other point-and-click series is its unique art style. Everything in the games is completely hand-drawn by Skutnik himself. The heavily stylized visuals only add to the bizarre and surreal nature of the games.

The series is known for two things:

Being incredibly hard.
Being incredibly weird.

So far, there are three main entries in the series, and three side entries. Skutnik has said that the series will continue indefinitely, since there is no real plot to wrap up or end.

Particularly notable in that while it can be a bit scary or creepy, it takes place (obviously) entirely during the day, in a town with functioning shops and houses.



The Librarian is an inhabitant of Daymare Town that appears in Daymare Town 1 and Daymare Town 2. The Librarian has a innate fascination for anything that can be read, and is willing to exchange his possessions for anything readable. The Librarian has been stated by the author to be male.

The Librarian appears to be a malnourished human being wearing a long black robe, barefoot with long straggly hair and a big nose. In both Daymare Town 1 and Daymare Town 2, he is portrayed as sitting in the corner of a room.

The Librarian first appears in Daymare Town 1, holding a Chinese Puzzle Block. He is hostile to the Player, making an angry face and snarling when the player tries to interact, until the player brings him a book from the Book House, which he immediately begins to read, dropping the puzzle block in the process.

Later, he makes another appearance in Daymare Town 2, this time holding a floating balloon, which he is similarly possessive of. The balloon can be obtained by giving the Librarian a pamphlet from the Museum.

The Librarian is reclusive, evidenced by the fact that he appears in Daymare Town 1, which is set in an almost deserted section of the city. He is unfriendly and hostile when interacted with. His main fascination is reading - he drops anything he's holding just to get a book or even a pamphlet to read.

* The author has stated that the Librarian won't appear in Daymare Town 4, since it's a different part of the town and he couldn't be there.
* The Librarian appears in a drawing that the author put on sale some time ago.



The Yard
Passages to City Hall, A Well, Book House, Armory, A Stone, Passage, The Sky.
Bird – Lower left corner, ledge on building.

The Sky
Bird – Where chimney meets roof.

A Well
Coin – On rim of well.
Hook – On ground in top left. (Combine it with String.)

A Stone
String – In upper left. (Combine it with Hook.)
Yardstone Key – Click right edge of stone.

A Sewer
Piece 1 – Use Hook on String on Sewer.

Piece 3 – Use Small Torch on opening, use Lighter on torch, use Coin on person(?).

Armory (entrance)
Passage to Armory (inside).
Piece – Put Plate in left Some Strange Ornament for Piece.

Armory (inside)
Passages to Torture Room, Office (Armory).
Portrait of a Soldier – Click on buttons to see switch code.
Screwdriver – Cabinet in lower left. (Combine it with Cloth.)

Office (Armory)
Bird – Click on top right corner, then in center again.

Armory (First Floor)
Cloth – In back right corner. (Combine it with Screwdriver.)
Piece 4 – Will appear here once you use the Plate on the Strange Ornament outside.

Torture Room
Click on back-left to reach Recess.
Piece 5 – The Librarian will eventually show up here. Give him the Book.
Sinkmouth Key – Click on Sink. Use Hook with String on sink mouth.

Book House
Lighter – Check outside, the Small Hole in Wall on right.

Reading Room (Book House floor 1)
Piece of Paper – Left edge of picture of Bloomfield House.
Bird – Roof of Bloomfield House in picture.
Book – On desk in right part of room.

Archives (Book House floor -1)
Bird – Book with dot in huge bookcase.

Workshop (Book House floor -2)
Piece 2 – "Puzzle?" on wall; use switch code from Armory painting.
Piece 6 – Go to table with scissors and rock. Click rock, then quickly put Piece of Paper under it.

Basement (Book House floor -3)
Plate – Just "Turn Around" and then click "Scary".

City Hall (entrance)
Click the door to enter. Click the left to go to Left Yard.

Left Yard
Click Left to find a pedestal with the number of birds found, as well as a mysterious yawning mouth. Click on stairs to eventually get to Prisoner's Room. Use Yardstone Key to unlock door.

Prisoner's Room
Secret Puzzle – Use Golden Egg on Prisoner. Yay!
Bird – Click window of Prisoner's Room. It's on the left side of the busy part of the tree.

City Hall (Hallway)
Bird – Click top of screen, then just above and left of center.
Bird – Third door on left, click top right, click nest.
Piece 7 – Second door on right, click A Safe, use Sinkmouth Key.

City Hall (Puzzle machine area)
Bird – Go left, past the puzzle piece pillars, you'll find an area with a hole right in front of you. Click top of screen, then click rightmost of the three holes.
Bird – Machine area, where railing meets left wall.
Final Puzzle – Match the puzzle pieces to their pillars, click each button, finally pull lever past the left puzzle pillars area. Right area: Pieces 4, 2, 5. Left: 6, 1, 3, 7.

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