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Case Study No. 1318: Blake Darcy

Avalon roleplay: Blake Darcy
Name: Darcy Blake
age: immortal
species: Fallen Angel
occupation: Librarian
personality: He's a polite gentleman who has no idea how to act. quiet around strangers but quite active with mates. He is also very protective of people and really worries.

Background: Blake doesn't have a great relationship with his father. He wasn't sure why.
One night, he and his best mate got drunk and ended with Blake confessing his feelings for him and kissed him. His father found out and banished Blake to earth and punish his friend. Blake then meet Samantha Wicks, who helped him back on his feet and to move in with her.

Samantha is open for anyone who wants her.
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BLAKE: You know when you're in trouble, and you didn't really do anything ...
[cut to footage of Tom Hiddleston from "The Avengers"]
BLAKE: That's what happened to me, and that's how I ended up here. My name is Blake Darcy. I was an angel.
[cut to footage of David Bowie from "Labyrinth"]
BLAKE: My father was normally harsh with me. Hating everything about me.
[cut to more footage of Tom Hiddleston from "The Avengers"]
BLAKE: And he sent me here over something that I couldn't control or stop ... I got drunk and forced myself onto my best friend. I didn't care about the shame I have bestowed upon myself. Nor the fact I will never return. All I cared about was him and what was going to happen to him. He didn't even do anything, then I was gone. The worse part of it is, I do not know if he is dead or alive. But the upside is that I still have my powers. But I'm alone and can't die. I live with Miss Samantha Wicks.
[cut to footage of Anne Hathaway from "The Princess Diaries"]
BLAKE: The music teacher at the local school, I normally go there because she always forgets her lunch.
[cut back to footage of Tom Hiddleston from "The Avengers"]
BLAKE: I am working at the library. I hope to see you soon ...



Avalon RP
Jun. 29th, 2012 at 11:58 AM

I can't believe I'm doing this, but the idea wouldn't leave me. I thought of this the day before I left vacation after brainstorming with Records, so I only had time to upload a video now. Maybe it's crazy running 2 RP's at once, but I felt I had to do it. :)

Story: So, Avalon is a small city in England that is home to the supernatural. Mermaids, fairies, dragons, you name it, they've got it. It was designed to be a place where supernatural creatures could live in harmony without the judgement of humans. The city is run by the Council. It has five members, each one a different supernatural species. The city is relatively peaceful, but like any city, it has it's crime problems from time to time. If you have any questions about the city, just ask.
My characters are Katrina and James Clarkson (yes, I know James is the name of one the characters that Benedict Cumberbatch plays. Sue me. I couldn't think of a better name). She's a witch and she's a wizard, although Katrina is special because on her mom's side of the family, there's a little bit of mermaid genetics in there as well. They can do a variety of spells, but each of them have a type of magic that they're comfortable with. Katrina naturally leans towards water-type spells while James's specialty is creating illusions. Katrina is a junior in high school and James is a member of the Council. The Clarksons are a pretty well-to-do family, but Katrina and James are the social outcasts of the family.

Katrina, known as Kitty to those close to her, is a goody-goody two-shoe, to say the least. She's a good girl, almost never gets into trouble, gets good grades in school, practices her magic dutifully. She's a kind person, but is cautious when it comes to trying something new. She's afraid to take risks and just jump into something. She prefers to think things through. She is a very loyal friend though, and if she sees someone she loves upset, she will do her best to cheer them up. Art is a passion of hers. She loves drawing and painting. She loves her uncle to death and is very close to him. She's not very open to romance, mainly because she has no idea what to expect of herself. Her uncle was infamous for having a relationship with another boy when he was in highschool, and since she is so much like her uncle, Katrina wonders if she'll be interested in girls as well as boys. She hates the rest of her family and thinks they're a bunch of pricks, a hatred she shares with her uncle.

James, known as Jim to those he's close to, is a serious guy and it usually takes a special person to make him smile. But once somebody manages to do that, James will be a loyal friend to them. He's a pretty smart guy. He was known for having the best grades in the class when he was in school. He plays the violin and often turns to it when he's upset or needs to think. He loves Katrina with all of his heart and will do his best to make her happy. Due to a spell gone wrong, he now has a disease that puts his body in unbearable pain from time-to-time, rendering him helpless. He always used to deal with it alone, but during the past few years, Katrina has been taking care of him and he found that he actually liked having somebody with him. He's not very open to romance right now since he has his job and niece to focus on. He was very close to Katrina's father. He was the only family member he truly loved. Once he died, he's felt even more at odds with the rest of the family ever since.


Both Katrina and James know a variety of spells being a witch and wizard. Since Katrina has a bit of mermaid mixed into her, she feels more comfortable with water-based spells than anything else. She's known for going to the ocean whenever she needs to be alone. James specializes in illusions, which can be helpful or confusing. When facing an enemy, it can disorient them. But he just prefers to use it to get his thoughts laid out visually in front of him so he can think better.

1. Any video editing program is allowed. No slideshows.
2. Auditions must be at least 30 seconds long. In the description, please put up information about your character: their name, what species they are, what job they have (if they're a kid, you can just say they're a student), what powers they have, their backstory, etc.
3. This will be a Youtube and Tumblr-based roleplay. DO NOT make your tumblr accounts yet though. When the deadline passes, you may make your tumblr accounts then.
4. I need at least 10 people to audition before I green-light this RP for good. Notice I said ten people, not ten characters. So, if you like, you may spread the word about this RP.
5. You may audition with as many characters as you want. There are 2 types of characters right now:
Main characters: These are the characters you RP as. You control their thoughts, actions, etc. These characters will get their own tumblr accounts.
Side characters: These are still characters you RP as, but they're on the side. They can be people in your character's lives, such as ex-boyfriends or relatives. They do not get tumblr accounts. If someone would like to audition as them and have them as a main character, they will need to contact the player they belong to first.
Right now, there is no limit to how many main characters you may audition/play as. This number may change in the future. There is no limit to how many side characters you can have.
6. You may reserve an actor or a specific character to represent your character. For example, you can reserve Jack Sparrow to represent your character, or you can reserve Robert Downey Jr. You must come up with a name for your character on your own.
7. If you would like to reserve somebody, leave a comment below. That character will be reserved for 3 weeks. Your due date will be listed in the description of this video. If you do not make your video within 3 weeks, your character will be up-for-grabs again. If you need more time, PM me for an extension. If is your responsibility to remember when your due-date is and to send me a message if you need an extension. I will not be reminding you of when your due-date is.
8. The taken main characters are listed below. You MAY NOT audition as these characters:

Alexis Bledel
Angie Harmon
Bella Swan
Benedict Cumberbatch
Emily Browning
Freeda Ageyman
Janeane Garofalo
Robert Downey Jr.
Tori Varga

9. The taken side characters are listed below. You can audition as these characters, but you will need to PM the players they belong to before you do.

Rotti Largo
Nicole Kidman
Richard Roxburgh
Lisa Rowe

10. These are the reserved characters and the due dates in which they must have their videos in:
Adam Lambert- July 20
Elizabeth Swan- July 20
Karen Gillan- July 20
Robert Carysle- July 20
David Tennant- July 20
Botty- July 20
Rachel Hurd- July 20
Boo Boo Stewart- July 25
11. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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