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Case Study No. 1282: Marian (The Flower Shop)

The Flower Shop Girls - Marian
Marian is the Fairbrook librarian. She loves to write poetry and will introduce Steve to books and... maybe to something else ;)
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[scene opens with Steve standing in the street in the town of Fairbrook]
STEVE: [to himself] Fairbrook really is a small place. In fact, the only building that really stands out is the library. I glance at my watch. It isn't even noon yet. Uncle doesn't need me back that soon, does he? Well, a little exploring couldn't hurt ...
[he enters the Fairbrook Public Library]
STEVE: [to himself] Normally, a library is the last place I'd want to spend my summer vacation. But right now, I'll take any excuse to stay away from the farm.
[he looks around the room, which is empty save for a table and some bookshelves/magazine racks]
STEVE: [to himself] The library is hauntingly quiet. Even my footsteps are absorbed by the thick carpet ... Of course it's quiet. It's a library. What did I expect, a rave?
MARIAN: [from off camera] May I help you?
STEVE: [to himself] A quiet voice calls out to me from behind a stack of books.
[Marian (a young female librarian with long blonde hair, purple bandana, glasses, a light-colored blouse and a beige skirt) appears]
STEVE: Um ... hi!
MARIAN: My name is Marian. I'm the librarian here.
STEVE: Haha, Marian the librarian!
MARIAN: It has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?
STEVE: [to himself] And a nice face to go with it ...
MARIAN: And what is your name?
STEVE: Steve.
MARIAN: Are you new to Fairbrook?
STEVE: I'm just here for the summer. I'm staying with my Uncle Sam on his farm.
MARIAN: Sam is a good man. You must consider yourself very fortunate to be staying with him.
STEVE: Fortunate isn't exactly the word I'd use ...
MARIAN: Sam is a gentle man with a generous heart. It's really a shame that he's not as strong as he used to be.
STEVE: He seems plenty strong to me.
[she suddenly gets a sad look on her face]
MARIAN: You should have seen him before ...
[she composes herself and smiles]
MARIAN: Well, I suppose he doesn't want people gossiping about him ... So Steve, would you like to check out a book?
STEVE: I don't have a library card.
MARIAN: Nonsense. You're Sam's nephew. You don't need a library card.
STEVE: Are you sure?
MARIAN: Of course. Anyone related to Sam is a friend.
STEVE: [to himself] Wow ... is Uncle really that great of a guy?
MARIAN: So what sort of stories are you interested in?
STEVE: Well, I don't really read much ...



The Flower Shop is a dating and farming simulation game.

Steve's life has just taken a downward turn. His grades from his first semester in college are dismal, his relationship with his girlfriend is rocky at best, and now his dad is shipping him off to some farm for the summer so that he can "build character." What's a poor, lazy, college kid to do?

Take control of Steve as he spends a summer in Fairbook, working on the farm, making new friends, and maintaining old relationships.

There are four girls who you can spend time with. Maintain a good relationship with them by spending time with them and learning about their hopes and dreams. You can impress them by improving your skills, but if you only focus on one thing, they won't be interested. Build a strong enough friendship, and it might even bloom into romance.

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