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Case Study No. 1293: Staff of Rillia's Library

Let's Play Laxius Power Part 3 Library
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[the player enters Rillia's Library, then speaks with an elderly female librarian]
LIBRARIAN 1: People nowadays don't take time to settle down a bit and read ...
[the player walks up to one of the bookshelves]
LUCIANA: Easy books.
[the player walks up to a young male patron near the front desk]
PATRON 1: Learning skills is hard! I'm gonna train to be the best fighter!
[the player walks up to the front desk and speaks to the elderly male librarian]
SIMON: Good day, Luciana.
LUCIANA: Good day, Simon. How are you?
SIMON: Fine, Luciana, fine. The library has been very quiet these latest days.
[the player walks up to another bookshelf]
LUCIANA: Many books. I know them by heart.
[the player enters another room, then speaks to another young male patron]
PATRON 2: My parents say I must study or else I'll never get my new sword! I'm so angry!!
[the player walks up to a young female librarian]
LIBRARIAN 2: I'm classifying the books and verifying everything is in order. People never put in the correct place the book they've just used ...
[the player walks up to another bookshelf]
LUCIANA: Various common books.
[the player walks up to an elderly male professor]
CHRISTIAN: I'm Rillia's best scholar. This place suits me perfectly. I can work and have all the documents I need.
[the player walks up to a little boy standing next to a book]
PATRON 3: Whoa! On a second opinion, the library is quite a nice place!
RANDOM: How in the world did this kid get some erotic books??!
[the player heads back to the main reading room, then walks up to an older male patron sitting at a desk]
PATRON 4: I'm trying to perform the hard Air spells, like Air Cone, or even Turquoise Tornado! Pffff ... that's hard! The book says most people have to wait years before affording such power ... This is discouraging me.
[the player walks up to another male patron]
FREDERICK: If you're planning to travel to SankT Leona, you'll have to deal with the Forest Maze. The place is mischievous, and travelers from all horizons have reported that the Fairies' speeches are nothing but confusing.
[the player enters another room, then speaks with two patrons sitting at a table]
MIRANDA: Jack doesn't work a lot. Tell him to stop chatting!
JACK: Forget the book, just one minute, just one! Why can't Miranda accept my love?
RANDOM: [to himself] Hey, men are to catch girls ...
[the player walks up to an elderly male patron]
PATRON 5: I sense the darker times coming back. I don't know why, but I'll sense it. Our era will soon need new heroes.
[the player returns to the main reading room, then climbs the stairs to the second floor and walks up to a young female patron]
PATRON 6: I like the calmness of this library. This is priceless. If you ever visit the Leonian Library, you'll understand what I mean.
[the player walks up to another bookshelf]
LUCIANA: The Magic Department, my favorite. I've already read most of the books here.
[the player walks up to another male patron]
PATRON 7: Good day, Luciana.
[the player enters a room in the back of the library]
LUCIANA: Welcome to my room ... Fifteen years of my life are highly linked with this place. I've put the magical scroll in my wardrobe.
[the player walks up to the wardrobe in the room]
LUCIANA: I stored the precious scroll I was once given by some mage ... Lord Asgaduur, an Elemental Mage. Maybe it will help us, we never know.
["Found Shelby's Joy (Scroll)" appears on screen, then the player walks up to an open chest in the middle of the room]
LUCIANA: Um ... I used to put my items of value in this chest. Basically, the pendant I had when I was discovered ... and a few gold coins.
[the player walks up to another bookshelf]
LUCIANA: Interesting books of economy. I already read them.
[the player walks up to another bookshelf]
LUCIANA: Interesting books of magic. I already read them.
[the player walks up to another bookshelf]
LUCIANA: Interesting books of science. I already read them.
[the player walks up to another bookshelf]
LUCIANA: Interesting books of creatures. I already read them.
[the player exits Luciana's room, then speaks to another elderly male patron]
PATRON 8: Mmmmmm ... A friend of mine, from the Upper West ... He told me to check a thing or two ... But I can't find the book ... I guess I'm losing memory.


From wikipedia.org:

Laxius Force is a role-playing video game trilogy developed by Aldorlea Games on RPG Maker XP. The first game in the series was released in August 2008 and the last one in August 2010. It is the second commercial game to be released with this engine after Aveyond, and the first by Aldorlea Games.

The game is mostly set in a fantasy world but some parts show bits of futuristic elements. Its appearance and gameplay are similar to the 16-bits Final Fantasy, Phantasy Star and Dragon Quest games. A save game can be transferred to the next game, but the games can also be played as stand-alones.

There are seven games so far in the series: the first trilogy "Laxius Power" (LP), the second trilogy "Laxius Force" (LF), and the prequel of the first trilogy "3 Stars of Destiny". The third trilogy will begin in 2014. Right now, it is only known that it will be called Laxius S.

Laxius Power
Laxius Power is a freeware role-playing trilogy by Indinera Falls. The first part (Random Story) was released in 2001 and the last one (The Final Terror) in 2004. All three games in the saga feature the same cast of heroes. Unlike the Laxius Force games (which were designed by Indinera Falls after he joined Aldorlea Games and constitute a separate continuity), they were developed in RPG Maker 2000, as an English version of RPG Maker XP was yet to be released. With gameplay typical of Japanese role-playing games, a consequent number of quest and a big length, the game has been hailed as "one of the best freeware" by Home of the Underdogs.

The games focus on the history of Random Pendragon, a young swordsman, gifted with talent and skills. He lives in Rillia, a town on the southern part of the Deport, the main world of the game. Bored of his training courses he decides to participate in a tournament at SankT Leona, a famous city in the deport. He takes some friends with him, Luciana and Coryool, and also his girlfriend Sarah.

But simultaneously, an organization called The Dark Order wish to annihilate the world, causing chaos and destruction by releasing the demons, and a powerful army of overboosted creatures. Random and his friends have to confront them before it's too late.


From tvtropes.org:

Laxius Power/Laxius Force is a series of RPGs created by French programmer Indinera Falls, using the RPG Maker series of tools. The story follows young ace Random Pandragon, who has dreams of becoming a knight; his lover, Sarah Brandolino; their friends, Luciana Vincenti (or Luci) and Coryool Tallemuyr; and Team Pets Herasia (a white cat) and Guanidia (supposedly a winged chameleon). During their adventures, they would discover they are no ordinary mortals, but rare inheritants of the elusive "Laxius Power", and that the fate of the world falls squarely on their shoulders.

Gameplay is similar to the Dragon Quest series. While the graphics are not exactly dazzling, the games boast huge gameworlds with lots of secrets; they are quite possibly the largest games ever produced with RPG Maker. The first three titles (the "Laxius Power" games) are free, while the subsequent ones are available as shareware.


From gamefaqs.com:

"Laxius Power Part I: Random Story" is a retro RPG using an old school 2D layout with sprites. This game is an epic fantasy tale with mature themes. The battle system is turn based where the player controls a maximum of four characters. You must decide the actions of all four characters prior to their execution. The actions are then slotted to the speed stat so strategy is important.


I Opening

Click the action button (I use the SPACE BAR) to page through the cutscenes.

II Rillia : Jewel of the South Western plains

Rillian Mountains - Hunting Area

Common Scorpion - Antidote - 1% - GP 1
Hill Chicken - XP 1 - GP 4

Eventually you will end up in the Rillian Mountains and have control of the story's hero, Random. There are no hidden items here. Exit south to the next area. You will be prompted to choose a difficulty level. Normal is the original design setting and the one that this walkthrough will follow. The easy setting will shorten the game experience.

I will refer to these areas as "main maps." This is the Rillian Plains main map. You cannot explore very much yet so proceed north into your secret cave.

Secret Cave

"Talk" to Sarah by checking her. Checking is a gaming term which means to face the object and to use the appropriate action key. You will be checking almost everything in this game. Sarah and Luciana will automatically join your party. Go to the rear of the cave and check the crates for 240 GP. Exit to the east.

*** Return to your Secret Cave after reaching North Tangar Hills for a chest left by your secret admirer that will contain a Flash Rapier, Skull Staff, Galleon, Jungle Raider's Bow, and a Loukross Gauntlet.

Rillian Plains

Hill Chicken - XP 1 - GP 4
Troll - XP 2 - GP 16
Hound - Express Food - 20% - XP 3 - GP 10

Click through the cutscenes and arrive on the main map. Check the sign post. I have tried to label the sections of this walkthrough according to locations as dictated by these sign posts.

The first thing to do is to find Coryool. He is located in a tree (a hidden area) in SE corner of the main map. After that go to your HQ which is a house on the NW side of the main map, above the town. You will be introduced to your pets, Herasia and Guanidia. They are playable characters. You will have the Yveen's Pendants placed in your inventory, use it to change your party members. Search your HQ to find a Map of the Western Deport, Dream Book, a book of game stats, 270 GP, a book of game designer information, and later the Demons' Atlas Book. Exit the HQ and use the Yveen's Pendants to make up your party. You can always come back to your HQ for free healing.

Now we can explore Rillia Plains in earnest. NE of you HQ is Zobkr's Home, which has nothing of interest. South to the town, Marlon's House & Warehouse has an Iron Sword. In Pierrick's Home, talk to Pierrick for a Pine apple. I recommend that you save all your stat boosters for later. At the end of the game, return for another Pine apple. Talk to Jezzie in her home to start her quest which you won't be able to finish until near the end of the game. In Careyn's Home there is a Spider Horn. In Becker's Ceremony Room there are 75 GP in a grey chest and upstairs 76 GP in a pot. Kevin the Explorer's Home has Bread x3 in a barrel. The General School of Rillia can not now nor ever be entered. Bombas' Home has nothing of interest. Rillia's Library is Luciana home and you can find a Shelby's Joy scroll in her room.


From wikia.com:

Luciana Vincenti is a character of the Laxius Power/Force series.

Weapon: Staves and Spears
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Home: Rillia's Library (Laxius Power), Unknown (Laxius Force)

Luciana is often considered the most talented spellcaster, although she is not as versatile as Sarah or Wendala.

Her class of Half-Goddess allows her to use several very powerful spells, notably the Lava Wall.

In Laxius Force II - The Queen of Adretana, Luciana first starts on a remote island, but quickly joins the others in Adretana for the attack of Arvendel. She is the central character of this episode and a lot happens to her.

In Laxius Force III - The Last Stand, Luciana becomes stronger mentally in order to invest the role of leader, along with Random.

She is a key element of the final battle with the Grand Commendanter.

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