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Case Study No. 1289: Staff of the College of DuPage Library

How to Print a Document at the COD Library While Avoiding the Zombie Horde
Ever come to the C.O.D. Library to print out your paper five minutes before class starts? It's simple... just watch out for the zombies.
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[scene opens outside of the DuPage Library, as an old-timey version of Irving Berlin's "Blue Skies" is playing in the background]
NARRATOR: The College of DuPage Library presents "How to Print a Document."
[a boy is seen running through the library as a pack of green-skinned zombies are slowly shambling their way through the building]
NARRATOR: First, find an open computer in the library. ADA computers are avaiable for those with special needs.
[the boy starts typing at the computer, stopping only to elbow an advancing zombie
NARRATOR: Bring up the document you'd like to print from the Web, email, or USB flashdrive.
[he brings up the "Gurgle" search engine, a message from "Zmail" entitled "RE: Your Brains," and Wikipedia's entry on zombies]
NARRATOR: Once your document is ready, press the "Print" button. A dialog box will appear.
[the boy enters the name "Jeff" and the password "Optional"]
NARRATOR: Fill in your name, and your document will be sent to the printer queue. Computers are color-coordinated with the printers. Remember your color!
[the boy runs up to a female librarian sitting at the CSPS desk]
NARRATOR: Next, go to the CSPS desk to get a print card and/or pay for the printing.
[the boy hands the librarian some money and gets a card in return]
NARRATOR: Finally, go to the print queue, insert your print card, and select your name from the list to print your document.
[he selects Jeff from the list of "Oh no!," "Help," "Aaaaargh," "Brains," "Brainsss"]
NARRATOR: Color printing is available, as well as photocopying, scanning, and Photoshop.
[the zombies are distracted by the printers, and one even starts photocopying his face in the machine]
NARRATOR: For any other questions, immediate help is available at the CSPS.
[the zombies are seen advancing towards the unusually calm librarian at the CSPS desk, while the boy takes his papers and quickly exits the library]
NARRATOR: Good luck!



Zombie project REVEALED!
posted by Dave Jacob Hoffman at 9:58 AM on 10.09.2009

Here it is, what you've all been waiting for! The SECRET ZOMBIE PROJECT is revealed.

"But what is it?" you may be asking yourself. Well, that's why I've brought to you this EXCLUSIVE MAKING-OF SPECIAL FEATURE.

I have been doing some work for the College of DuPage Library, and one of the ideas they had was a series of videos about different parts of the library. This project started out as a simple "How to print" instructional video, until the librarian I was working with on the project said "I wish we could do something crazy, like zombies in the library or something."

Now, I wasn't sure what I could get away with. After all, librarians are bookish folks who go around filing things and shushing people, right?

Not quite. I drew up a quick storyboard with the zombie concept, and they loved it.

Then I told them it was going to be a cartoon. I got a bunch of librarians together and recorded an undead chorus of frightful moans. I recorded hokey old-timey instructional video narration, and threw in old public-domain music for kicks.

They ate it up. Who are these librarians?

Next, I threw together an animatic (moving storyboard) to be presented at the Library's staff meeting.

It was unanimously approved. They gave me the go-ahead to produce the final animation. I became known as "the zombie guy" around the library.

And now, after weeks of furiously animating in flash, there is a video about zombies on my school's library website (

I have to ask again... Who are these librarians?

...and what will they let me get away with next?

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