Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Case Study No. 1308: Broadneck High School Librarian

The Library has Everything!
Broadneck Media Center
1265 Green Holly Drive
Annapolis, MD 21409
(410) 757 - 1300
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[scene opens with a claymation boy picking up a book sitting on the table in his room]
BOY: The library? Why do I have to do a research project at the library? There's nothing there!
[he suddenly falls and hits his head, then cut to him waking up in a strange room]
BOY: What ... is this place?
[an odd-looking female librarian, with hunched-over shoulders and glasses, appears behind him]
LIBRARIAN: This is a library. My library, to be exact!
BOY: Okay, well, I'll get out of your library. Sorry to intrude ...
[he tries to leave, but can't find an exit]
BOY: How do I get out of here?!
LIBRARIAN: I can help you! Follow me ...
[they walk towards a bookshelf]
LIBRARIAN: This is a bookshelf. It holds all kinds of books, from non-fiction to science fiction.
BOY: I like science fiction movies ...
LIBRARIAN: Books are better!
[the boy backs away at her outburst]
BOY: That's great. But where's the door?
[she points at a nearby desk]
LIBRARIAN: This is a computer.
BOY: I know what a computer is--
LIBRARIAN: From here, you can check your mail. And best of all, you can use the library catalog.
BOY: That's cool, but I really have to go and--
LIBRARIAN: Make a reservation!
BOY: What?!
LIBRARIAN: If I don't have the book you need at the moment, you can reserve it and we will call you when we have it.
BOY: That's nice ... Where's the door?
LIBRARIAN: By the drop-off box, where else? If the library is closed, you just drop the books in the box, and we put them away the next day!
BOY: So I could just take books?
LIBRARIAN: Of course! But only if you have a library card ...
[she hands him a card]
[he puts it in his pocket]
BOY: Okay ... Is there someone else I can talk to?
LIBRARIAN: There is the information desk. Another librarian will help you there.
BOY: Where is --
[she turns and leaves]
BOY: Okay ...
[he turns towards the information desk in the opposite direction, and the same librarian is suddenly sitting there]
LIBRARIAN: Hi! May I help you?
BOY: Are you the same person?
LIBRARIAN: No, why would I be?
BOY: Oh. Well, all I wanna know is how to get outta here.
LIBRARIAN: It's very simple. Just pinch yourself and say "Wake up!"
BOY: Oh ...
[he pinches himself]
BOY: Wake up!
[he suddenly wakes up in his room]
BOY: Mom, I'm going to the library! They have everything there!

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