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Case Study No. 1311: Dr. Librarian

Dr. Librarian
Dr. Librarian gives advice to a bad case of the no good horrible romance novel and prescribing the right kind of romance novel.
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[scene opens with a female patron lying down on the couch, as a young female librarian (blonde hair in a bun, glasses, dark pantsuit) sits beside her with a notebook]
PATRON: Doctor Librarian, thank you for seeing me on such short notice.
LIBRARIAN: It's no problem. Now, tell me all about it. How does it make you feel?
PATRON: Doctor Librarian, I read the most awful book! I thought it'd be nice. It had flowers on the cover, and everybody had mullets, and there was a horse freaking out in the background ... but it was awful!
[she sighs deeply]
PATRON: Their relationship was creepy, and the guy was all sadistic and overbearing, and the girl was so wussy! And the sex was creepy ... And at the end, the heroine has the bad guy cornered, and she's got a gun, but she can't even shoot the guy 'cause she's so wussy! It was awful.
LIBRARIAN: Hmm, I see. It's my conclusion that you suffer from bodice-ripper-itis. It's very common, pre-ninteen-ninety, but it's quite easily treatable nowadays.
[she picks up a paperback romance novel and holds it up]
LIBRARIAN: Here, just read this for one hour a day until the book is finished. Now, you may feel a little flushed and warm after reading, but this is perfectly normal. It features a strong heroine who doesn't care if she gets married, and she has a job and she's really good at it, and the story and the romance is quite believable.
[she puts the book down]
LIBRARIAN: Now, if you suffer from this again, please don't hesitate to call me. We'll straighten this right up.

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