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Case Study No. 1304: Blaise and the Old Librarian/Demon Librarian

Dark Ages - Wizard Dark Artifact (Part II)
Dark Ages is property of KRU INTERACTIVE. This video is the second of two videos detailing what must be done to finish the wizard Dark Artifact quest and receive the Dark Ring.

The video picks up roughly five real-life days after I turned in the Dark Belt, Dark Necklace, and gold pieces. You will receive an "Inactive Dark Ring" from the Oren Jeweler and must take this item back to the Old Librarian in the Secret Office. Remember to click Blaise in Loures Castle Library to gain access to the Office area. NOTE: as of Christmas time, 2012, the Inactive Dark Ring looks like a cloth/leather glove. Oops!

When you return to the Office, the Old Librarian will take the Inactive Dark Ring and begin a ceremony involving the dark arts. Afterwards, he will attack you so that he may keep the ring. NOTE: if you read the words the Old Librarian says, you may recognize them from The Army of Darkness trilogy... ;)

There is very little that may be done to prepare yourself for this battle. Unfortunately, if you have buff spells of any kind casted on you (this includes the fas nadur spells), then the Old Librarian will promptly ao sith you. The guy will also cast ard cradh on you before he blasts you with mor and meall spells, so be sure to beag cradh yourself if possible. If you plan to use the "across the table" method like I did, be prepared to sit through a ton of what is probably mor pramh.

If you are not a prizard, you should probably not rely on fas spiorading (this is especially true if your bases are low). Instead, try using fiors to replentish your mana and be sure to bring as many brown potions and ard ioc deums as possible. Down the creature with PND. NOTE: The Old Librarian will transform into his real form, a demon, when he has lost approximately 75% of his health.

When the demon dies, he piles rather unimpressively and leaves the Dark Ring and Dark Ring Spell on the ground for you to pick up. Don't forget to pick them up! (Mine were a little hidden behind the chair).

...and that's it! You will have completed this Dark Artifact quest! Nice! :D
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[the player selects the "Old Journal" from his inventory]
NARRATOR: The book is old and moldy. Its pages are faded and yellowed. The spine is cracked and close to tearing apart. You flip through the few remaining legible pages.
[the player clicks "Next"]
NARRATOR: The print is visible but the language is unrecognizable. Perhaps it is an ancient language or some type of code.
[the player takes the journal to Loures Castle, where an elderly male librarian (blue wizard's robe and hat, long white beard) is waiting in the castle library]
BLAISE: Hello. What can I do for you?
[the player selects "Strange old journal"]
BLAISE: A book written in a strange arcane language. Hmm ... And I suppose you expect me to translate it for you, yes? Well, I won't do it. I don't have the time.
[the player clicks "Next"]
BLAISE: But, I suppose ...
[the player clicks "Next"]
BLAISE: We have a very skilled librarian with us. He has come to us from Medenia, so he says. He may be able to help you. He keeps to himself most of time. He works on deciphering old texts within his office, which is sealed away to prevent disruption.
[the player clicks "Next"]
BLAISE: I could take you there ... but you must promise not to say anything to the master librarian, and you must keep your eyes closed as I open the way.
[the player clicks "Next"]
BLAISE: Do you want to go to the old librarian's office now?
[the player selects "Yes, take me to the old librarian's office"]
BLAISE: Very well, close your eyes.
[cut to a hidden room in the library, where a rather young-looking male librarian (blue hair, brown robe, green tunic, holding a magic staff) is standing behind a table]
OLD LIBRARIAN: What? How did you get in here?
[the player clicks "Next"]
OLD LIBRARIAN: Oh, never mind ... Say, what's that old book you've got there? May I see it?
[the player clicks "Next"]
OLD LIBRARIAN: Aha! It is the journal of a necromancer, a wizard who dedicated himself to the dark side of magic.
[the player clicks "Next"]
OLD LIBRARIAN: It's written in a cant that has long since been abandoned. It was used as a code by the Anaman pact, to keep their dealings secret.
[the player clicks "Next"]
OLD LIBRARIAN: This book must have been very important to have been encoded in such ways.
[the player clicks "Next"]
OLD LIBRARIAN: I may be able to glean more information if you'll allow me to study it for two doublemoon. Will you let me study the book?
[the player selects "Yes", as "You hand over the Old Journal" appears on screen]
OLD LIBRARIAN: Excellent! I will have a report ready for you after two doublemoons. Blaise will send you up when it's ready. Until then, I trust you will leave me to my studies. Farewell.


[the player enters the Loures library and speaks to Blaise again]
BLAISE: Hello. What can I do for you?
[the player selects "Strange old journal"]
BLAISE: The old librarian has instructed me to take you to his office. He seems very excited!
[the player clicks "Next"]
BLAISE: Do you want to go to the old librarian's office now?
[the player selects "Yes, take me to the old librarian's office", then cut back to the secret room in the library]
OLD LIBRARIAN: Welcome back. I have much to tell you. But before I reveal my information, I want to make a trade.
[the player clicks "Next"]
OLD LIBRARIAN: You didn't think that I would do all this work out of the kindness of my heart, did you?
[the player clicks "Next"]
OLD LIBRARIAN: My proposal is simple. I tell you what I've discovered, and you let me keep the book. Deal?
[the player selects "Sure, keep the book and tell me what you know"]
OLD LIBRARIAN: Thank you. You've made a wise choice.
[the player clicks "Next"]
OLD LIBRARIAN: The book is the personal journal of a necromancer. It's a bit of a technical manual. It explains his theories on magic and nature.
[the player clicks "Next"]
OLD LIBRARIAN: The book is very badly damaged. Many of the pages have been rendered illegible by time and wear.
[the player clicks "Next"]
OLD LIBRARIAN: The book describes the process for creating the Dark Ring. The Dark Ring is a powerful magical item that would have the power to change the nature of any creature of the land ... Did that pique your interest? I thought it might.
[the player clicks "Next"]
OLD LIBRARIAN: If you want to try and create the Dark Ring for yourself, I can tell you how to do it.
[the player clicks "Next"]
OLD LIBRARIAN: You'll need the gems of a Dark Belt and Dark Necklace. Take them to the Oren Jewelsmith. I will parcel her the diagram she will need to be able to craft the ring.
[the player clicks "Next"]
OLD LIBRARIAN: Once you have the ring, bring it back to me. I will read the magic words and together we shall activate its power!
[the player clicks "Next"]
OLD LIBRARIAN: Of course, I will be the one to read the magic words. Such a great honor should go to me.
[the player clicks "Next"]
OLD LIBRARIAN: I await your return.


[after receiving the "Inactive Dark Ring" from the jeweller on Oren Island, the player returns to the Loures library]
BLAISE: Hello. What can I do for you?
[the player selects "Strange old journal"]
BLAISE: Welcome back, I'll lead you to the librarian's office now.
[cut back to the secret room in the library]
OLD LIBRARIAN: Is that it? Is that the Dark Ring? Wonderful! Give it here so that I may activate it.
["You hand him the Dark Ring" appears on screen]
OLD LIBRARIAN: Excellent, let us begin.
[the player clicks "Next"]
["The room dims" appears on screen]
OLD LIBRARIAN: Verrata ...
["The ring begins to glow" appears on screen]
OLD LIBRARIAN: Err, uhh ... Let's see, how did it go? Klaatu, Verrata ... Klaatu, Verrata ... Oh! Yes. Now I remember ...
[the screen goes black for a brief second, as "You are blinded momentarily!" appears on screen]
DEMON LIBRARIAN: I can't believe it worked! The Dark Ring is real ... and I'm holding it in my hand!
["A voice rumbles, 'Well done my servant'" appears on screen]
DEMON LIBRARIAN: It's ours, lord! The Dark Ring is ours!
["A voice rumbles, 'Dispose of this aisling'" appears on screen]
[the librarian suddenly attacks the player, eventually reverting to his demon form (grey skin, horns and tail)]
DEMON LIBRARIAN: Aaargh! My disguise! How dare you! Die!!
[the "librarian" continues his attack, until the player is able to defeat him]
DEMON LIBRARIAN: Nooooooooooooo!! Master, I failed ... It was ... almost ... ours ...
[the screen is engulfed in flames, as the "librarian" disappears and "Dark Ring" is added to the player's inventory]
[the player exits the secret room and returns to the main library]
BLAISE: Hello. What can I do for you?
[the player selects "Strange old journal"]
BLAISE: Good heavens! I heard quite a racket up there! What in Danaan's name was going on?
[the player clicks "Next"]
BLAISE: The old librarian was a demon? Impossible! He was such a quaint old man ... Hmm. He did seem very interested in the dark arts.
[the player clicks "Next"]
BLAISE: Thank you for dealing with the problem in a discreet manner. I am thankful none of our precious works were damaged.



"Dark Ages: Online Roleplaying" is an MMORPG, based on Celtic mythology, developed by Nexon, Inc (now known as Kru Interactive). It is loosely based on the Korean game called Legend of Darkness. The American version was developed by David Kennerly (no relation to the photographer), who based it somewhat on the works of horror writer H.P. Lovecraft. The game originally thrived on player involvement in the management of the game and progression of the storyline, even going so far as allowing players control over in-game punishments and laws. Compared to most modern MMORPGs, there is fairly low playerbase. The graphics style is also somewhat older, giving up the recent lure of 3D for a more top-down-esque feel. Some players feel that the game must rise to the recently created standards of other games, while other players enjoy and prefer the simpler, less complex interface.

The backstory essentially is that a long time past, the people called Tuatha de Danaan ("Children of Danaan") arrived in the lands of Temuair, meaning Earth-Sea in the Tuathan tongue. There was formed the civilization called Hy-brasyl. It was a peaceful time, in harmony with nature. For the first time after a millennium of peace a man is found murdered, and exploration into the outside world begins. With this comes the harnessing of the elements for magickal power.

Along with this exploration, Kadath, the worldly home of the Gods, is re-discovered (it had been first discovered in an earlier civilization called Aosda). Dark altars and temples are constructed, and the Priests of these Dark Gods go crazy in their search for Godly knowledge. In this madness, Hy-brasyl is drowned, with the death of all those who know the forbidden knowledge.

Over 300 years go by until the knowledge is regained, and along with the four other elements (Fire, Earth, Water, Wind), a fifth is discovered: Darkness. With this discovery come the Dubhaimid, the dark ones. Formed by the Dark God Chadul, these dark forces terrorize Temuair. The wise amongst the Tuatha de Danaan return to the worship of the Light Goddess Danaan, who enters into the Great War with Chadul.

Many years later, the Six Lords of Temuair meet to form an unholy Pact with Chadul. Led by Tenes, King of Ardmagh, the Anaman Pact is formed, granting each of the Lords a 1000 year lifespan and the unity of Temuair. In the ensuing war, Danaan's chosen Paladin, Ainmeal, fights against Tenes in battle and wins, ending another dark threat. Ainmeal renames Ardmagh to "Loures."

Again much time of peace passes, until the 4th Emperess of Loures, Ealagad, comes to power. She seeks to rekindle the power of Chadul and does so, restoring the Dubhaimid to Temuair. Danaan again intervenes, this time by sacrificing Herself in order to defeat Chadul for the final time. With the end of this Shadows War, the first of the Aislings (Dreamers) is born, free from his old mundane life, and making a difference in the new Atavism Age.

Beta Testing
Dark Ages went through a long period of testing prior to its commercial release on 2 August 1999. Many of the aspects of the beta testing focused on both the client and server sides, as well as the complex political and religious systems designed by Kennerly. Furthermore, the focus of Atavism Age was to build a large community of people who might serve as stewards for the world itself when it became commercially available after the end of the testing phases - helping new players to become acclimated to Temuair's complex and deep roleplaying environment, as well as maintaining the fabric of the society through the political system.

Players who applied for any of the testing phases were required to submit an application focusing on their roleplaying experience, as well as what they felt they could do to aid the community.

Many of the initial testers for Dark Ages came from the player base of Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds.

Legends of Dark Ages
(Excerpted from Seanchas Temuair, Vol. 1, in the Library of Loures)


There were no ill-stars during the days or nights of Hy-brasyl. Fruits were plentiful, and fulfilling, and beasts and men alike followed their nature.

Elders heard an angelic voice when it was their time. They parted from Hy-brasyl fondly; without regret. Who could regret the golden streets, towers, or unspoiled fruits and meats. On their hill, or in their home, they awaited with a patience known today only in Aosda. Death came gently, creeping as a slow, silky sheet over their eyes. The elders simply slipped beneath the waves of Hy-brasyl and drifted on fond memories in Grinneal.

A millennium passed. Some would say it was too short; yet it was the memory to last through all the ages. A man was found in the street, dead, cold. He had lived across the river Cionta. Hy-brasyl mourned his death, but wondered why he had died suddenly, violently, with a pale look across his face.

Thus began the investigation into the nature of the world. Elements were no longer partners for play and imagination, but were tools for discovery. Those that began the discipline, though, found no peace in the answer. Human magic was born; along with it men gained a fatal glimpse of the nature of things outside the local harmony.

***Drowning of Hy-brasyl***

Hy-brasyl split. People horded nature; for the power found therein. A few harnessed magic and ruled thereby. The new rulers ground stones into potions and advanced the art of war into more deadly swords. Agricultural flourished for the purpose of supporting armed assault; all to horde the power locked in the elements.

The first ill-star was recorded. A star was seen streaking the sky, and it was noted as a herald of doom. Perhaps such stars had scribed the sky before, yet never was one watched intently for signs of good or ill fortune for one's neighbor. Hideous altars were built toward the stars and toward the north, Kadath, where it is said resided the worldly home of the Gods.

Priests arose and foolishly succoured those of Kadath. Fulfilling their own prophecy of doom, men acquired, for the first time, the notice of that which dwells in Kadath. The priests whose prayers toward dark north were answered, went mad. Others may have, we shall never know, for they disappeared into the dark north forever. Wise men left Hy-brasyl, now corrupt, avoiding the corrupt men and the things with which they dealt.

Meanwhile, the magician's balance of nature was destroyed. Elements were employed to war with others. Air, Water, Earth, and Fire assaulted neighbors. Thus, Hy-brasyl drowned. Shadows crossed over the day, and all became as night. People turned to look but could not find light of day or star. A rumble emerged, as waves climbed higher, the water flooding the streets, the cities, and the tallest towers.

Only the fastest that fled the drowning city survived. They scored the land with their labor. Some stumbled onto or sought out the wise men who had left earlier. The people ignored the cause of chaos and sought the comfort that was Hy-brasyl in its glory.

A few of the less wise of the men became kings. Three lasting civilizations were born. Finach, presently known as Mileth. Sarnath, presently known as Gear Inbhir, and Niara. Crusades against neighbors arose, from which only the few in power or seclusion escaped toil, disease and death. Conquest became their religion. Elemental magic scattered the mountains and rained stardust on the heads of enemies.

***Birth of Chadul***

Out of an obscene understanding of the elements was wrought a fifth element: darkness. From it, atrocious creatures were born. Some which died or vanished with only a lingering sense remaining, and others that the foolish summoner would wish that they had vanished. Their towns, too, would be eaten by the monstrocities.

Magic outside of the King's courts was generally prohibited thereafter. Kings, however, used the magic in their wars and in the imposition and sustenance of their luxury. The creatures became threats to neighboring enemies and internal opponents that challenged the throne.

The hideous creatures prospered under foolish reigns. These creatures were different from monsters known to the world. There was no orc or goblin that gripped the mind, and tore it like these beings did. The dubhaimid, as the were fearfully called, went through maddening motions, as if dancing to an obscene god. The dubhaim knew the secrets of life and death; which meant death for all mortal races. They created and stocked the underworld, land of terror and darkness. This was nothing like the final resting place, Grinneal of Hy-brasyl. Souls screamed without rest in the underworld of the dubhaimid.

Perhaps they screamed too loudly, or perhaps the thoughts of the living were too strong. The eighth aeon of Temuair was known. Wise men described it by the being that was born: Chadul, the ruler of the third realm: the underworld. The wise returned to the worship of Danaan, goddess of the light.

A war rose up of light and darkness, the armies amassed under Danaan or Chadul. Danaan convinced the other beings aid to her, and Chadul was defeated in three days. Chadul was held at bay at the darkness. Not without casualties. The mortal world was ravaged by hail, earthquakes, floods, fire, and the fingers of the dubhaimid.

The beings realized what was done and wept for mortality. Mortal spirits wandered the land, and slipped into the darkness of Chadul's realm. Darkness spread.

***Era of Conquerors***

Survivors gathered and balkanized. The wisdom wars should have taught them did not survive. Hungry for a memory of Hy-brasyl glory, without the discipline to its creation in their heart, they used more of the darkness for conquest. Lord Tenes arose from them, forming a foolish alliance with six other lords and one inhuman thing. They called their alliance the League of Darkness.

They formed a pact called the Anaman. It was a foolish agreement between themselves and an agent of otherworldly chaos. They gained a thousand-year lifespan and the unification of Temuair. The pact was not purely evil. It allowed fresh souls to escape the realm of Chadul.

The League and outsiders divided Temuair into ten kingdoms, beginning the Dark Ages. Kings and Lords were tired of war. They gathered to try to create a pact of peace. They could not agree, out of greed. Tenes, though, got what he wanted.

A new lord stood against Tenes: Ainmeal. Ainmeal worshipped Danaan, and had the favor of the goddess. He swept through battle gracefully. Though not of the courtly upbringing of Tenes, Ainmeal exceeded in grace of wit and temperament. The sidh, the faerie races, were said to converse and aid Ainmeal in battle. A glow stood about him in battle. And a woe befell his adversaries.

***Rise of Loures***

The kings' magic power and armies came from ancient civilizations, and the territories they founded their kingdoms upon. No one wanted to give up their territory. Ainmeal gathered with three kings to found the new capital, Loures on the great plain: Ardmagh. Tenes, the ruler of the city, and his allies went to war. His notable allies were: Suomi, Massai, Feasgar, and Glaic. Allies dominated the beginning of the war. Ainmeal, however, did not back down. Ainmeal divided the allies against each other. Then Suomi joined Ainmeal's forces, ending the war. Now Loures ruled the empire, and Ainmeal was King of Ardmagh.

Originally, Ainmeal renamed Loures, To erase the memory of its previous reign, But it soon regained its older name when he left the throne to his son. Loures had achieved its might and craftsmanship from the artisans that had worked under Tenes, Not Ainmeal. When Ainmeal's son died, a shaman-empress was elected. This lineage was a puppet to the spirit that had existed before Ainmeal.

'Twas not till the fourth empress, Ealagad, the "Steel Swan," took power. She gathered the other nine kings. She was stronger than the dubhaimid. The dubhaimid dreamt of resurrection. It created many hideous monsters; which sought the ancient civilization: Aosda.

Seven beings led the spirits of Aosda to Temuair. These beings were determined to protect mortals. Thus they began the 100 years war against Darkness, for the sake of the light, and to complete the unfinished empire. It was the Shadows War.

Those united under Ealagad suffered defeat in the form of plagues of madness until magicians of Rucesion discovered the sixth element: light. The creatures of darkness, the dubhaimid, were defeated after another generation of war. Rich towns filled their streets with lamps containing a tear of this element to keep the darkness at bay.

Yet, every light casts a shadow....



Loures Library
On the third floor of the castle, ye can speak with the acting librarian, Blaise. He will not say much out of fear of being jailed with Marlin, but will hint about a bookshelf where ye can learn of Conix lore.

Loures Underground Jail
On the first floor of the castle, ye can speak with the jailed librarian, Marlin. He will tell ye where to search to learn of the calling stone.



Dark Artifact (Insight Master)
Random Pop-Up

Items Needed:
* Demon Lord Note
* Dark Necklace, Dark Belt, 86k Gold

Procedure Dark Ring(Wizard):
* Walk around randomly until you receive a pop-up, you will receive an Old Journal in exchange for the Demon Lord Notes.
* Read the book, and then go to Loures Library to speak with Blaise.
* You will be warped to a new room with a mundane. Let him study the book for two weeks.
* Returning to the Librarian he will tell you to craft the ring at the Oren Jeweler. Take a Dark Necklace and Dark Belt to the Jeweler and wait 5 days (she says 2 days though).
* Get the Ring from the Jeweler and return to the Librarian. He will convert the ring to the Dark Ring, and say the ring is his, then try to kill you. Once you kill him he will drop the Dark Ring. Pick it up and search for the Dark Ring Spell, then exit.

Procedure Cluais Jewel(Priest):
* Walk around randomly until you receive a pop-up, you will receive an Old Journal in exchange for the Demon Lord Notes.
* Read the book, and then go to Loures Library to speak with Blaise.
* You will be warped to a new room with a mundane. Let him study the book for two weeks.
* When you return he will says there is nothing, but he found a Dull Gem in the back.
* Take the Dull Gem to each temple and pray for it to be enchanted. It takes 1 day for each temple to enchant it. After you are finish, click the Dull Gem to receive the Cluais Jewel.
* Legend: "Discovered the Cluais Jewel"

Procedure Arcane Gauntlet(Rogue):
* Walk around randomly until you receive a pop-up, you will receive a password in exchange for the Demon Lord Notes.
* Head to the back of Mileth Church. You must wait until there is no one near before you attempt to enter.
* Speak with Nikolad, and "Remain Silent." After everything agree to the Mission. Wait a week and return.
* You'll have to murder a beggar in Pravat Cave. Approach behind him with the black box and kill him. Return to Nikolad.
* Nikolad will tell you to return to the beggar to pick up the Journal of the beggar. Do that and return. He'll tell you to search tagor for the Stash Spot.
* Or you may read the Old Journal and search behind the House in Tagor instantly.
* Search Tagor, near (44,29), until you get a "Old Dusty Glove." Return to Nikolad, but as you enter you'll be attacked by 3 creatures. Kill all three and kill Nikolad and you'll receive the Arcane Gauntlet.
* Legend: "Recovered the Arcane Gauntlet"

Procedure Obsidian(Monk):
* Sit around until you receive a pop-up, you will receive an Odd Puzzle Box in exchange for the Demon Lord Notes. To open it you need 130 Int.
* Open the Box to receive a note, it stats to go beneath the City of Rogues. Walk around Tagor Church until you receive a Pop-Up to go beneath.
* He'll ask for a number of items: an empty bottle, 2 finished rubies, shovel, whip, a parchment scroll and a 11' poll from a Farm. Note other items may be asked such as Rum.
* Go to the farmer he tells you of and ask him to get you an 11' poll. Come back in 3 days.
* Come back and chase the Demon until you see him pick up the Obsidian. Kill it and it'll drop the weapon. The basement starts to collapse and you are required to run out.
* Legend: "Recovered the Obsidian"

Procedure Eclipse(Warrior):
* Walk around randomly until you receive a pop-up, you will receive a Brittle Blade in exchange for the Demon Lord Notes. Go to the Suomi Smith.
* After one week of the Suomi Smith research, he will ask for 100 Finish Talgonite and 30 Trent Roots. Wait one more week.
* Come back you you will fight a mundane. After you kill him he'll turn into a demon. Fight the demon and after you defeat him you'll receive the Eclipse.
* Legend: "Reforged the Eclipse"

* Receive Dark Ring
* Receive Dark Ring Spell
* Receive Legend Mark "Discovered the Dark Ring"

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