Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Case Study No. 1322: Jenny the "Nerdy Librarian"

VeryBadDates... The "Nerdy Librarian" Bad Date.
VeryBadDates... Season 2, Episode 7
The "Nerdy Librarian" Bad Date

What a great girl. She's shy, she's quiet and she's never been on a date. I would greatly welcome this, but while I read a book a week, it's not the epicenter of my life. I think I'd see her again, maybe get her drunk just to see what happens.

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[scene opens with a man and a woman sitting at a table in a restaurant]
DAVID: So, uh, what's your name?
JENNY: Uh, Jenny.
DAVID: Jenny?
JENNY: Jenny.
DAVID: Cool. Where you from?
JENNY: Uh, Chicago.
DAVID: Oh, cool. How long you been out here?
JENNY: Um, like three months.
DAVID: So what'd you come out here for?
JENNY: I, I just wanted to work out here.
DAVID: You go out on a lotta dates?
JENNY: [pause] Not yet.
DAVID: Oh, cool ... Gotcha.
JENNY: Yeah.
DAVID: So, uh, do you ... I dunno, do you go out at all ever? Do you hit bars?
JENNY: I go to libraries.
DAVID: Libraries ...
JENNY: Um ...
DAVID: So, like, a lotta like book clubs?
[she shakes her head]
JENNY: I, uh, read ... by myself.
DAVID: Gotcha, so you like to read by yourself.
JENNY: Yeah.
DAVID: Um ...
JENNY: Do you, do you read?
DAVID: So I basically decided to read one book a week. I've been reading, uh--
JENNY: Just one?
DAVID: Just one. I mean, what I'm reading right now is like eight hundred pages.
[she nods]
JENNY: That's not that long.
DAVID: Well, no, but I just figured I'd start it off ... like, uh, I got Chelsea Handler's book, and I just thought--
DAVID: She's trying to write something--
JENNY: I'm not, I'm not familiar.
DAVID: Um, she's a TV host ... Do you watch TV at all?
JENNY: I don't.
DAVID: Oh, okay.
JENNY: I don't own a TV.
DAVID: Well, I figured ... I mean, she writes books, so I figured maybe--
JENNY: Oh, sure.
DAVID: Yeah.
JENNY: I'll look her up.
DAVID: So how long, um, how long was your last date?
JENNY: [pause] This is ...
[she looks down and laughs nervously]
DAVID: Is this your first date?
JENNY: This is my first date.
DAVID: First date ever?
DAVID: Wow. Uh ...
[he stares at her blankly]
DAIVD: So like Friday, Saturday night ... you're home--
JENNY: At home.
DAVID: Reading a book?
JENNY: Reading, yeah. Yeah.
DAVID: Gotcha. Okay, well ... See, I don't even have a library card.
DAVID: Like, I haven't had one since I was, like, twelve.
JENNY: I could hook you up. I mean, I--
DAVID: Well, yeah ... Well, here's the deal. I'm gonna go get my driver's license so we can fill out that library card form--
JENNY: Yeah.
DAVID: And I'll be right back.
JENNY: Sure, great. Yeah.
[he gets up and leaves, as the camera lingers on the woman (with an awkward smile on her face) before fading to black]


From dailydot.com:

For the past year, David Graham has run his own Web series, "Very Bad Dates," in which the longtime Keenan Cahill manager rummages through the trash heap of the worst possible dinner dates and bizarre nights out.

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