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Case Study No. 1319: Unnamed Male Librarian (batshitbatty)

The Librarian
The final project for my film production 1 class.
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[scene opens in a college library, as a young male librarian (jet-black hair, pencil-thin mustache, green vest, black undershirt, brown pants) is shown sleeping somewhere in the stacks, as he yawns and stretches (while holding a stuffed animal) before waking up]
[cut to the librarian using Windex and wiping the glass on his office door, as "William Kleist" appears on screen]
[cut to a closeup of the librarian's desk, as he reaches in from off camera and meticulously places a bowl of jelly beans down, while "Caleb Grissett" appears on screen]
[cut to the librarian pulling a book from the shelf, as he flips through it before breathing deeply and holding it close to his chest]
[the scene cuts to black, as "The Librarian" appears on screen]
[cut to the librarian walking through the library, as he passes two male students (who are sitting at a table and quietly whispering to one another) and gets an annoyed look on his face]
LIBRARIAN: Shh-hush!
[he stops and stares at them, then speaks in a low gravelly voice]
LIBRARIAN: This is a library ...
[he walks off, and the students continue whispering quietly]
[cut to an over-the-shoulder shot of the librarian walking through the stacks, as he carefully adjusts one slightly ajar book on the shelf, before continuing on his way]
[cut to the librarian sitting at his desk (holding the bowl of jellybeans in one hand), when he looks up and sees one of the students from before walking past, so he lightly shakes the bowl in front of him]
[the student (giving him an apprehensive look) cautiously reaches over and takes one, putting it in his mouth as the librarian continues to stare at him ... saying nothing, he walks away]
[cut to the librarian again using window cleaner on his office door, when he suddenly looks up and stares off camera (as if he "senses" something wrong)]
[cut to the same student in the stacks, as he pulls a book off the shelf, then (after looking at it briefly) casually places it face-down on the shelf ... he takes another book off the shelf and inspects it, then again places it out of order at the end of the shelf]
[cut to a shot from the other side of the bookshelf, looking at the student through the open space he created, as he turns and walks away]
[cut to the librarian walking up to the same area moments later, as he picks up the misshelved books and looks around in disgust]
[cut to the librarian again using window cleaner on his office door]
[cut to the librarian walking through the stacks, stopping at each book that is slightly sticking out on the shelf and carefully pushing them back in]
[cut to outside of the library at nighttime, as the same student is running in the rain towards the building]
[cut to inside the library, as the librarian is heading for the doors with his keys to close up for the night, when the student rushes in holding a book]
LIBRARIAN: We're closed ...
STUDENT: I, I just need to return this really quick.
[the librarian (saying nothing) turns around and heads back for his desk]
[cut to the desk, as the student meekly hands him the book, which the librarian snatches out of his hand (slowly realizing that the dustjacket has been ripped and the pages are wet from the rain)]
[the librarian slams the book shut, then vaults over his desk, as the student runs off in fright]
[cut to the student running down the stairs in a panic, tripping on the last step and hitting the floor, before crawling off camera]
[cut to the librarian slowly and calmly making his way down a different stairwell, as he swings open a stapler with one hand (holding it as if it were a switchblade)]
[cut to the student trying to crouch down and hide behind some cabinets, only for the camera to pan back, revealing that the stairwell leads the librarian right behind him]
LIBRARIAN: [quietly] Clever girl ...
[the librarian walks up and swings the stapler at the student's leg]
[he gets up and runs off (holding his injured leg), then cut back to the librarian as he slowly continues the pursuit]
[cut back to the student running through the stacks, as he jumps over a table and continues into another section of the stacks, where (for some reason) he grabs a book off the shelf before continuing his escape]
[cut to the student entering the boiler room, then back to the librarian as he slowly pulls a large red book from the same section of the stacks]
[cut back to the boiler room, as the student tries to exit through a set of doors (only to find them locked)]
[cut to the librarian slowly entering the boiler room, as he closes the door behind him (revealing a "Not an Exit" sign)]
[cut to the student trying to find another exit, when the librarian walks up and swings the red book at his head]
[cut to another angle, as the student ducks and hits the librarian in the face with his own book]
[the "book fight" continues, until the librarian is able to knock the student off his feet, then brings his book down on his head]
[cut to the librarian dragging the student's unconscious body through the library and into his office]
[cut to a shot outside of the office, as the librarian can be seen through the pane of glass, taking another book and violently bringing it down repeatedly on the unseen student ... until streaks off red begin to appear on the glass]
[cut to the librarian calmly using window cleaner to get the blood stains off of his office door]
[cut to the librarian again sleeping in the stacks area, clutching his stuffed animal]

Directed by
Erica Batty
Abbey Hester

Edited by
Erica Batty

William Kleist
Caleb Grissett
Spencer Lenzie

Special Thanks to
The BSC Library Staff
Lee Travis
Josh Crowe
Cortney Naylor

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