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Case Study No. 1320: Sister

Let's Play SMT DemiKids Dark Version Part 002
Our hunt for the demon book begins. We steal some cash, snag a few items, and meet our sister along the way! We also encounter our first enemy, all the while I make stupid or perverted jokes or remarks.
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[the player enters the Rem Elementary School library, where a group of fellow students are gathered around one of the bookcases]
LENA: That's strange ... I could've sworn it was on that bookshelf.
[the player walks up to the young female librarian (red hair, pink shirt, white skirt) standing next to the front desk]
SISTER: Akira! I haven't seen you in a while!
[the player walks up to an open book sitting on a table]
NARRATOR: Akira finds a book of magic and opens it.
AKIRA: [reading] "Know ye that with these words, the wounds of thy demons may be healed."
["??? ??? ???" appears on screen]
NARRATOR: Akira can't make out the rest of the page.
[the player walks up to the other students]
AMY: Do you guys really want to summon a demon?
LENA: Akira!
JIN: Akira! The Demon Book ... It's gone! Let's find it!!
[the player walks back to the librarian]
SISTER: Akira, what are you looking for?
AKIRA: The Demon Book that Lena found here is gone.
SISTER: Oh, that book. It was so unusual that I held on to it. You can take it if you want to read it ... Well?
[the player selects "Take it"]
SISTER: Well, here you go.
NARRATOR: Akira got the Demon Book.
[the player returns to the other students]
LENA: Where'd it go?
AKIRA: Jin, I found it!
JIN: That's the Demon Book! Good job, Akira!
[he starts reading from the book]
JIN: "Nex, a wolf-like demon who guards the gates of hell" ... Wow!
LENA: Jin is in a world of his own ... He gets that way when it comes to demons.
JIN: Whoa! What's this ... You're kidding me?
[cut to a closeup of the students]
JIN: Akira, check this out! This shows you how to summon a demon!
AKIRA: You're right! Jin ... Wanna give it a try?
LENA: This is so cool! Exciting, too!
AMY: Are you thinking about summoning demons? You need special powers for that. If you have those powers, that would mean ...
AKIRA: Powers? What are you talking about, Amy? What kind of powers do you need to summon demons?
AMY: There's danger in summoning demons ... A summoned demon might attack you.
AKIRA: A demon attack? If that happens, we'll just have to fight.
[cut back to a full shot of the library]
AKIRA: Jin, we're ready. Let's try the spell!
[cut back to a closeup of the students]
NARRATOR: The two boys chant the words to summon a demon ... Keyaga ka likahi ref achimi miya! We summon you to appear before us! Now!
[cut back to a full shot of the library, as the screen flashes red]
LENA: What the ... Something just flashed!
AMY: Be careful, everyone! Something's coming!
[a purple ball of energy appears in front of them, then cut to a closeup of a blue dragon-like creature appearing]
GARGOYLE: Gargoyle is my name. Who dares to summon me from my home? Could it be you, you pitiful ... humans! I come all this way from Valhalla to find myself summoned by kids!?
[cut back to a closeup of the students]
JIN: Wow! A real demon!
LENA: No kidding! This is unbelievable ...
AKIRA: Watch out! Jin, I think Amy might've been right!
[cut back to a full shot of the library (as the librarian runs out of the room), then back to a closeup of the students]
AMY: Gargoyle from Valhalla!? That's a demon of the Imperium! Why is it here!?
[cut back to a closeup of the demon]
GARGOYLE: Well, if it isn't Amy! Fleeing Valhalla and hiding here! I wondered where you'd disappeared to ... but here you are!!! You saved me a lot of trouble by summoning me. And now, you're mine!
[cut back to a closeup of the students]
AKIRA: Lena, make sure you're ready to run ... Lena! What're you doing!?
[cut back to a full shot of the library (as Lena walks up in front of the demon), then back to a closeup of the students]
LENA: Listen up, big 'n ugly! You've got yourself a serious attitude problem! If you think you can simply drop in and attack us, think again!
[cut back to a closeup of the demon]
GARGOYLE: You annoying brat! If you're seeking to anger me ... you've succeeded! Come here, you're mine!
[cut back to a full shot of the library, as the screen flahes red and Lena begins hovering around]
LENA: Hey! What's your problem!? Let me go! I said, let me go!
[cut back to a closeup of the demon]
GARGOYLE: Amy! If you want this brat to live ... You'll return with me to Valhalla!
[cut back to a closeup of the students]
AMY: Lena!
AKIRA: Jin ... We've got to help Lena!
JIN: Darn! What are we supposed to do!?
AMY: Akira! Jin! Take these! Use them against the demon! Hurry!
["Akira is handed a Demiloc" appears on screen]
["Akira is handed a Vinecom" appears on screen]
AMY: Akira! Use the Demiloc! Save Lena!
[the player selects "Use Demiloc"]
NARRATOR: Akira fires the Demiloc at the demon ... unleashing a blinding light!
[a pentagram appears on screen, then a small blue creature emerges]
GALE: Are you the one who summoned me? A DemiKid, eh? Part demon and part human ... I'm Gale. I'm your ally and Guide. Well, Gargoyle, now you've got a DemiKid and me to face! Can you handle us both!?
[cut back to a closeup of the demon]
GARGOYLE: What? A DemiKid!? Just my luck ... But then again, I've always liked a challenge!
[the demon attacks, and the player is able to defeat him]
GARGOYLE: DemiKids! You're too late ... This world has no future. With an active time rift, your world is doomed!
[the demon disappears]
AMY: Akira and Jin, your DemiKid powers ... have awakened.
LENA: Amy, I have a feeling you know something ...
AMY: Akira and Jin both have Demi-Powers. When they summoned that Gargoyle thing ... I gave them my Demiloc. Using the Demiloc, they summoned their allies, triggering their latent DemiKid powers.
LENA: You knew this was going to happen!? You knew this and gave them a ... a Demiloc!?
AKIRA: Chill out, Lena. It was the only way to take that demon out. Using the Demiloc was our choice, anyway.
JIN: Yeah, Lena ... If I had to do it again, I would.
AMY: The Gargoyle mentioned something ... a rift ... A time rift!! If that's a fact ... Oh my ... No!!
[she runs out of the room]
LENA: Where's she going? Didn't that thing say something about there being no future? We better follow her!
[she runs out of the room]
JIN: Let's go, Akira! Something's wrong ... We may be needed!
[he runs out of the room]
GALE: Akira, your awakened powers'll lure demons like fish bait. Stay alert, or demons will eat you alive!



"Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Children Book of Light/Book of Dark" is a role-playing video game from the Megami Tensei series for the Gameboy Advance. The US versions are titled DemiKids: Light Version/Dark Version. Similar to its predecessor the two versions each feature a different main character, Jin for the Book of Light and Akira for the Book of Dark. Both main characters are Devil Children - half Demon, half human.

The year is 200X. Jin, Akira and Lena are three child hood friends who like mysterious things. One day in the library, along with the mysterious transfer student Amy, they find the "Akuma Compendium". They chanted an incantation in the book and, to their surprise, devils appeared. Amy then told Jin and Akira that they are the Devil Children that will decide the fate of the world. She hands them their Devil Risers. The group then pass through the "Door of Time" to the land of Valhalla where they fight an evil ruler known as Imperius who plans on conquering all of the world. The Nakama of Jin is Rand, a Sol Lion, and Akira's is Gale, a Hylon.

The gamplay is mostly similar to its predecessor but with newly added elements. Both the Dark and Light versions tell the same story, but told from the different perspectives of the two characters. Certain Demons appear only in the Dark version or in the Light version. Gameplay in the Dark version is substantially different than the Light version; Dark is more complex while Light was simplified.

In America these games suffered due to what fans consider major gameplay flaws. Such as, the Demons don't level, the main Demon companion only levels when other demons are fused/sacrificed to it, and an overly complex menu system.



Shin Megami Tensei: DemiKids Dark Version (Shin Megami Tensei Debiru Chirudoren Yami no Sho, lit. "Devil Children Dark Book"), is part of a dualogy with DemiKids: Light Version, developed by Multimedia Intelligence Transfer.

The two games together make up a second generation of Devil Children games. Unlike many other multi-version games, there are a large number of changes between Dark Version and Light Version. The DemiKids games were also the first to receive a Shin Megami Tensei banner in North America.

Version Differences
Akira's story line revolves around the mostly Chaos based path found in other Shin Megami Tensei games; he starts in the Forest of Sorrow and arrives at the first town which is reverse of Jin's arrival in Valhalla.

Of the 362 demons you can obtain in both games, Light Version only has a 181 that can be captured / negotiated with via normal game play, of that total 45 of them are unique to Light and require trading between Dark Version to obtain them all. Yet the remaining 45 of them can be obtained in both versions as special fusions. There are also super unique ones to Light Version that pertain to the Sol Leo's infusion which totals 9 unique forms bringing the total to 370 per game.

* Akira: The Dark Version protagonist. He is a studious boy who discovers he is a Devil Child.
* Gale: The demonic guide belonging to Akira.
* Rand: The demonic guide belonging to Jin.
* Jin: The Light Version protagonist. He is an energetic slacker who discovers he is a Devil Child.
* Shin: A Devil Child from the land of Valhalla.
* Lena: Jin and Akira's friend who enjoys mysterious things. Has a habit of lecturing people.
* Amy: A mysterious girl from Valhalla who gives Jin and Akira Demilocs.
* Lucifer: The lord of darkness himself. His role in the story varies between Light and Dark versions.

DemiKids: Dark Version features the same style of gameplay as earlier Devil Children games. The game world is navigated in a 3rd person perspective; however battle is handled in first person, similar to the earlier Shin Megami Tensei. Unlike most Megami Tensei games, the moon phase mechanic is not used. The game's fusion mechanics are also simplified to make the game more accessible to a younger audience. For example, the resulting demon is always the same type demon as it's predecessor, and level alters the resulting demon, instead of combinations between demon types.

Some demons are only available in the DemiKids: Light Version, and players can use a link cable to trade, fusing demons and battle against each other. In comparison to the Light Version, the Dark Version features more challenging gameplay and far more complex mechanics. There are less items and macca present in Dark Version than in Light Version, making it more of the Hard Mode game.



The game begins looking at a Spiral galaxy.

"Light and dark mark the passage of time. One fades into the other, forming an eternal cycle...A circle of life."

The scenario switches to the Dark Palace, Dem. A short conversation between Lucifer and Forlo begins. Forlo brings bad news, a time rift appeared in Dem, that if left unchecked, all will end. There is a prophecy about this.

"When the fabric of time is torn, tomorrow shall fade."

The prophecy mentions children, saviors of our world. Lucifer then sends Forlo to see if the prophecy is true and if there is hope, to find it! Forlo then leaves.

The game goes back to looking at the Spiral galaxy.

"Dark to Light and back again. Such is life."

Now we see Norn, who is standing in front of a door. She is the Keeper of Fate, Destiny's guide. Here is where you choose your name for the main character. The default name is Akira, but you can enter your own if you so choose. The max number of characters you can use is 8.

After confirming your name, a little bit more dialogue ensues and then you're on your way into the game. But before you enter the door Norn was standing in front of, a few more words appear on-screen.

"Dark and Light...together shape eternity. Within are many paths, one of which is yours."

II. Rem Elementary School [RESL]

Items found: Ointment x 1, Mana Juice x 2, Repel Charm x 2, Attack Gum x 1, Revive Orb x 1, Love Charm x 1, Guard Gum x 1, 500 Macca

October, 200X
Rem Elementary School

The teacher introduces a new student to the class, Amy Kashihara. The teacher tells her she can sit across from "hero".

{Note: From here on when I say "hero", I'm referring to the main character (Akira) since you can name him whatever you want to.}

Before Amy goes to sit down, she stops to talk to "hero" for a brief moment. The teacher then dismisses the class. Talk to the other kids in class if you like but before you leave, check the bookcase in the (NW) corner to receive 1 Ointment. Check the Plant on the (E) side of the classroom to receive 1 Mana Juice. Exit the room for a short conversation between a few of the "hero's" friends.

Here you meet Jin and Lena. Lena has found something unusual, it turns out it is a book with a spell to summon a demon. She found it in the library while looking for another book. Amy leaves the classroom and overhears the conversation about demons. The "hero" introduces Amy to Jin and Lena. Lena asks Amy if she is interested, she can join the group. Amy is unsure at first but then decides she will accept Lena's offer.

*Lena and Amy head to the library, then Jin follows*

You now have control of "hero". You COULD go straight to the library now, but this is an RPG....go explore the school a little bit. Head (W) and enter the far door. The left locker at the top of the room holds 1 Repel Charm. The bookcase right next to the 3 lockers to the (E) holds 1 Attack Gum. Exit that room and head to the next room to the (E). The left cabinet holds 1 Revive Orb. The other holds 1 Mana Juice. The locker on the (W) side of the room has M 500 (what you use for money). Remember this room if you get hurt, the girl here will heal you if you need it. Exit the room.

You cannot go up the stairs for now, since the floors are being mopped, head (E). Skip the first door, you have been there since thats your classroom. There is nothing in the second door but an empty classroom, so the third door is your destination. This is the library. Jin, Lena and Amy are looking at a bookshelf, but they cannot find the book Lena found earlier. Before you talk to your friends, check the leftmost bookshelf for a Love Charm and a Guard Gum. The third bookshelf has a Repel Charm. On the (E) wall, the bottom bookshelf has a Mana Juice.

Talk to Amy and she asks if you ("hero", Lena, and Jin) really want to summon a demon. Talk to Lena, Jin tells you that the Demon Book is gone. Now you have to find it. Talk to the Librarian "Sister". She held onto it for some unusual reason and asks "hero" if he wants it, choose "Take it" and she'll give it to you. Go talk to Jin now. He starts reading the book aloud.

"Nex, a wolf-like demon who guards the gates of hell..."

Jin tells Akira that the book tells how to summon a demon. Amy and Lena talk a little and Amy says that you need special powers to summon a demon. Then "hero" asks what kind of powers are needed to summon demons. Amy says that there is danger in summoning demons, a summoned demon might attack you. Jin and "hero" now chant the words to summon a demon. After the guys are done with the chant, there are several flashes of red and the demon appears. The demon's name is Gargoyle. He is mad that he was summoned ALL the way from Valhalla by KIDS. I'll leave the next little part of the dialogue for you to read, I'd like to keep spoilers to a minimum. After that part, Lena gets face to face with Gargoyle and chews him out. Go Lena! Gargoyle spins Lena around a bit and Amy gives "hero" and Jin a Demiloc and a Vinecom. You have a choice to either use the Demiloc or not to. You have to use it to progress the game so choose "Use Demiloc" or forever be stuck in an endless cycle of "Don't use Demiloc". :p

--When you choose to use the Demiloc: It unleashes a blinding light and summons Gale. Gale says that "hero" is a DemiKid, part demon and part human. Gale is your ally and Guide. Gargoyle is surprised that "hero" is a DemiKid, but says he likes challenges.

***Boss: Gargoyle***

HP = 79
Attack to watch out for: Ice Breath

EXP gained: 5
Macca gained: 80

This boss is pretty straightforward, like most first boss battles are in any RPG. Just attack him and heal when you feel you need to. His ICE BREATH does the most damage, it did 30 damage to Gale. Since Gale only starts with 72HP, thats a pretty hefty chunk of HP to take out. If you got all the items from the school, you should have plenty of items to heal Gale. Gale has a Heal Spell that heals 40HP, and it only costs 5MP, so you can use it 5 times if need be since he has 28MP to start with. Tough it out and you will be victorious.

Once the battle is over, Gargoyle yaps a little and dies. Amy tells "hero" and Jin that their DemiKid powers have awakened. Lena thinks that Amy knows something and Amy says that both "hero" and Jin have Demi-Powers. More talk, then Amy mentions the time rift, gets scared and runs off. Lena suggests that they follow her. Jin exits and Gale asks you if you want to give him a nickname. For the purposes of this walkthrough, Gale will keep his default name. Gale has a couple of friends that will be allies. Aminoz, Lava Rat and Windling. They are a nice and welcomed addition to the party. Gale tells you if you need to talk to him while walking, press B. He can give you a ride in demon-infested areas if you press R. Exit the library and head back towards the classroom. You see your group looking at a strange sphere. Amy tells you its a time rift and not to touch it. Amy explains what a time rift is, he must be pretty dense....-_-'. Lena tells "hero" that they have to do something and Amy suggests that they DO touch it to see what they're dealing with. They do, and are thrown back in time. Amy rushes off to the roof of the school. You and the group need to meet her there to use the portal to go to Valhalla.

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