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Case Study No. 1326: Robin Gregg

A Zombie Apocalypse @ Your Library
One night, after the doors had closed for the evening, something happened at Wayne County Public Library. Zombies, craving delicious brains, came crashing through the doors! Robin the librarian, always brave and ready to help, sprung into action, making sure the zombies had a full-fledged brains buffet by giving them all the information they could ever ask for!

Thanks to our staff and volunteers for making this video, and thanks to Jonathan Coulton for letting us use his awesome song "Re: Your Brains!"
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[scene opens with a group of zombies shuffling outside of the Wayne County Public Library, then cut to a young female librarian (red hair, glasses) sitting at the front desk when she turns at the sound of the zombies moaning and muttering "Brains!"]
[cut back to the zombies outside of the library, as they press up against the doorway and begin banging on the glass]
[a "breaking glass" sound effect plays, then cut to the zombies entering the library and shuffling towards the librarian at the front desk ... who stands up with a big smile on her face]
ROBIN GREGG: I have just what you need! Let's start with the encyclopedias ...
[she starts walking towards a nearby bookshelf, as the zombies slowly follow (still asking for brains)]
[cut to the librarian standing in the stacks, as the zombies cluster around her]
ROBIN GREGG: So, here are some encyclopedias that'll show you some information about brains.
[she takes a book off the shelf and hands it to the nearest zombie (who promptly begins biting it)]
ROBIN GREGG: There's one for you.
[she continues acting as if she's dealing with normal patrons ... and the zombie eventually takes the book out of his mouth, then opens it up and starts reading]
ROBIN GREGG: And this will give you in-depth information about brains.
[she hands another book to a female zombie, who opens it and begins reading]
[the other zombies turn their attention to the shelf, when the first zombie walks over to the librarian and begins mashing his hand on one of the pages of his book]
ROBIN GREGG: Okay! Okay, I'll show you right where you can find some books on that. Come with me over here.
[cut to the zombie standing in front of a computer terminal as the librarian stands next to him]
ROBIN GREGG: Okay, so you can look for different books on that topic. You can look by keyword, author, title, and just click on "Go" and that will tell you all the different information that we have here in our collection.
[the zombie claws at the screen, as an elderly female zombie approaches holding a book]
ROBIN GREGG: Okay, let's ...
[she presents the book to the librarian]
ROBIN GREGG: Okay, we don't have any information on that here, but I can show you how to use an electronic database to get some information for you. So let's go over here to the computer.
[cut to the zombie sitting at another computer terminal, as the librarian stands over her]
ROBIN GREGG: Several different electronic databases are here. Uh, NCLive is gonna be the best one, 'cause you can just do a keyword search--
[another male zombie walks up behind her and reaches his arms out, but she simply holds a hand up]
ROBIN GREGG: I'll be with you in just a moment, I'm helping this patron--
[the zombie growls and continues lunging at her, so she grabs a nearby atlas and hits him over the head with it]
[cut to three female zombies sitting in chairs and reading, when one of them shows her book ("I Kissed a Zombie") to the others, prompting them to laugh]
[cut to a closeup of the librarian's computer screen at the front desk, on the Center for Disease Control website ("What Would You Like to Contact CDC About?"), as the camera pans out to show the librarian dialing her phone]
ROBIN GREGG: I hate when this happens ...


Nicolle C. Johnson

Jennifer Parham

Donna Phillips

Jacob R.

Brandon Robbins

Jane Rustin

Timothy Smith

Robin Gregg

Filmed by
Melissa S. Wright

Edited by
Melissa Sheldon

(c)2006 Jonathan Coulton
"RE: Your Brains"



Young Adult Services Coordinator Brandon Robbins leads a Zombie Walk through Herman Park. WCPL hosted a Zombie Fest on Friday, October 29.

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