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Case Study No. 0762: Nora, the "Victorian Librarian"

The victorian librarian
Videos from the "North American Idioms: Customs and Culture" series. This is how people are learning english?
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[scene opens with a young female librarian (red hair in a bun, puffy white blouse, plaid skirt) taking books off a cart and reshelving them, when a male letter carrier walks up to her]
[she doesn't even look at him, and adopts a very annoyed tone to her voice]
NORA: What're you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be working?
STEVE: You don't have to bite my head off. I am working, the library is on my mail route. I saw you when I was dropping off the mail, I wanted to say hi.
NORA: [coldly] Hello ...
STEVE: Listen, about the other night ... I didn't mean to upset you. I can explain what happened.
NORA: Don't bother, I don't wanna talk about it.
STEVE: We can't just stop talking to each other. Don't you wanna hear my side of the story? I want to clear the air.
NORA: You were out of line, there's nothing else to say.
STEVE: [pause] You're so stubborn! You won't give an inch, will you?
[she looks around nervously]
NORA: I think you should go, you're starting to make a scene ...
[he looks around, then leans in and lowers his voice]
STEVE: Give me a break, so we had an argument. If you're not prepared to listen, then we don't stand a chance as a couple ...
NORA: [pause] Oh, alright. We can talk about it, but not now. Um, why don't you come back at two? That's when I take my break. You can talk then, I'll be all ears.
STEVE: Thanks. I'll see you then.
[he picks up his mailbag and exits, as she watches him leave and smiles]



"North American Idioms" CD is an independent, interactive multi - media resource for English language learners who like to participate in natural colloquial North American English and who are interested in North American customs and culture.

Intermediate level English language learners will be able to practice using idioms in common real-life situations to imrove their understanding of specific idioms in various contexts.



Steve and Nora in a swimming pool. This is how people are learning english?

Steve: This was a great idea. I'm so out of shape! I didn't realize a person could get so sore, just from carrying some mail around.
Nora: It's only been a week, you'll get used to it.
Steve: Will I? Oh, I'm so stiff, I can hardly move!
Nora: Stop complaining! Just take it easy for the next day or two. You'll feel better in no time.
Steve: I hope so, because aside from my sore bones it's a good job! I'm outside, I can get a tan while I work, I finish by noon.
Nora: Don't rub it in! I work 9 to 5, remember? I'm inside all day, doing the same thing everyday ... I heard a doctor on the radio say that doing the same thing day in day out is very stressful.

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